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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

August 31, 2013

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien ~ Edith Piaf

A classic by Edith Piaf.  Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! 

I Don't Regret Anything

No, nothing at all,
No, I don't regret anything!
Neither the good that's been done to me,
Nor the bad;
It's all the same to me!
No, nothing at all,
No, I don't regret anything!
It's been payed for,
swept (away),
I don't care about the past!
With my memories
I have lit the fire!
My disappointments, my pleasures,

August 29, 2013

Video: Manhattan Gets an Increase in Frequency

This video was just too much fun for me.  Once again (this keeps happening.  I am not kidding) I have had a miracle in my life.  I had one of the most crappiest days I have had in MANY months.  Fortunately, it was that same evening of that crappy day that I went to a healing at the META Center.  And so now, two days later, having been infused with a shot of Suzy-ness, the yucky-yuck is gone, and I get to enjoy a burst of fun and excitement that is exhibited in this video. 

I have had the good fortune to participate in several of Suzy Meszoly's evenings with the Himalayan singing/healing bowls.  I am in awe of how powerfully these bowls, with Suzy playing them, affect our whole being - the body-mind-spirit construct.  These highly tuned instruments instantly raise the frequency of the atmosphere, and take anyone within their orbit with them.  They are alive and breathing and ready to serve and to love.  They will seduce you into a state of bliss and keep you there, riding a wave pure resonance.

Then today I had the chance to watch this video wherein Suzy bounces around Manhattan Island - visiting Time Square, riding the Staten Island Ferry and talking to us from the back of a cab!!  All the while she is infusing the density of this impenetrable megalopolis with the unconditional love of the Master Teachers and Lord Metatron.  (She does not directly reference Lord Metatron, someone who she channels, but I happen to feel they were right there, also.)

August 28, 2013

Sheldon Nidle Update ~ August 27, 2013

3 Muluc, 12 Uo, 10 Caban
Dratzo! We come today with much to tell you! Your world continues to be a covert battlefield, with the dark cabal's minions hanging on grimly despite the ground being gained every day by the forces of the Light. This protracted operation is somewhat discouraging to those who have committed themselves to the Light and its ultimately inevitable victory. The dark retains control of most of the international monetary system that in any way deals with the US Federal Reserve and its numerous banking allies, although this grip is no longer what it once was. However, the Federal Reserve and its criminal, destructive practices is facing its nemesis: a key moment is approaching when this ill-intentioned and bankrupt banking fraternity will be required to make a payment in actual gold bullion which it does not possess. This default is to give the forces of Light the opportunity to defrock the Federal Reserve of its powers and force a public bankruptcy and legal takeover of this highly illegal entity. This event is shortly to manifest. The fall of the Federal Reserve signals the demise of the current de facto US regime.

August 27, 2013


Starseed Astrology
By Salvador Russo
August 27, 2103

 At the relative cusp of our fall a transit of passion and joy leads us into the harvest time of our solar year: Mars has just entered the House of Leo!  One may soon wonder why it is important to be conscious of the Mars transit.  The answer is that it reveals where and how we should all be exerting ourselves with force and vigor at any given place and time.  This allows us to harness the energy of momentum which Mars commands and which can propel us toward higher and higher achievement in the cyclical nature of our life experience.  So what to do with Mars in Leo?  Dear reader, allow me to impress you…
What To Expect
The first thing to know is that Leo is the domain in our Zodiac where love and joy reign supreme.  That being the case this Mars transit will inject new love and joy into our lives wherever our Leo resides, and by this I mean wherever we find Leo in our horoscopes.  We will all soon have cause to celebrate!  Here are the more common themes we will see at work in our lives through October 15th when Mars enters Virgo: tremendous increases in happiness, the enlivening of relationships, the impassioning of creative work, the initiation of joyful new life directions, the remission of darkness, the entrance of brilliant personalities, dramatic new life vibrancy, surges in creative power, unparalleled beautification, the fulfillment of hearts desires, the development of nobility, and most spiritually, greater strides toward Christ Consciousness. 
The Role Of Men

August 26, 2013

The ZAP Report ~ August 26, 2013

Greetings and Salutations,

Time to wake up! Many of you may have taken a nap the last few weeks as it appeared that nothing very interesting was traveling through the grapevine. At least that we could hear or see. Well, how about the NASDAQ shutdown last week which bleed over into the NYSE and many other global exchanges. I'm sure there will be an investigation to find out what happened. But will the public really "know the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" In time maybe they will. However, you are about to find out the real truth from, ZAP and friends, about the NASDAQ shutdown and the chronology of events leading up to present day.

