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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

November 21, 2014

22nd November 2014 Sun moves into Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius

Note:  I am not going to bother with editing the format in this one. Too much work and time I don't have right now.  But I want to post this now because the message here is very helpful, and events in my personal life can corroborate these insights. Sharda

Hi everyone!  Get ready for our emergence from the cave of the past month!

We’re heading from the Scorpio cave into a new solar month of Sagittarius along with a new lunar month of Sagittarius both happening on 22nd November. 

Prepare for an uplift with a huge dollop of optimism and enthusiasm!

What’s been happening:  The past month, Scorpio time 

Hanging about, letting go!

Deep within the Scorpio cave, we’ve been searching for our inner ‘gold’ raking over the past, letting go of so much dross of accumulated memories which are no longer relevant to our present existence. 

Memories of regret, disappointment, grief, fear, anger, resentment, blame and shame etc. can keep us in a holding pattern in another time or place, whether this life or another, a period of time in history.  Scorpio is our salvation, our opportunity to get in touch with these memories, feel the pain and release them, hopefully once and for all!

The past month’s purification process:   Facing, feeling and releasing old patterns, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

We’ve been coming face to face with the fears, doubts and insecurities which have been plaguing us and preventing our growth into more evolved consciousness. This has been happening on all levels of our being calling us to ‘die’ to the past controlling energies of our lives.

Where we’ve been this past month:  Wading through the watery, emotional depths of Scorpio!

We’ve been wading through the emotional watery energies of the fixed sign Scorpio.  Despite Scorpio’s transformational qualities, it is a fixed sign which means we’ve been dealing with fixed emotions, emotional energy that is resistant to change.  Says it all doesn’t it.

Relentless release:    With Scorpio, there’s no letting up until all that can be cleared, reclaimed, discarded is done to the Scorpio satisfaction. We’ve been deep within this purification process with the assistance of the planetary movements, the cosmic forces of intense solar activity as well as some extreme weather situations around the globe. 

These past few weeks, months, years we’ve been feeling the pressure even as more and more of us uphold the light in our lives and keep choosing to come back to the path of balance and equanimity.  Sometimes it feels like we’re falling back, slipping into energies which reduce us to a feeling of ‘less than’, of unworthiness as we grapple with the ghosts of past times on this planet.

The weather extremes shifting energies out of comfort zones:  Steaming hot one day, freezing the next!  Bone dry then flooded out!

Maintaining the balance whilst keeping the ball in play!

The weather changes, even from day to day, are an unsettling influence on our sense of balance and wellbeing as they take us out of our comfort zone.  We’re going through periodic adjustments as Mother Earth lets off steam, shifts the earth, cools to freezing point, takes us through downpours and floods of immense proportion.  The weather is a fascinating barometer and reflection for us all as we work with the earth and all on it, in it and of it as the consciousness shifts and releases what needs releasing. We’re in a shifting landscape, turned upside down and all around, adjusting our balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as sudden abrupt weather changes challenge our daily lives.

The next week:  Emerging from our Scorpio ‘cave’!  Bats prepare!

Over the next week we start emerging from deep within the past month of Scorpio energy, from deep within the cave of house-cleaning the cave of our psyche, our spirit, our lives. We won’t know the extent of our changes until we move into the month ahead.  I believe we won’t know the full extent of the changes until Saturn moves out of Scorpio on 24th December, Christmas Eve.  Now that will be a big change and uplift!

Probably best Christmas present ever, whether or not you celebrate Christmas.

What’s coming in:

22nd November:    Mercury in Scorpio sextile Mars in Capricorn at 18 degrees...mind and body ‘getting to know you’

No sooner does Mars, our body, return from what we call his ‘out of bounds’ journey, accessing new consciousness, than he connects with Mercury, our mind energy, in a fortuitous meeting of mind and body. 

It’s a bit like a first date, a getting to know you energy as these two aspects of our being experience a reconnection, reacquainting each other about their particular journey to consciousness.  Our physical body, represented by Mars, has been recalibrating for some time now, months, years of time where we’ve been receiving downloads of light energy, flushing out old cell memories from our bodies and DNA.

