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"Our words are for validation of what you already know. You, by being Infinite Souls, know within yourselves all things. This planet will not be allowed to 'house' or sustain energies, devices, technologies, that are not of the vibrational ...frequencies that are Intended for Earth's future and her harmonious insertion into the plane of ...existence that is compatible with her higher dimensional neighbors. As you watch events unfold, you can choose fear or you can choose joy. Joy in knowing that Earth is moving into a vibrational state of being that is more compatible with God's Light than human darkness. It is not about what is 'right' or what is 'wrong.' It is about Change and it is about Divine Alignment with God's Intention. Blessings to all on Earth." Message from Extra-terrestrials who connect with Lauren.

August 19, 2014

Matt Kahn ~ Crossing the Threshold of August 8, 2014

In this message Matt refers to our going "without" to discover more of our journey.  This is what I have been saying for a while now.  I am feeling validated by his acknowledging this quality of energy that is now directing us to give expression to the external aspects of our lives.  Anyway, haven't we all had enough of the internal focus these past several years?  I know I have.  And while they were absolutely amazing and revealing, the next step calls for our path to take physical and material form.  

If you find you are still in need of solitude and introspection, then that must be honored.  But if you feel you are done,  you will know it in your bones.  There is a stirring, a restlessness that is running in the background of the mind - a something that needs to be addressed and which can no longer be remedied by the parameters of what we have known thus far.  In other words, to a greater or lesser degree, our lives no longer speak to us.  Something must change or come in or go out or something, so that we might find renewed expression to this unsettled emotion of imposed complacency.  The time has come to re-unite with the world in all its wonder and divinity.   We no longer need to shield ourselves from the big bad wolf of the Matrix, I think because we realize we won't be eaten up in our walk through the forest.  We know too much.  ~Sharda~

“Crossing the Threshold”
Energy Update – 8/11

After what may have felt like a whirlwind of ups and downs, today’s energy update brings exciting news of positive change. Today’s date: 8/11 celebrates the beginning of a brand new cycle of conscious evolution. Numerically, 811 adds up to 10 which reveals a prime number of 1. This symbolizes a time of new beginnings, which is first foreshadowed by the ending of patterns, relationships, and manifestations of the old paradigm. Such endings have been taking place over the past six months to assist you in completing crucial soul contracts. This occurred to align you with today’s date, so all of your preparatory work would give you access to higher dimensional timelines, outcomes, and possibilities. With today’s date as a sign of arrival, such higher dimensional experiences and creations begin to be revealed in present moment time. This allows the incredible realities you’ve been envisioning for so long to take shape and form in your life.

August 18, 2014

Video: A Good Pep Talk About Staying the Course (with the heart leading the way!)

I loved this high-octane message from Andrew Martin.  He starts off with telling us that living via our heart is the ONLY way to BE.  Nothing else does or will work.  We might have a tendency to want to get back on the hampster wheel of old habits, but no.  It won't fly.

The update for August resonated with me because I am once again at the threshold of releasing some very old and deeply buried beliefs.  In TRUTH I know that I have to stand down fear and negativity and look straight into the eyes of Karma and tell it we are finished.  What these issues bring to the table are our feelings and ideas of security (however that is defined for you), other people who we think are to blame and therefore we are confronted with our own victimhood; then there is concern about the future and our fear that we might be defeated.  Etcetera and so forth.

As these things come to the surface for review, they have a very real and visceral part in our everyday 3D life - that's why is always so nice to go off to our feel-good place of messages and transmission.  It's like watching a movie, it serves often times as escapism.  What the energies call for is standing in OUR POWER as creators of our LIFE.  There is no message or messenger in the world who can do that for us.  Yet not forgetting that assistance is there by the boatload.  What this means, for me at least, is that I am always called upon to find a solution by utilizing my spiritual acumen.  I go into Light Warrior Hyper Drive and do whatever I know to come to a peaceful resolution to whichever burning issue is at hand.  It is always uncomfortable, but I know enough now to know it is also rewarding.  Calling in the Light and getting creative with it is part of the learning process being given to us from our teachers in the other realms. 

Just when we thought we've mastered something, another something comes along for which we must then go a little further out on that limb and find balance once again.  We are all going through something, that is for certain.  My whole thing has been to stay here and "clean house".  I can't escape if I wanted to (I've tried in earnest several times.)  It really is going to be okay.  There are no quick fixes - we've become like the surgeons of our our karma, being asked to remove the toxicity that has for so long caused us remain in the delusion of illusion.