Remember the Global Currency Reset, GCR, which is now underway is the culmination of many talented people from across the globe working around the clock for 20+ years to bring us to where we are today! So stop all of the grumbling and complaining and thank your lucky stars that they are finally ready to launch the planet into a new era of prosperity and that we are alive and well enough to be participating in this once in a 1000 years event! WOW!!!! 

From ZAP..........Hi All

This is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over…..

In respect of the Dinar RV…we are good to go.

In respect of the global reset…we are good to go.

One of the not-so-surprising hold-outs was wells fargo. Go figure that the settlement bank got greedy. Really shocking right?

Just like Obama finally striking a deal with the Chinese over the tax he was going to charge. He got his way. He is going to tax at 50%.

But regardless of the machinations, we are at the point where all will happen now. Hopefully before September 1 (the goal).

The FOREX system and the other back line systems are all in place. the shutting down of the exchanges was to install and test the systems we are going to be using in the future. No surprise there, and it was expected.

August 25, 2013

Ashtar: The New Jerusalem… Running on Water!

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.
Greetings Beloved Ones,

Everyone up here on all of our ships are viewing what has been and is happening on your beautiful planet, Gaia.  She has such a beautiful, joyful smile with the happiness she was promised eons ago.  She has so much love for you, her children, having faith in you as you come into your full consciousness and glory.

We assure you that you, too, shall be running on the water in your Dimensional Consciousness, or doing any number of wonderous things that you may consider to not be possible at this moment; nevertheless, it is known that you are the Creators, not only of your next individual moment, but of the world known as the entirety of planet Earth.

Dear Hearts, you have done the most marvelous loving act that your dear planet has ever experienced – you did run on the water, so to speak with this wondrous love for all humanity…  the sacrifice of abstaining from food for your physical body from day to day. This is the greatest gift of love ever shown on any planet for millions of years! Your time, and the love, the compassion, the wanting for your Galactic brothers and sisters to contact you, bringing Disclosure with all the Announcements, and… wanting US to land on your beautiful world, Gaia!  It was breathtaking. We all watched you from our ship and the sparks were flying from your countenances. Your whole globe was aglow.

August 23, 2013

Not Just Prayer, Quantum Prayer! Archangel Michael Guides Us

A Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Carolyn Ann O'Riley
August 18, 2013


Greetings! and Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. The Light is coming in faster and faster waves, pulling forward with it a gift of The Creator’s Divine Grace.

The energies are intense My Beloveds but you are witnessing changes that many thought never before were possible.  You are learning/remembering that change is constant. What you believed yesterday as your truth may not be the same truth that you will profess tomorrow and that is as it should be My Divine Beings of Light. You are growing and evolving much more quickly than you ever realized.

My Beautiful Beings of Grace things that were unseen and hidden are now coming into the Light to be healed and revealed. This trend will be carried forward with more and more becoming visible for the next decade or more for those that are requiring a linear time line; however as has been said for a while now, linear time is fading away.

August 21, 2013

The Merkaba Formation of August 25th ~ "You Shall Become Pure Pillars of Light"

Artwork:  A Vision of the Ascension Process by Lorraine LeGore Tasto
Pleiades High Council:  The Grand Sextile, August 25th, The Solomon's Seal.  Theme:  Transformation
Channeled by Anna Merkaba
August 19, 2013 

In the next few days of your earthly time, there will once again occur a grand celestial event in your skies as major celestial bodies move into place to form a six pointed star. Another portal will once again open and bring with it a strong infusion of light onto this planet.

This is the time that all of you will be able to fully, consciously and collectively connect yet again to the divine. Coupled with the energies that all of you have collected and have hibernated within your vessels for the last few weeks, the energy that will be unleashed onto GAIA will have tremendous power to break down the old systems and to transform all that stands in its way.

Sheldon Nidle Update ~ August 20, 2013

Restoring your innate sovereignty is predominant in our actions….Only then are you to be restored completely to your natural, Creator-given rights. The secret truths are in fact the key to the way your reality operates and it is time that you are reacquainted with them. Our mission is to prepare each of you for the holy journey to full consciousness, the first step of which is the change of governance, followed by disclosure and the unveiling of a host of secret technologies.

9 Ik, 5 Uo, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return! Your world is engrossed in the final stage of a conflict which began when the Anunnaki left their dark on-planet minions to fend for themselves and joined the ranks of the Light. This abrupt switch caused mass chaos among the different groups of power elites on your world for nearly half a decade.