From Stephanie Azaria:  Recalibration of the mind/body

‘Mercury’s connection with Pluto was just one of many connections he will make this week, including a sextile to Mars, just as the ruler of the physical body is coming back from his long out of bounds journey (on Friday morning).

Mercury has spent a few years recalibrating with Mars, and the mind body connection is as new as anything can be.

That sextile on Friday should provide a great deal of understanding about what has taken place within us all year. Mercury has just completed a retrograde cycle that mimicked Mars’ same retrograde journey earlier this year. That makes this upcoming sextile very important in the ongoing scheme of things, and only the Mercury Mars conjunction, slated for April 22, 2015, will prove more significant than this.’

22nd November:    Sun moves into Sagittarius at 8.38 pm AEST...upliftment to the bigger picture

Higher self calling!  Are you hearing the call to the higher path?

Sagittarius offers a big vision, an expansive view, a vista of new potentials and possibilities along with higher consciousness.

Are we ready to embrace this elevated perspective of life?

Higher consciousness calls us to uplift our thinking, our minds, our hearts and our spirits as the Sun brings the Sagittarian energy to life.

A call to embrace a global perspective:  One people, one earth, one universe!

The global perspective of Sagittarius calls us to expand spiritually!  The evolved perspective of Sagittarius calls us to release the borders and barriers within our mind, hearts, bodies, spirits and in our view of the world.  Until we live in the oneness of the earth and the cosmos, we are not living in the quantum field of understanding.  We start with the embrace of the Sagittarian passion, extroversion and optimism!

The personal is the universal:  Dissolving barriers with consciousness!

We start with our personal world, our everyday reality and existence.  How many of us across the world are working at elevating our consciousness to a light filled world where people feel loved, accepted, respected and fulfilled in their lives.  This month we’re opening to a warm embrace with the wider world.  Sagittarian extrovert energy is calling!

The road to recovery calls us:  It’s the road of philosophical and spiritual exploration and discovery!  Calling all seekers of knowledge and wisdom!

Sagittarius awakens and ignites our passion for learning about life on all dimensions through exploration of our world, both the physical and the esoteric. The Sagittarius energy helps us make sense of the world, marrying the physical and spiritual knowledge and experiences. 

Sagittarius, the archer:  The arrow of truth is the companion of the seeker of truth and wisdom!

Sagittarius is symbolised by the centaur, half human, half horse, carrying a bow and arrow. The arrow, the Sagittarian astrological symbol,  is a symbol of truth and focus.

Are you ready to take aim and find your mark? 

Following the guidance of your higher self, setting the intent to attain higher consciousness on the pathway of your personal truth, is the first and most important step.  The New Moon in Sagittarius is a perfect time to plant that seed in your mind, heart, body and spirit and then take the road of that intention.

The seeker of truth is always on the road to discovery and therefore the road to recovery! 

The astrological climate of Sagittarius:  A spiritual bonfire!

The energies of the Sagittarian Sun will ignite the spiritual flame of adventure and a sense of excitement we haven’t experienced for a while.  Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler expands the energies to a ‘more is better’ scenario.  Take care this next month to temper this big energy with a some circumspection and stepping back to take in the picture before acting.

Energy and movement:    On your horse! 

The prevailing wind for the next month is behind our back sweeping us along with Sagittarian enthusiasm, optimism and faith and hope in the future.  With this influence we’re likely to have the courage to tackle previously challenging tasks, as the energy and spirit moves us to believe in ourselves with a new found confidence. 

22nd November:    New Moon in Sagittarius at 0 degrees 07  at 11.32 pm AEDT

The New Moon and Sun united at 0 degrees:  It’s a beginning, a big one!

Take all the qualities of the Sagittarian Sun listed above and bring those energies into the heartfelt, inner nature of the moon, our emotional energy, our inner intuitive self.

plant growing animatedAt the New Moon:

We set our intent and plant the seed for the next month

First step:    Receiving the insights from the authentic self!  Get real!