This week's message from Hilarion referencing how humanity is changing, and my essay about going into the world to take the temperature of ascension energies, all point to the heart.  Not mine, but others.  The thing about worrying about an uncomfortable situation or dilemma you may be experiencing is that whenever the other party is involved, trust that a sincere change of heart is taking place on the planet, and help will come from the most unlikely of sources.  In the middle of typing this, I spoke with that "other person" who I had perceived to be the enemy, and his very words were, "I am willing to work with you on this!"  He was so nice and patient and spoke to me honestly, my heart opened immediately.  The funny thing is I just realized I've had an issue with him over the years, on and off.  I judged him, and now look where we are.  You see, this is how the divine plan works - setting us up to clear up, and mulit-tasking in the process.

I have to go to work now.  Being around so many people and being busy is actually a nice reprieve from all this energy work.  Good Lord, I actually find work relaxing. HA, HA.  Score.

Lots of Love,

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ -August 17th - 24th

I'd like to preface Hilarion's message with a word or two about the conscious alignment prayer that is included in a link in the first paragraph.  I read it at work on my break yesterday, but I wasn't fully concentrating on the words, being in a large, noisy atmosphere at the time. However, I found that once I got back to my tasks, I knew something had changed.  I felt a real connection to my Higher Self to the point of genuinely sensing Its presence all around me!  I was just a little surprised and felt joyful - a quick read was all it took for a response from the Light.  It was subtle but substantial, and I spent the rest of my day feeling soothed and lovingly watched over.  

This week Hilarion emphasizes the need to go within several times a day in order to remain strongly in touch with our I AM presence.  I took this to heart when I opened the link to the prayer/invocation.  I continue to work with the Violet Flame on an almost daily basis, and I feel the added extension of connecting to the I AM Presence will greatly enhance my opening to spiritual and material progress.  The fact that I lightly read through this and received results is proof that it really is that simple.  It only takes a bit of desire on our part, asking Source to guide us or assist us, for the symbiosis to ignite.  Because we are That, it is Our Self that we are calling forward - so how could we refuse ourselves?  By doing it on a regular basis, we build a tremendous force field of quantum proportion in and around ourselves and beyond that has nothing but good intentions for us and others.  

For those of you who might feel uncomfortable about the use of the word Christ, be assured it is only a word.  For a long time I could not reconcile this either, and I decided just to get over it.  The meaning signifies love, light, abundance, unity consciousness, etc, etc.  It is the effulgent spirit that resides within and without, one that never abandons us and forever shields us with It's grace and compassion. 

Much love,
via Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

It is a glorious time for planet Earth as she goes through the next phase of her cosmic ascension and this will be felt by all of humanity in the coming days. It is an energy that will be stepped down in intensity so that all of her inhabitants can absorb the more refined energies. It is helpful to go within often and be open to receive the incoming energies with the intent of utilizing them to their fullest capacity and also by intending to align consciously several times each day with the highest aspects of your I AM Presence. Begin each day with a conscious alignment to your I AM and feel reverence, gratitude and joy within your heart for the privilege and the honor to be a part of the events that are unfolding. There is nothing to fear - just allow joy and the feeling of celebration to move through you. Love in all its facets is coming home to planet Earth and this will begin to be evident in all that takes place both on the world scene and within each human heart.

August 16, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Skulls, Miracles and Life in 5D

Karen Dover concisely describes a variety of topics of life as it changes rapidly in the already anchored 5th dimensional Earth. 

We are informed in the above referenced audio interview that the new earth cannot support the structures of the old paradigm, and although what appears as a difficultly is in fact a part of the old paradigm that is on it's way out.  Hallelujah.  Moreover, flowing with the energy and asking what is to be learned by what we have labeled "difficulty" is the swifter path to resolution and is the very mind set that is supported in a 5D reality. 

She touches on the topic of some folks finding that they are moving locations (which may not be to their liking necessarily), but is for a higher purpose that one might find oneself in a new location.  When our work of holding the energy in a place is complete, it's time to move on.   It may not be clear to us, but trust that the Higher Mind/Self/Soul is in charge.  

The Arcturians Through Anna Merkaba ~ Enhanced Codices and Grids

Arcturians - The Phase of Telekenesis - Earth Anchored Into Another Dimension - Your Super Human Powers Exposed
by Anna Merkaba
August 14, 2014

The re-calibration of the hearts codices has been completed. A new reality has indeed been instituted into the present incarnation of human beings on GAIA. A new reality has weaved itself into the matrix of human earth and a new phase of restructuring has begun. The new phase of comprehending the subtle energies.  A new phase of telekinesis, has been ingrained into GAIA. Through the illusion of the veil of forgetfulness, the encodings have indeed been seeped into the reality structure of being. Allowing a varying degrees of “super human powers” to emerge from within the depths of your hearts. For the knowledge of “doing” has always been present in your subconscious, in the subatomic principles of your vehicles.