The advent of the second Bush administration temporarily gave an edge to the pro-western cliques of the dark minions over their Asian counterparts, but now the tide has turned and those who possessed power long before the hegemony of the West are reclaiming their former places of authority. 

However, this time their focus has shifted from internecine considerations to a wider arena: the establishing of a new financial and monetary system for the entire planet, including new global governance. Various enactments such as NESARA are prototypes of what is planned. The intention behind such massive change is to transform your realm in preparation for our arrival, so that once we are here we can hasten your path to full consciousness. The first item on this agenda is to liberate you from any type of slavery, and there are many forms that presently burden you.

August 20, 2013

Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Mary Magdelene Anointing Jesus
"The ascension you are preparing for now is actually a return to the glory of the original Earth which was Eden - a glorious place of peace, harmony and contentment. However, the gift of a beautiful, nurturing Paradise was not enough for the soul development of a species as industrious, curious, creative and aggressively acquisitive as you have been. This was why we all decided together in our planning Councils that the Earth would descend into a 3-dimensional state for an interim which would allow for the greatest tests of valor, integrity and honor."

Channeled through Kathryn May

August 20, 2013

Kathryn E. May  

This is going to make some people angry, others confused, still others ecstatic. The things I am saying in these New Scriptures are very different from the Scriptures that were written for the compilation which became the New Testament of the Bible. Of course, I did not write any of those chapters personally. Some of them were written by the people who were close to me - my disciples, as they were called, but many were written long after I left, and therefore were not my words, and sometimes were not my thoughts. Those who have studied the Bible should be able to identify what I am referring to. Any teachings not based in Love are not mine, or God’s.

There is another problem with the Bible, however, and that is that many of the most important writings were deliberately excluded. My beloved wife Mary Magdalene taught The True Way at my side, in harmony with the ideas I had come to offer the world. She was the writer of the family, with my enthusiastic approval, and she documented some of the most important teachings, which we hoped would remain for posterity. Unfortunately, they were hidden away at the time when Emperor Constantine commissioned the volume which was to become the Bible.

These writings will be found soon, and when we return to walk among you, her voice will be heard again as the brilliantly kind and loving Light she has always been. It was our hope then that her presence would be an influence for change in the cultural attitudes toward women, but it was not to be in the larger way we had hoped for. The group of men who decided to discredit her by casting doubt on her moral character did so with clear intent: they deliberately created a story which would damage her credibility and therefore her power to reach large numbers of people with her teachings.

August 19, 2013

Video: Natalie Sudman's Near Death Experience

Here I am once again with my newest, lastest, favorite-est thing.  Natalie's story of her experience outside her body and beyond the 3D holographic world that we call home, and into the reaches of greater dimensions and consciousness, has given me an immense dose of DEEP understanding and resultant peace.  Yes, certainly on the one hand, even if you've never heard anything like this before, the information is riveting, profound and earth-shattering.  But -- it is even better if you've been a student of the cosmos and a seeker of your soul.  You will then find her expose nothing short of containing everything you thought the afterlife should hold.  And then some. 

Her story is not just a series of events told in linear fashion - quite the contrary.  What she has gained has remained with her and it has given her a level of consciousness heretofore reserved for the few advanced spiritual souls that we think of as realized.  Early on in her interview, which is very well conducted by Bob Olsen of Afterlife TV, she talks about how she is met by a group of light beings to whom she had to telepathically download information about her experiences on Planet Earth.  In the same way, although using methods (words and the internet!) which are clumsy and dense by comparison, she shares her other-worldly experiences with us.  But words almost always fall short - they cannot express the fullness of her insight nor the depth of bliss she imbued.

Ashtar Speaks of The Energies of September and First Contact

Ashtar: The Energies in September and First Contact
You Are Not Alone in the Universe

Channeled by Philipp
August 19, 2013

We have informed you that September is an important marker in your development. We have pointed to the increase in consciousness and the leap that you will experience like never before.

This leap and rise in consciousness is a process like everything else in your life. The rhythm of this process is always the same: The energies rise, come in and you assimilate them. It takes some time however until you notice the outcome of this process.

Therefore, give yourselves some time before you make the pre-post comparison. Your bodies need a while to process such heightened amount of energies. It is not the case that you notice the energies at a certain time in your bodies and then you wake up fully transformed to a New You. This would be too “hard to digest” for your bodies.

