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April 11, 2013

Huffington Post: UFOs: Disclosure Is Coming

"When a gun is found in a school can make national news... But when a massive, silent machine glides in the air over one of our cities or suburbs, and it's reported to be the size of four football fields and seen to reach speeds from 0-3000 mph in an instant, the same national news coverage does not exist. "

This seems too good - but it's true.  A Huffington Post report about the upcoming Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure!  Doesn't it seem like it is only days away before the world's governments officially come forward publicly with the announcement that we are not alone?  -S.C.-

by Connie Willis for the Huffington Post
April 10, 2013

Disclosure is coming for the UFO world, or so we hope. Political activist Stephen Bassett, along with researchers and military witnesses, will tell their stories before former members of the U.S. House and Senate at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, starting at the end of April in Washington, D.C. They will testify about events and evidence that supports the idea that many people have of an extraterrestrial presence regularly engaging the human race. Their goal is to end the alleged ET truth embargo.

As controversial as UFOs and aliens are, the last time Congress held a hearing addressing the extraterrestrial issue was in 1968. How can that be? There are so many daily sightings around the globe, some telling of crafts that are stupendous in size.

What is probably the most well known UFO story is the Roswell Incident of 1947. A saucer, reportedly containing aliens, allegedly crashed on a ranch near Roswell, N.M. U.S. military personnel were sent to the crash site to gather all relevant evidence. The world was first told it was a crashed flying saucer, then the story was changed to it being a weather balloon, and then later, the public was told it was test dummies. It is one of the most publicized and controversial of UFO incidents.

Did you know there was a fleet of UFOs that flew over the White House on July 12, 1952? It's known as the "1952 Washington, D.C. UFO Incident," the "Washington Flap" or the "Washington National Airport Sightings." There were a series of reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over D.C. Yep, more than two weeks of UFO sightings over our nation's capitol.

A massive UFO was spotted by dozens of people over Stephenville, Texas, on Jan. 8, 2008. It was described as half a mile wide and a mile long. Some witnesses claimed to see military aircraft following the object, and others say they saw black helicopters flying at low altitude over their property after the sighting. There were reports of missing livestock and others claimed to have been threatened to keep their mouths shut about what they saw.

It's been reported that over 10,000 people witnessed the gigantic series of lights over the city of Phoenix, Ariz., in 1997. Known as the Phoenix Lights, even Fife Symington, the governor at the time, after making a joke of the situation at a news conference the following day, has since come out to say he, too, saw this huge "otherworldly" object.

These are only a few of the numerous sightings seen in the United States. Unidentified flying objects are reported daily all over the planet.

I feel witnesses are left without answers, baffled, confused and sometimes terrified. If they mention what they saw to anyone, they then have to prepare for the potential ridicule of being told they are fools, nut cases, real wackos, and left alone to deal with something that may have changed their lives forever.
When a gun is found in a school locker or an unmarked box is seen in the middle of a highway, it can make national news, and result in full blown investigations. But when a massive, silent machine glides in the air over one of our cities or suburbs, and it's reported to be the size of four football fields and seen to reach speeds from 0-3000 mph in an instant -- as was reported in Stephenville, Texas, the same national news coverage does not exist. And if there are investigations, which I sure hope there are, there is no mention of them.

It is always interesting to hear the different theories of what these crafts are in the sky. Some people claim these UFOs are our military testing new top secret aircraft. I have heard others say they are some other country's military aircraft. Witnesses, like myself, want to know what these objects are in the sky. Since we get no definitive answers, our next question seems to be, "Why are you not telling us?"

If the day comes that you see a massive vehicle flying over your head that is completely silent and the size of four football fields, or you see many strange lights that hover in the sky changing directions at angles we are not used to seeing and then shooting out of sight at speeds we are not used to seeing, you, too, may ask these same questions and feel frustrated that no acceptable answers are forthcoming.

One of the many theories suggesting extraterrestrial visitation is that they created us and are watching our progress. A theory I really enjoy related to this idea is the Intervention Theory by Lloyd Pye. It speaks of an intelligence behind the design of Earth.

Another theory out there is they are visiting and mining our planet for minerals. Others have speculated that we already have different treaties with the aliens. One of those alleged treaties allows them to study us, which includes continuous abductions of people and animals. In return, it is said they are to give us technology, medicines, or knowledge. Scary, eh?

It is thought by some, myself included, that if we were all privy to knowing that ETs exist, we could cure every disease, mental disorder and energy problem, because it is thought the alien visitors have these answers.

I believe disclosure will tell us who we are as humans and what our role is in the universe. I also believe we humans are ready to handle the truth of these other beings.

Good luck to those attending the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure speaking out about what you and many countless others have witnessed in the sky. I am quite sure the day will come when your efforts and courage will be acknowledged by the masses.


  1. As a former resident of Stephenville, TX, I can assure you that our sighting did gain national news coverage. We hardly heard the end of it for most of the year. Radar records are now freely available as of the following July - they show an airborne object with no transponder moving at very high speeds. Also, it's been well established for years that the video in the link you provided is not of the Stephenville UFO. It's just a blimp.

  2. One reason for non-disclosure is that after years of contact: those answers to the questions you ask, "who are we as humans and what is our role in the universe," are no closer to being answered than when there was less contact! The fact is, the (1) past & (2) future time travelers, plus those from (3) other dimensions, have only a little more understanding of this vast Universe than do our wise men of old. Like the after life and our dream-states these gray areas of existence are still a mystery to be argued over by people with varying belief structures. Until man has reached a level that he knows the limits of belief, man will not arise from this confused state.

  3. Hekko Frgbnd, If you have a better link for that event of which you speak, would you forward it to me via these comments? Thanks. The link is embedded in the story, I have no control over that. Although I can include a different one. I trusted what they published to be accurate.

  4. it is accurate, or to my knowledge it is. I wrote the blog. i am connie. hi.
    i was led to it from a respected MUFON site telling of the story. if it is not, this is the only report i have gotten on it. if it is apologize.

    Hekko, you would know best, i apologize. too bad the internet information doesn't change as it happens to help those of us that pull up info that is by credible sources originally.
    i hope you like the coverage, since it has again been swept under the rug.
    i believe the national news did not cover it very well at all for a year. it did get some coverage but NOT the coverage it deserved to get, it got blips. i am talking 24/7 news coverage on major networks is what was needed for that sighting and all the rest of the events that happened with you all there, it got nothing. your town was laughed at for not having much video at all from it. i am not one to laugh, i am here to help wake up the people that think this is fake and that think you all are liars there. i would have been scared to death from the stories i heard from witnesses. what did you go thru?
    help me to help you.
    i too would love to see better links for future reference. lead the way.
    what did you think it was all about?

    Nova, thank you for adding this to your blog. my best to you! :)

  5. Where is DRUDGE when it comes to the most important, eye opening story in the last hundred years?

    Has drudge gone and got a chicken liver transplant, and didn't tell anyone?

    The all important drudge has lost much luster and credibility with many of my friends, and many truth seekers in this great land that are hungry for the real truth.

    I have new found respect for Huffington Post to have the courage to be one of the very few media sources to able to report the news honestly and provide the people in America with some very rare fresh air and sunshine.

    Perhaps the rest of the media in America will loose their yellow streak and stop kissing big corporations a** for a little greedy money and shake the dust off.