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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

May 21, 2015

Glory BE! The Angels Are Here!!

by Sharda Chaitanya

I awoke this morning to the cat cuddling next to me. I could swear I closed the bedroom door tightly last night - but by a certain power only cats have, the door sometimes does get opened. When I got up, I saw she looked so cute that I decided to take a picture to send to her original Mom.  I put on the flash and took the shot.  That's when I saw this big white "thing" on the picture.  I figured my finger was in the way or something else.  I tried again - same thing.

(Thinking back on the process - I remember looking at the frame and it seemed normal.  When I pressed down on the shutter button, the "light" swooped down, I literally saw it move in.  It was so strange.  And this happen each time.)

So I sort of cleaned the lens with a piece of cotton cloth (the bottom of my hoodie) and took another shot.  Again, the white "image" was still there.  I cleaned the lens again and went into the living room to take a picture of the other cat, to see what would happen here. I thought maybe it was something in the room.  (It was indeed.)  This time I snapped the photo without the flash.  That's when the picture recorded the orb around the black and white cat.

May 06, 2015

Audio: An Update on the Current Energies

Sandra Walter 
by Lauren Galey
May 5, 2014

Here Sandra talks about the very abstract occurrence of what we are experiencing now- a challenging topic that has so few words in the English language that can aptly describe it.  At one point she even asks if she is doing a decent job of it, realizing that the kinds of deep spiritual awakenings we are having have no counterpoint in everyday parlance.  And yet there are so many eloquent explanations of what is happening that makes this interview so delectable. 

Scroll down for the link to the show.

We are told that this is a time for savouring our personal experiences and awakenings, and keeping them to ourselves for ourselves.  The time of us Lightworkers/Way-showers sharing the details of the awakening process has come to an end - for now at least.  This grand new energy is supporting the very natural tendency to stay purely in the heart-space.  The need to subdue endless mental chatter is paramount, as any distraction is counter-intuitive to our rise in consciousness.  The doing-ness, the busy-ness, has to cease if we are internally focused and committed to self-realization.

These are disciplines very much rooted in the more subtle practices of Yoga for the purpose of the attainment of Samadhi.  There actually is a science to it, and when practiced, will lead to profound experiences.  The beauty of this particular moment in TIME, however, is that, because there is so much light coming in now, these practices almost perform themselves.  The pure, crystalline energies that are surrounding us are primed for this very thing - the acceleration of our evolution which is realized by the disciplined commitment of spiritual practice.

Video: Satellite No. 3 - The Key to the New Age

This is one of those finds that was discovered following a link in an email which brought me to a blog talk radio show which made me inquire further, which is when I found this.

I never even heard of the Aetherius Society before, let alone "Satellite No. 3"!  The video has that slowly-paced British style to it, so it takes a minute to get used to if your not in synch with that rhythm of speech.  But it's worth it - the information is simply fascinating. 

However, I not sure if Satellite No. 3 is THE key to the new age, but it certainly is imparting a great deal to us and for us.  Of particular interest is the outlining of the specific dates when this ship is closest to the Earth, thus accelerating and magnifying any positive spiritual work we might be involved with.  Good times. 

From the liner notes: 

Since 1955, a large spacecraft manned by Cosmic Masters has been orbiting Earth at regular intervals. Its purpose is to radiate enhanced Spiritual energy to all persons engaged in selfless work, and is one of the major catalysts for transformational change upon our world.

The video includes a reading from The Nine Freedoms, where Dr. George King explains part of what he observed when visiting Satellite No. 3. Also included is an extract of a lecture he gave shortly after coming to the United States in 1959.

GaiaPortal Update: "Denouement of old paradigm patterns accelerates"

Gaia Portal
May 6, 2015

Denouement of old paradigm patterns accelerates.

Foundational grids have been laid and now manifest in all dimensions.

The paradigm of forced compliance affects only those attempting to enforce.

Celestial connections are primary at this time.

Star Seeds plant their Star seeds rapidly, and with ease.

Accelerations of “abundance” paradigms manifest the Nova Gaia.