August 14, 2013

Heaven Letters ~ Abandon Judgement

Judgement is a topic that takes up a lot of space in my mind.  I think about it often, I try not to engage in it, and I seek to understand the implications of both being judgemental and not being judgemental.   Refraining from judgement of others is one of the highest spiritual disciplines we can practice.  Non-judgement, much like always speaking truthfully, is analogous to a number of other qualities that we should like to incorporate into our practice.  Non-judgement implies love, unconditional love, and unity or unity consciousness.  Non-judgement creates peace between people and automatically dismissed the ego and its effort to reign supreme.  When you love instead of judge, then there is no room for divisiveness or conflict, and therefore peace and harmony can be established.  When I feel myself going into judgement, even if all the factors are present in that external element (person) that I want to evaluate and categorize which they are different from me and therefore a threat, then I pretend, if I can't feel it genuinely, that I love them and that whatever they do is fine.  It's fine with me and their path is not mine to comment on nor think negatively about because it has become their choice!  

By embracing love and abandoning judgement, we save ourselves a boatload of useless thought energy - our heart/mind connection closes down when we go into judgement because judgement is restrictive and confining.  Along with making another inferior to us (food for the ego) it limits our perception of that person to a box where they probably don't belong anyway.  I've just come off of four weeks of grand jury duty, and I can tell you there was A LOT going on there that would have kept the judgement bunnies very happy for a long time.  I was not a very good grand juror, I can assure you.  I recused myself from about half of the votes on the basis that I am not equipped to make a judgement about another.  Which is the very reason for having a grand jury!  

The path to liberation is a collective undertaking, whether we think so or not.  If I judge you, or myself, then neither of us are free.  As the phrase goes, what you say about another tells me more about you than it does about those of whom you speak.  -S.C.-

Heavenletter #4644
August 12, 2013 

Welcome All

God said:

Listening and understanding what other people have to say doesn’t diminish you. It expands you. What you would like others to do for you is a good idea to do for them. Listening and understanding others’ hearts and minds is not a disservice to yourself. It is not capitulating. It is not giving an advantage to another. It is not putting others before you. It is listening and understanding. Listening and understanding are gifts of growth and courtesy and, let’s say it, love.

No two people see alike. No two people. And yet you can see how another sees and feels, and you can understand.

The question is not which way is better. There is no question. This is how two people see. What of it?

The Masters of Light ~ Souls Are Frequencies

"The souls share their knowledge with each other; the need to reach out and fill those empty personal spaces becomes the "tool" that the Creator has put into place in order to produce the trillions of substantive creatures that are constantly being created to fill the solar systems of each universe. Without the actual placement of material organisms to reproduce, learning to inhabit the new planets - learning to use the materials and grow the food that they will need, planets would remain, as most of them are now, as cold, barren rocks that eternally travel in the specific patterns and solar systems as the universes were originally formed."

This is really a rather fun message from The Masters about the soul, who has and does NOT have a soul and how the souls navigate their journeys. It is a lot to digest in so far as we don't usually get this up close and personal with understandings of our collective souls' migration and what it means to have a soul.  Certainly there is much more to the knowledge of being or having a soul than is explained here, but this is a very good start, and gives us more than enough to ponder.  What might seem a little off-putting for some is what they say about lower life-forms.  I wish that this discussion continues because, after my reading this, I feel it changes the playing field here on this planet, at least.  -S.C.-

 From the Masters: Windows of the Soul

The Masters of Light
As received by Ruth Ryden
August 12, 2013

Deep in the mind of every human being there is a "window" that connects them with his or her Soul. This is an often-used term, but few seem to understand what is meant by it. A Soul is a frequency of creation, formed into comprehensive "spirits" by the Supreme Intelligence of all things, encompassing all planets, all galaxies, all universes, to occupy the spaces that have been prepared for the existence of knowledge and experience to fill the emptiness of eternal space.

The community of souls is far beyond humanities imagining of white-robed angels sitting around on clouds playing harps. Souls are frequencies that have existed far beyond your concepts of time and, during those endless millenniums, have become endowed with knowledge and experience that is, and always has been, an ongoing directive from the Supreme Creator. Every soul is an encyclopedia of experiences, from the most evil thoughts to the highest reaches of truth and love. Every soul is on a path of instruction, combining knowledge and experience with other spiritual souls (and we use the word "spirit" to express the frequencies that have evolved into the accepted patterns of knowledge and experiences).

