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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

December 02, 2014

Blame It On The Solar Flares!

BIG SOLAR FLARE: As I felt/predicted yesterday on my page, there has been a large M1.8 Flare occur on the Sun. After a week of smaller C flares the more erratic energy is moving again. You could be feeling restless and/or anxious. We're being helped. Some people could be having the best insights of their life. Drink lots of water and you may be extra hungry. Exercise helps shift the headaches.This flares fits in perfectly with what I had already forecast for the next 48 hours in the current issue of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast Nov 28 - Dec 4...  from Elizabeth Peru

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About this flare:

Blame It On The Solar Flares!
by Sharda Chaitanya

If you've been feeling edgy or restless or just plain uncomfortable mentally or emotionally, it's a good chance you are feeling the affects of the the solar flares.  I follow the updates here and there on FB and YouTube, but until now I just took them to be part and parcel of the whole 'ascension symptom' syndrome. Because I have been doing so much clearing of my own (by the boatload) I almost always attribute my uneasiness to that process of raising my frequency.  However, with this above posted input by Elizabeth Peru, I feel like it's about time to finally acknowledge exactly how significantly these incredible forces of nature impact our sense of well-being.  I've been sleeping poorly, feeling anxious and a bit depressed, and just plain spent.  And the odd thing is there isn't anything horrible (aside from some pesky dental work I need) going on in my life right now.  When I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, my body has been tingling directly out from the solar plexus (no coincidence there) to my whole body.  I feel like I am plugged into the wall socket and getting a bit of a shock wave. And it pulsates; it gets really strong and then subside.  And repeats.  It's really strong and really bizarre.  So when I thought about the solar flares in a whole different way, I thought, "Okay.  It's not all about me for a change.  It's the energy that's affecting me, and here's why.'

This is not to say that the solar flares are responsible for all the discomfort or confusion, nor are they isolated to only that.  The incredibly powerful influence of the flares are acting as accelerants for the other parts of our lives that we are moving through as we ascend into the higher frequencies.  A great deal of knowledge can be garnered from meditating on or intentioning with the Sun, and is something we can no longer take for granted.  For right now, that knowledge often takes the form of bringing issues to light so they may be acknowledged, examined and transmuted, and who better to do that than the burning capability of Father Sun.  Everything, from top to bottom, big and small, micro and macro, is being uncovered - EVERYTHING.  The pulling away of the veil is alive and well.

The TRUTH of everything is pushing through even the most (seemingly) insignificant aspects of our lives.  (What we are learning here is that nothing is insignificant when ascension is involved.) We are looking at things that at one time made sense, and which now give us anxiety, or a feeling of detachment or not belonging.  It's because these things are not real, and we are being asked to dissolve our connection to them because we cannot take them with us in the higher dimension.  We have excessive psychological reliance on the material world often to the point that we don't know who we are or how to relate to ourselves without them.  Many of us have been confronted with the daunting task of having to get by with little or nothing, or with the threat of losing what we have or barely hanging on by a thread to keep functioning within the most fundamental structures of life.  What happens then is we dive deep deep deep into the ocean of the heart and find the spirit of Love and Truth to which we must cling during those most trying times.  It is here where the work of the Sun is most potent - where it can burn any untruths and 'bring to light' the knowledge of who we truly are.

The blessings abound and we are so fortunate to be doing what we do.  I get that no one wants to hear that when they are facing some of the greatest challenges of their lives.  But there absolutely is the "coming to the other side of this", renewed and more awakened.  If it all seems overwhelming, which it can, ask for help.  Ask your guides and guardians to slow the pace; to ease up on the accelerator and give you some breathing room.  This process of purification needn't happen as quickly as all that, and they are glad to help in this.  Request the Sun to shine its light on your path - "turn it up", so that no shadows will ever again interfere with y/our Sovereign Bliss.

Peace and Love,
Sharda Chaitanya
with assistance from Serapis Bey 

Serapis Bey is the chohan of the fourth ray,

 hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor,

and the thirteenth member of the Council

 of Adepts of the Ascension Temple.

He is also known as Serapis Soleil, Serapis of the Sun.

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