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Tube of Light Invocation (Say 3 times)

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Enfold me now in Thy Mighty, Magic, Electric Pillar of Ascended Master Light Substance! Make it so Powerful that no human creation can pass through ever again. Within this Mighty Tube of Light, blaze Thy Violet Transmuting Flame in, through, and around my four lower bodies and consume everything less than Thy Perfection now. In its place, charge my world and all I contact with the Ascended Master Consciousness and with the Substance and Consciousness of each one of the Ascended Masters’ Living Presence and Activity right now. See that this Light keeps me invisible, invincible, and invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Presence and infinitely sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection. Source:

September 26, 2014

Karen Dover ~ The Release of Constraints

The Truth Codes
September 23, 2014

Many of you may have experienced an intense equinox with much emotion surfacing which may have floored you.  The distortions that are taught within the old 3D earth created construct are not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. As the planet itself is raising its frequency then the frequencies that no longer resonate within the human vehicle rise to the surface.   It is to be noted that ANY triggers that have appeared for you over the past linear 48 hours are there to HELP you, you can only release that which you can see and acknowledge at a human conscious waking mind level.

There is no more “hiding” any longer, that which no longer serves the human race will be illuminated from within the human race.  From the simplest teaching to the most complex hidden teaching the frequencies are no longer supported therefore rise to the surface to be released. Any attempts at swallowing down said frequencies and “carrying on” will see much frustration and intense emotional pain manifest within you. The emotional pain is there to be released, the human race has been TAUGHT to accept abandonment, betrayal and grief as a “natural” part of being human and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.

SaLuSa ~ Words of Wisdom About Our "Life Plan"

channeled through Mike Quincey
September 26, 2014
"Matters are speeding along so that when you “come of age” everything you need will be available to you. You are Cosmic Beings in your infancy and are evolving very quickly so that when you have full consciousness, the Universe will be yours to explore."

There are now two distinct groups of souls upon Earth, and these represent those who have opened their consciousness to the truth of their being, and those who are stuck in the lower vibrations and make little or no attempt to understand their position. Until such souls start to awaken to their true self they will continue to only believe what they see before their eyes. However, we do not condemn such souls in any way and we make allowances for those who are controlled by their ego. It is only experience that will bring about a shift in consciousness, when one starts to question the purpose of life. The truth will come to all given time, and this period upon Earth is the ideal time to bring up questions about the purpose of life. For those without some form of faith it is a very difficult time, as they question why a God of Love allows such atrocities that are taking place.

September 22, 2014


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The Equinox Energies ~ A Short Update

A Short Update on the Equinox Energies and A Short Update From Me
by Aisha North
September 22, 2014

Now, you are only a few short hours away from that point in time when your entire planet once more hangs as if suspended in equilibrium when the light and the dark seem to be equally distributed all over. Well, that may be the case, but let us just remind you that this time there is indeed another huge influx of light coming your way just when the time seems to stand still and you with it. You see, once again this window of opportunity that this equinox constitutes will be utilized, and this time it will indeed far surpass any previous occasions.

September 21, 2014

Archangel Michael's Light of Protection

"Know always that you are loved, and 
we of the Legions of Light await your call."

A beautiful invocation of love and protection from Archangel Michael channeled through my personal friend, Trillia Gia. These is a very special time for the Lighted Ones, and AA Michael's words act as a soothing balm.  I have recently felt a connection to Him that has not been present until now, when I watched the video with Jodi Serota.  At the end she mentions how the sword of AA Michael will light our path.  That image connected to me deeply and I now have a better understanding of AA Michael and how I can call upon him.  Now with this wonderful prayer, we are given a very potent shielding for our daily use.   Simply reading through it one feels a sense of well-being and security, sheltered from all that is not of the Light.  It is a wonderful and sublime feeling - one that generates more purified emotions bestowed upon us from the Higher Realms.  ~Sharda~

Archangel Michael's Light of Protection
channeled through Trillia Gia

It is I, Archangel Michael.  I greet you this day.  I come to speak directly to you in this now moment of time.  Feel My Presence and know always that you are never alone. We are family and it is My honor to guide and protect each soul who sends forth a call from their heartflame to Mine.

We are well within the days of transition and know that the Change that is within you shall soon manifest before you. Have you chosen to bring forth the beauty that flows forth from the Heart of our Father Mother God through your heart to create the miracles you seek?  Each of you who read my words have stood before Me to pledge your hands, your feet and most importantly your heart in service to our Creator to bring forth that which has been decreed, to bring forth Freedom to your Mother and all of her children! 

September 17, 2014

Video: MAX The Crystal Skull with Jodi Serota, in New York City

An incredibly powerful ceremony invoking the Light for the greater good of ourselves and the world we occupy.  Here is Jodi Serota with MAX the Crystal Skull at the META Center doing what she does best.  She accesses and chants sacred language from other dimensions as she leads the group into a profound and deep meditation.  

Jodi is a highly gifted healer and channel of the Akashic records and here she is simply on fire!  (The violet flame, of course!) I have attended MAX's visit to the META Center 3 years in a row, but was not present for this one.  And yet, the energy is no less potent than if one were in the same room.  I just completed watching the whole video and I can say for certain that it was as good as being there.  In fact, it may be even better to be able to watch this from your own home because being alone and doing this brings in a whole other aspect to these prayers.  I released a bunch of stuff as I am dealing with yet another issue in my life.  This video came as just the right NOW moment.

September 15, 2014

Aisha North ~ A Short Update on the Energies (The Autumn Exquinox)

I was looking over this message quickly as I sat at my computer literally ready to run out for errands.  But it was so compelling that I had to post it first!  Today's message from Aisha and the Constant Companions is very much on point.  What they explain is precisely my thinking and experience as of late.  All old energies are on their way out.  The path ahead is being cleared so that we will have space to live in a new, renewed, frequency.  From a personal perspective, I am changing almost by the day - that is not an exaggeration.  "Things" are falling away from me at every turn, and what was a burden of material 3D emotions or issues or involvement turns into angel dust in the next moment, and flies away.  Judgements, ambitions, opinions - the structures that define us are all disappearing.  So if you find yourself conflicted, this is probably why.  The letting go of the density (the stuff that makes up our familiarity zone) is just plain scary.  It may look like we are being pulled back into the quagmire, but it is an illusion - we are examining it one last time, and then the light takes it away.  Do the I AM Presence meditations or the Violet Flame daily for assistance.  Move away from the drama and stay centered in your Higher Self.  

Much love,

Aisha North
and the Constant Companions

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

September 14, 2014

Gaia Portal Update ~ 9/13/2014

Structures of intuition are solidified.

This enables Hue-Beings to find energetic connections to essences required for next Ascension protocols.

Secondary energy grids support the primary.

Fathoms of shadows are now en-Lightened.

Presumptive pathways have been cut.

Dramas are ending.

Clarity is the only reality.

September 08, 2014

President Obama Visits Stonehenge. Truly.

This is pretty fantastic - the President of the United States, our Mr. Obama, tours Stonehenge, and it's been recorded as an official White House video.

The signal from Mr. Obama could not be clearer - visiting an ancient site which is shrouded in mystery? One that is well known for its spiritual significance and 'New Age" popularity?  

This is no small thing and does in fact send out a very clear message to the world:  "The time is upon us - no more stalling with false flags events and hiding behind UFO Cover ups - my people are on their way."