August 13, 2013

Sheldon Nidle Update ~ August 13, 2013

Men, 18 Pop, 10 Caban
Dratzo! We come! Much is progressing around your world. First, those who are busy rooting out the dark have successfully obtained the means to indict the leaders of your world's major governments and this dovetails well with the various legal torts (the right of action for damages) that are setting up a new financial system and putting the fiat, debt-brokered system out of business. Despite much dark opposition in the courts, these legal instruments have surmounted the many litigious obstacles placed in their way by the dark-controlled court-system. This significant achievement is allowing your new reality to begin to take shape, assisted by several new organizations that have been created to facilitate a new monetary and governmental system. Those responsible for these legal and financial maneuvers are wealthy, possess the logistical resources, and above all, are armed with a superbly thought-out and comprehensive plan; those who have had the opportunity to review parts of it are thoroughly impressed with its vision and exhaustively detailed plan of execution. However, the challenge all along has been how to overcome the vast, entrenched control mechanisms with which the dark rules your planet, and which cannot be breeched without the backing of the forces of Light. This backing is now in operation.

Jesus/Sananda: Look forward to the Promised Land

The New Scripture - As Told byJesus/Sananda
Through Kathryn May
August 9, 2013

As a community of souls, we are taking part in a phenomenon that has never been tried in just this way before anywhere in the Cosmos.  You will notice how different my approach is now that I am able to talk with you about your heritage and your biological connections - the human body related connections - to your Star Brothers and Sisters.

Two thousand years ago, I could not speak so directly about these truths.  Of course I did talk with my disciples, family and friends about our star family, but all reference to these things were redacted from my teachings and those of my brothers and sisters who served with me.

There will be no secrets about the actual contacts which have been made with others from distant planets and star systems once I return to walk with you again on dear Planet Earth.  The contacts have been frequent in recent years, and there have been a number of cases where "alien" technologies were co-opted by the Dark Hats rather than being used for the good of all humankind, which had been the intention.  There have also been contacts in the past - they are not being allowed any longer - by the ones you call "grays" or Reptilians.  It was their wish to achieve a complete takeover of the planet.  Your Dark Hats on the ground who were influenced by them - those we have called "wannabe's" - had the same inclination.  Each faction thought they could outsmart the other to gain the upper hand.

You can be assured now that their Dark machinations eventually turned back on them, insuring that no Dark faction would ever attain what they imagined.  They always underestimated the power of Light and the determination and endurance of the humans who lived and worked in the Light.  We have now overwhelmed the power structures of the Dark Hats, who have always been inclined to turn on each other when things become difficult.  This tendency alone demonstrates the greater power of the Light, for we have an inborn desire, even need, to come to the aid of those who need us.

August 11, 2013

$36.00 and A Wealth of Angels

by Sharda Chaitanya

I just realized how happy I am!  I just checked my bank balance and I have a total of $36.00.  That's right - 3 tens, a five and one single.  Thirty-six bucks.  Whoo--hoo.

I went into my account just now to see if a few things I'd returned had been credited.  That is when I saw this number.  Normally, I would have gone into a mild state of fear and anxiety, followed by worry and confusion.  I did, of course, check to see that everything was in order, and it was.  Having paid all my bills in total at the same time just a few days ago (something that hasn't happened in a few years) it did make sense that my balance would be low.

But that isn't the point.  The point is, I don't even care.  It is not a big deal, or any kind of deal, AT ALL.  The money, in or out, is not my concern.  I get it now - it's true - money is an illusion.  I am not bound, or rather, my happiness is not bound by my wealth, or in this case, lack thereof.  This is nothing short of amazing.  I. Don't. Care.

I feel at once liberated and peaceful.  I know now that I can trust that I am truly taken care of and my maintenance is not my concern.  I am God's problem now.  Even with that, if I feel, "Oh, Divine Mother will look out for me", or "Lord Shiva is my Divine Father, he is taking care of me", it somehow doesn't seem real anymore.  I only have those affirmations because they were required for my security.  But with the whole sense of worry gone, I am unconditionally supported and I know it.  I don't have to ask - it is understood.  It is in me, around me, above and below me; I am a Child of the Universe and I was placed here for a specific mission.  In light of that, what is there to worry for?  As I have often told my Mother/Father God, "You put me here.  Now take care of my earthly needs if you want me to do Your work."  Done and done.

Federation of Light: "Souls of Earth, we are coming to assist you..."

Through Bloosom Goodchild
August 11, 2013 

Welcome once again. Are you receiving me?

It is always with the greatest of Love that we do so.

One of the translators wanted to me to ask you about Muhammad and Islam and wanted more explanation for they felt there was a missing piece to the story. Are you able to speak on this?

We would find it more fitting to not speak of this … or indeed any religious matters. This is not meant to offend the questioner in anyway … and yet we would state that SO VERY MUCH IN ALL RELIGIONS is not what it is given to be. In that … so much of what is considered TRUTH that is written and passed down through many many generations has been tampered with to suit ‘the times’.