March 14, 2015

SaLuSa ~ March 13, 2015

channeled through 
Mike Quincey

A whole series of changes lay ahead of you now that the dark Ones plans have been thwarted. They can no longer dictate the course of Humanities future, and can only concede their position to the Light. It has meant that progress can now more or less proceed unheeded or impeded, and activities can be more open and made known to you. There is much to do and our plans are to produce results as soon as possible. Hitherto we have had to be guarded where they were concerned, but now we can let you know without any great fear. You will also see more of our craft openly moving through your skies, where previously we have mainly kept our cloaks of invisibility on to avoid any confrontation with your craft. We now await recognition from your political leaders but know that many are scared to be revealed for what they really are. However, in time all will be revealed and no individual will find any hiding place. The higher vibrations are no place for any lesser Beings as there comes a point when only the truth can exist. The dark Ones have had their day and in spite of all you may know about them, as with any other soul we offer them the opportunity to turn to the Light without any recriminations. They will however have a long way to go to fully recover their position in it.

Sheldan Nidle - March 10, 2015

 In this week's message, Sheldan speaks much more specifically about certain aspects of the changes which seem about to take place.  I find this noteworthy, as it indicates that the energy is released for more of the truth to be given to us.  It is still not enough, but at least it's better than so much innuendo that we've had to tolerate for so long.  ~Sharda~

 4 Muluc, 7 Ceh, 11 Ik
Selamat Balik! We come bringing you great news! The new banking system, which we have talked about from time to time, is quickly becoming an international reality. Meanwhile, the breakdown of the U.S. governing corporation continues. The world’s nations understand more fully what this coming collapse truly means. A new economic and financial system is emerging, which puts the US on a par with a number of nations in Europe, Asia and the western hemisphere. This new set of realities is finally bringing an end to the highly distorted realities that governed your world during the first six decades of the post-World War II era. A new era is forming, which is to feature the rise of the NESARA governance in the US as well as a whole slew of new governances in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. The highlight of this, in our minds, is disclosure. At that time, we can easily address you and permit you, at last, to see our ships in your daylight skies. We fully intend to support the global addresses of your Ascended Masters and the open interactions possible with your Agarthan relatives. You can then learn much about yourselves and your true history and origins.

A Short Update on the Energies ~ 3/14/2015

by Aisha North

“…do not get stuck with any ideas of just how your next phase of this journey is supposed to BE according to your plans, for now, it behooves you all to be as flexible as possible in the time ahead, the better to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that may come your way. And so, the old advice of not letting your mind get in your way is once again essential… 

“For now, you must stay open, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For you must stay open to the very idea that any ideas you might have had previously as to where it is this journey will bring you and what it is you see yourself doing in the near or indeed more distant future, now is the time to allow all of those old ideas fade away, the better to give room for the much, much wider spectrum of options that will be made available for you.”

 So here we are once again, ready to impart another message into your system. And yes, we do choose these words with care as we want to remind you all that these missives come in many flavours if you will, and even if the words we deliver are the most prominent ones to your human mind, what lies between them is in fact the main ingredient so to speak, the main vibration that will affect you the most. And so, know that whatever it is you think you see, it is once again merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and even if this will not come as a surprise to any of you at this stage, we know it is important for us to keep reminding you all of everything that is taking place behind the human facade. Not just in you, but in all.

March 13, 2015

Offering of Sage

It feels like a good time to smudge the blog.  You are welcome to share and/or receive this offering.  

The flute music video (attached below) seemed the perfect sound for what many are experiencing right now, which is a soft, peaceful sense of being at Oneness.  I hope you enjoy my selection. 

Have a blessed weekend!!  

Much love,

Prepare for the final Uranus Pluto Square ~ March 11th - 29th

The cosmos has a stronger impact on life than we realize.  Electromagnetic fields fill the universe, solar flares disrupt the energy grid and the movement of the celestial bodies greatly influence our journey. The mystery planets, Uranus and Pluto are particularly important for these new influences coming in to support our human journey. They are considered esoteric transmitters of high frequency energies from outside our solar system, preparing humanity for a new consciousness.

They influence each of us by pushing us to make profound change. We always have individual choices in how we respond to these influences.

The starting point for this transformation is hidden in the human heart.  It is a spark of remembrance and our connection to the natural world. Known as the “Rose of the Heart“.   Those who feel a deep connection to the natural world and follow the teachings of  the Church of the Rose  often do not feel at home in this  fast world of the human.