August 13, 2014

Aisha North ~ The Manuscript of Surivial, Part 423

You are the conduits that are necessary for it all to come together, and so far, what you have accomplished is indeed nothing short of miraculous...  But now, you will start to serve in a much more complex way, as the harbingers of a new dawn, but also as the carriers of the torch of freedom.
via Aisha North and
the Constant Companions
August 13, 2014

For eons, mankind has been defined as consisting of single entities, carrying out their life’s work in hardship and toil from birth to death, for then to cease to exist altogether. In other words, you as humans have been defined as someone simply existing between the first and the last breath you take, and whatever comes before or indeed after that, is a subject shrouded in mystery. Be that as it may, you have by now managed to open your eyes to the fact that a human life as you used to define it is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg – or even less so. For by now, you have started to tap into the rich vein that constitutes the real you, the one that is not confined within any physical limits, but who has chosen to define one part of themselves as a human.

August 10, 2014

Serapis Bey ~ A Message to Return to The Self

by Sharda Chaitanya

Wow, let me just say it is so good to be back here.  I have been "out there" so long I almost forgot what I am really about.  The gist of it is that I have become quite busy with work, to the point that during my free time I need to be sure to rest and just space out.  I have literally taken no time for myself and have gone full throttle with a bunch of extra work that came my way, for which I am dearly grateful!  I asked for it and I received it.  Therefore the onus is upon me to embrace what the universe has given and see what it means.

Whenever I do anything I do it with my full and complete attention, to the exclusion of anything else save the basic necessities like eating and sleeping (and bathing and flossing!)   The messages and my blog took a back seat - and then I removed the back seat with them in it.  I had neither time nor patience with any of it.  None of it was speaking to me nor did I feel they were able to further my path in any way.  That may sound negative or cynical, but it isn't meant to. It is more like I have gone off on a tangent and was guided to explore more of my SELF and my place in the here and now.  I didn't need to read sweeping statements about ascension or my soul path or how my multidimensionality was the key to true happiness. I wasn't having any of it.

July 27, 2014

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ July 27-August 3

via Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

The pressure within increases as the energy intensifies from the cosmos. The activity of purification is intensifying in all quarters of life. There is no escape for anyone or anything upon the earth plane. All are as one in the eye of the cosmic storm that is passing through. The energy sensitive among you will find yourselves moving into the next step of your journey in wonderful and unexpected ways. 

With a suddenness that is startling, you will find yourselves in a blessed space as you find the longed for peace within. As this alignment and recalibration takes place yet again, you enter a new phase of healing within your human operating system. The healing will become noticeable in your daily life as you go about your duties. There will be more energy flowing through you and you will have the energy to create all that you desire in your lives. Your ability to remain focused upon your goals will see a marked improvement.

There will continue to be a choosing of the crossroads for each and every soul upon the planet and it can be difficult for many as the rifts within families and friendships continues to occur. Many times, these rifts are temporary as those who are confused about what is occurring or totally unaware of it move away in rejection of the awakened ones. Hold your ground and remain centered in your own truth. Each person on Earth is responsible for their own choices and decisions at all times and must accept the consequences that come about as a result. Those who hurt or harm others will find that energy coming back to them in numerous ways that will keep them having to look within themselves in a clear and honest manner until they understand that the energy they give out into the universe comes back to them in equal measure, no matter if it is positive or negative.

July 25, 2014

The Andromeda Council: "Earth humans, you are on the brink of becoming crystalline in nature."

Tolec Update 7-24-14... Part 2 of 2: "A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council"

by Tolec the Andromeda Council
July 24, 2014

from: (for part 1)

“Planet Earth, and this whole solar system of which the Earth is a part, is currently under the monitoring & protection of a variety of multiple, cloaked, Andromeda Council flagged scout craft which monitor the perimeter of this solar system, and this planet, as they look for energy ‘signatures’ of Reptilian, &/or Reptilian aligned enemy ships, that approach the corridor of the various outer space portals or ‘star gates’.

As Tolec stated, the area of space this solar system is currently going through is very dense, dynamic, highly magnetic & highly charged, and also full of remnants of a planet that was destroyed centuries ago. As a result the scout crafts monitor and report back to the primary AC biosphere pending locations where much debris is located. The goal is to remove & clear the larger debris by an ‘engineering team’ and to guide this debris away from the path of Earth to an area of space that is void of any planetary bodies or star systems.

The Andromeda Council cloaked scout craft can also detect the cloaked ships of the enemy [Reptilian] scout craft and/or large-scale starships, battle cruisers, etc. There have been observations by our scientists concerning the current timeline watching for anomalies in space that includes the physical manifestation of any Reptilian ships approaching this solar system. The variables of this current timeline have been kept in a continuous monitoring state in order to catch the potential entrance of these enemy ships that wish to overtly & openly control this solar system, particularly planet Earth.