The questioner may or may not find what we are about to say a satisfactory answer.
Throughout your history wars have been battled … lives have been lost … arguments debated … all for the purpose of saying that ‘Their God’ is the correct one.

I am struggling a little for I feel you about to say ‘There is no God’ and as much as I do not FEEL God is a person … I FEEL it is an energy of Love … why would you say ‘There is no God?’ Am I right in thinking that is what you wanted to say?

To a little degree … yet perhaps you jumped the gun! We were to advise that there is no God in the sense that many consider God to be. 

When those in your world KNOW of the text ‘GOD IS LOVE’ … then this  … from our point of view of offering wisdom … is a far more accurate statement. 

Montague Keen: Everything that you had accepted as the norm, will change overnight.

Montague Keen
August 11, 2013

The time is fast approaching when all that was hidden will be out in the open. You are being prepared for this eventuality. Many of the Dark Ones have already accepted defeat and they are looking for ways to escape having to face the judgement of humanity. They knew that this day would come, no matter what they did to try to postpone it. All it needed was a good percentage of humanity to wake up, thus casting a light on all that was evil and corrupt. Mankind has had to wake up to its own power and the realization that you are not on Earth to serve the few. You are all powerful beings of light who were manipulated, through education and religion, into believing you had no power. I can assure you that the overall power is yours. This, you will realize as things unfold. Without you, those at the top of the pyramid could never have achieved their corrupt status. I have said many times, they need you and they cannot exist without you. That is a fact that you need to ponder on.

Hilarion: Give love and compassion but do not allow projections to enter your own auric field

Hilarion's Weekly Message 
August 11 - 18, 2013
Beloved Ones,

As you move through your days, know that you are serving a greater purpose than is readily apparent to you. You are each vibrating at a higher level than the majority of humanity at this time and this sometimes causes confusion within your human selves in terms of keeping steadfast upon your path. For many of you as you look at the world through the lens of the news media in your current times, it appears that the world and the people in it have gone completely mad. This is the crumbling structure of the old paradigms at work and your focus on maintaining peace and harmony within you and in your sphere of energetic influence helps to create the new Earth reality in your now moments. What we focus upon is the reality which is being created and those who influence the news media of the day know this also which is why there is such a repetition in the reporting of these stories. This is why we advise each beloved Light Beacon to not listen again after hearing the news the first time.

August 08, 2013

3rd Grade Teacher Enlightens Us ~ Indigos, Crystals and Our Future

Letter from a 3rd Grade Teacher

This was reported by George Filer of Filer's Files in issue #31 of 2013.

(Note:  This was sent to me in an email without any direct link to original post.  Having Googled 'Filers Files', a total of 845 results were available.  I think it is okay to let this one pass.  -S.C.-)

The Teacher writes:

 I'm going to tell you something that will open a door to what you're doing with ufos. First of all I want to say you are doing a great job with your information, but I want to let you know that you're closer than you think. I'm just going to give you the quick version.

 I'm a 3rd grade teacher at a public school and I've been teaching for the past 16 years. After the year 2000, kids started acting differently. A few years ago I started getting the kids born after the year 2000 who are even stranger. These kids are different; the indigo/crystal child concept is true.'

They are purportedly the next level in human evolution. They are very intelligent and have super powers. The Indigo Child may see auras as lights or colors around other people. And show an uncanny ability to sense dishonesty. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, the Indigos often lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts and warrior energy.

The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portals of 8/8 and 8/25

Theme Magic  ~ Expansion of Consciousness

By Anna Merkaba
August 7, 2013

We are the Hathors, and we come to bring you a message. A message that a new MAGICAL wave of light is about to sweep your planet and YOU are NEEDED yet again. For the theme of the portal that is about to sweep your planet is MAGIC.
On August 8th of your earthly time, many will experience the incoming energies, for the Lions Gate will indeed open and allow the energy to come through to all the light workers. As this occurs many of you will experience the expansion of your energy body, your physical body and your consciousness. Many of you will experience yourself becoming denser and heavier, and yet larger than life, at moments you will feel as if you are about to burst, worry NOT, for what you will be experiencing is a collection of energies that you are then to anchor into GAIA on August 25th.
We the Hathors from the ancient order of light, are asking you to get ready and open your hearts wide, dear children of light and love, open your hearts for the beauty for the creation of your own selves awaits!

August 07, 2013

SaLuSa: remain in the open awareness-mode, don’t shut yourself to the world around you.

SaLuSa on the Shifting 
Solar Energies
by Multidimensional Ocean
July 7, 2013
The Energies are affecting you in a very positive way at the moment. We are always enjoying your planet blooming with people’s increasing awareness and joy. The extra sunshine is a spectacular event for us to watch, as the Sun is undergoing its natural cycle of polarity reversal, which is nothing to be nervous about at all, as it is a very regular event.

Around this time, there are extra radiations being emitted from the Sun, preparing for its polarity reversal. This energy is being dispersed over the planet in an even manner, and envelops the planet in a gentle soft blanket of light. Many of you are feeling its effect, and are feeling the effect of the magnetism changing direction, which can happen in the next 2 to 3 months according to the current readings.

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ August 4th - 11th

Ask the Angels to give you assistance with that which you are finding difficult to work through. There are many unemployed Angels surrounding every place and space who would love to be of service to humanity during these changing times. All you need do is ASK and speak your request from the heart. When times seem tough, ask the Angels to uplift your spirit and you will be surprised at the feeling of renewal and hope that you experience.

Hilarion's Weekly Message ~ August 4th - 11th, 2013
 Beloved Ones,

You are asked to maintain your center and stay calm no matter what occurs in the world around you. All is unfolding in an accelerated manner in order to awaken as many people on the planet as possible. Awakening most often occurs when there is something revealed that was not known before which rocks the foundation that people based their lives upon. This shakes the template that has been in place around the Earth and around each inhabitant and opens up the contemplation of other possibilities that were not considered before. Going within during these times can help to keep individuals stabilized and harmonious, and the spending of as much time outdoors amongst the trees, plants, birdlife and water as possible can help to keep a person grounded and in balance with a healthy chakra system.

Ashtar: This period of grace cannot be extended any further.

Channeled by Philip
Update on Events 
of September 2013

August 5, 2013

In September 2013, you will experience a big leap forward in your consciousness which will confirm all that we have told you. Since many are still in doubt and require more information about this jump we are happy to address this issue once more.

Your Ascension is a process – you are going through a growth period. You are learning much, clearing away old baggage and returning to your original state – as fully conscious Beings of Light.
You have imposed upon yourselves the current limitations in order to experience your 3D illusion. However, your soul is yearning for your return home and, therefore, the game on your world is very close to its expiry date.

There is still a way to go until you reach your goal of full Ascension but we hasten to add that this time is really short, even in your terms.

Sheldon Nidle Update ~ August 6, 2013: Your forced quarantine from full consciousness will end

Once you harness this Love source within, it will propel you collectively toward your many coming triumphs...
Indeed, you will be very instrumental in helping to forge a new home galaxy for all of us! It is to be the best of times! A time for grand adventures and exploration as we manifest the Creator's divine plan together.

8 Lamat, 11 Pop, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return with more to discuss with you! At the end of your Gregorian year of 2012, a large dose of heavenly Light showered down upon your realm, and then on July 29th of this year, triple that amount was applied to your world by means of the special astrological alignments on that date. This is setting the energies for what is about to occur. The dark's long stranglehold on your beloved planet is at an end and the time has come for you to rejoice and for those changes which officially shift your reality to the Light to take place. The first act in this cavalcade of events is, of course, the release of the various funds which mark the segue of your globe's monetary setup from dishonest fiat currencies, so prone to unbridled speculation, to those backed by precious metals. These new true-value currencies are to trigger a global re-evaluation, and indeed, the first of these is ready for distribution. Further, the initial rounds of the prosperity disbursements are also ready to be launched. These financial adjustments will effectively drive the old interests from power and allow the inauguration of legally based de jure governance. As you know, these are only the opening moves of what is to come.

August 06, 2013

Consulates and the Vatican in chaos as HSBC tells them to find another bank

Havoc: HSBC's decision to sack embassies as
customers  has caused chaos also because other
banks refused to take their business
The canary in the coal mine.  This story reeks of the chaos that is supposedly going to ensue as the new financial systems break down - as the old guard is dismantled to make way for the new.  These developments are extremely significant and are the external manifestation of the internal rewiring required for the global economic reforms that are underway.  As regular Joe and Jane Q. Public, we see nothing of what is taking place behind the scenes.  So when events progress to the point of news-worthiness, they give validity to what we've been told would be happening.  Luckily for those of us on the truther circuit, discerning between real news and psuedo news has become second nature, and we understand the implications of a story of this magnitude.   At the same time, we can't possibly fathom the extent to which this affects the greater whole, but somehow this feels like it is going to have a domino affect.  I want to say, keep a close watch.  But in fact, I think things are going to be out in the open very soon, as the unfolding of the new paradigm will be witnessed by everyone, and  we won't have to dig to far down the rabbit hole much longer.  -S.C.-

by Joanne Hart
August 3, 2013

Diplomats in London have been thrown into chaos after Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC, sacked them as customers and gave them 60 days to move their accounts.
Their situation has been made far worse because other banks have been closing ranks and refusing to take their business. 

More than 40 embassies, consulates and High Commissions have been affected. Even the Vatican has been given its marching orders.

The Pope’s representative office in Britain, the Apostolic Nunciature, has banked with HSBC for many years but was told to find another bank.

Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council: "...this large undertaking will be occurring this year..."

The Global Reset of all Systems in Preparation for
the Golden Age on Earth:
Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council
via Goldenlight
July 25, 2013
Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.

Dear friends, I’ve been away from channeling the last couple of months as I have been focusing on 3rd dimensional issues such as working, paying my rent, paying my bills, etc, and it has been difficult lately. I continue to read messages regarding the release of prosperity funds and was beginning to question the validity of these messages, so I decided to connect in with my Higher Self, Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council to ask them for an update on what is occurring at this time. This was the message they relayed to me, and although I generally do not like to post “predictive” messages, I feel it is important to post this one and kept getting the nagging feeling that I really need to share it. I channeled it in a couple of nights ago. Please note this was typed on my iPhone in “stream of consciousness style” with very little punctuation and long sentences…this is how it came to me, and I recorded it exactly as it came in without any editing. I included some of the personal part of the channeling as it may be beneficial to others. May this message help you in your journey! Love, Goldenlight

Goldenlight: Can you tell me about the release of prosperity funds to everyone? I'm really curious about it; there’s a lot of talk about it online and I don’t know what to believe.

Do not worry things are shifting and changing on your earth and all is proceeding as planned. Your ascension which is simply a harmonizing with the higher dimensions is occurring slowly over time, anything faster would be a shock to your systems.

The release of a large stockpile of funds has also been planned for eons so that their release would coincide with the raising of the consciousness of humanity…we are sending you a mental picture of this now.

(yes) ..yes it is an escalation of the light and a turning away from the dark and even those who were once in the cabal are turning away from that now because their frequencies are being raised from the influx of higher dimensional energies.

There are those who are assisting with the upliftment of mankind and the removal of the slavery system on your planet with all of the wealth and power in the hands of the few, the wealth is going to be redistributed and it will finally dawn on mankind that we are all one and there will be new governments and no borders for everyone will realize that they are all in this together one people, one planet earth, working together for the benefit of All not the elitism of the few.

August 04, 2013

The ZAP Report 8-3-2013

Source:  americankabuki

Greetings and Salutations,

Many important dates are included in today's update from ZAP. He was even kind enough to include some very important historical dates and information to help us better understand how we arrived at this point in history and where we are going from here.

From ZAP..........Hi All

Tomorrow, the global reset will begin. There is to be a series of announcements, amongst which is the RV of the dinar.

This ties in with the intense preparations that have been underway for most of the last months.

For those of you that understand numbers and the vibrations of those numbers, and the interrelationships between numbers, would probably understand when I say that the elders have always been mindful of numbers in their lives in respect of specific dates on which business may be considered being done according to lunar cycles, Feng Shui, or other systems that define their ways and paths.

For example, the number 8 is predominant as the symbol of prosperity/money/fortune. The number 9 is important as a number of finality and other profound meanings. For example, their master heritage accounts end with an “xxxxxx-888” suffix in HSBC. They do business preferably on the 1st of the 1st month, the 2nd of the 2nd month, the 3rd of the 3rd month, and so on.

They have lucky numbers, divine numbers, numbers that apparently mean nothing until you apply a key code to them, and all sorts of other number manipulations.

Well, the announcements are scheduled for August 4. Sorta an arbitrary number with no meaning, Right?

You may note that on august 4, 1790, was when the French revolution abolished the privileges of the nobles.

AA Metatron – Walkway to Portal on August 25th

by Annamerkaba
August 1, 2013

The theme of this walkway as you make your way to another portal is CONFIDENCE. This is the moment when all of you will breathe confidence, think confidence and be confidence. As the old patterns of your daily lives begin to slowly fade into the background, you will shed the skin like a snake born anew and arrive at the Portal of August 25th a new born infant. ~

——Greetings dearly beloved ones. Greetings dear children of light and love and the creation of all that is. Yes finally you have walked through one of the gates only to find yourself in the midst of a walkway that will lead you through into another gate which is within your reach and is coming your way shortly.