Clarity is gradually returning to us all and will increase in the coming weeks.  It may be difficult to be still enough to receive insights as Sagittarius wants to be up and happening.  However, we need to keep ‘listening’ to the inner guidance no matter what’s going on.  New pathways will open and we need to be discerning about our choices.

Sagittarian Themes:

The themes are as for the Sun but operate ‘undercover’, our intuitive knowing and are likely to be ‘dropped into’ our minds by our higher consciousness. 

Stay open to new possibilities, potentials and pathways in the following areas:

Adventure, travel, discovery and exploration

Education, ‘higher education’ teaching/learning

Writing, publishing

Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy

Foreign cultures and people

Possibilities and opportunities may arise in your mind, heart and spirit and may lead to new ‘roadways’ to explore as the Sagittarian fire and spirit of enthusiasm takes hold.

Armchair travellers welcome:   The roads of discovery are as diverse as the peoples of the world!  Exploring the world with the inner journey!

Wisdom, higher learning and ideals of spiritual growth and philosophical ruminations are calling us to immerse ourselves in a more elevated view of our world. Gathering the information comes the variety of sources available in our world. It’s not necessary to take to the roads of foreign travel, unless called to do so. It’s a purely individual experience and is very much guided by the inner voice of a higher consciousness.

The need to keep building the dream:    This month is ‘journey to the centre of our being’ as Sagittarius is happy when he’s learning and discovering exciting and stimulating information.  The inner life is a rich source of material for our learning about ourselves and the world.  Meditation, contemplation, Tai Chi, Yoga are all worthwhile during this time.

Planetary aspects at this New Moon:    A call to upliftment of energies to a more divine state!

The planetary aspects happening at the New Moon are an important part of the New Moon energy, the New Moon ‘package’ which goes through the next month.  They are a part of ‘setting the tone’ for what we’ll be working with in the ongoing month.

Venus at 7 degrees is conjoining/meeting the New Moon and Sun:    Rebirthing the heart into a new state of love and life!

Venus is the planet of love, the planet of our heart energy so we can only imagine what kind of rebirth we’ll be experiencing to our heart energy.  The Sagittarian expansive fire is calling us all to ignite our hearts with the flame of life, of passion and to leap across the flames of life.

Out of intensive care and ready for life:    We are being called back into life.  Appropriate after last weeks CPR revival with the Scorpio energies!  We’re out of intensive care and now on the road to recovery of our heart energy out in the world.

Can I trust my open heart?    You might be wondering whether you can trust this new burst of life that starts flowing through your veins.  For good reason after the past couple of months and years.  You might even feel a little tentative the first week after the New Moon as you take your first steps out into the world with an open heart and a Sagittarian openness and magnanimity which surprises you.  Have no fear as Mercury, our mind energy,  is still stepping through suspicious Scorpio.  So, the mind’s still undergoing some transformation and will be joining Venus and the Sun in Sagittarius on 28th November. 

Neptune in Pisces, 4 degrees,  in square/challenge to Venus, the New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius:    Reach for the higher spiritual love and truth!

A call to expansion of our spiritual connection to the flame within, the fire in the soul that feeds and nourishes us when we’re on the right track for us. 

A new trust for our heart urges:  We know it’s speaking the truth and opening us to a higher, more evolved love!

This energy sets us up for a whole new experience of the power of love, the power of the heart and the power of our authentic self speaking from the middle of our heart.  Let yourselves dream in the dream, the Neptune in Pisces energy, dream in the higher form of love that has been beyond reach for so much of our time. 

Sabian Symbols for the New Moon in Sagittarius from Lynda Hill:

The Sabian Symbol for the Sagittarius new Moon is Sagittarius 1: Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories 

This is an image of a gathering or reunion of people who have shared some kind of companionship, struggle or history. In this ‘Gathering’, comrades reminisce about tales of the “old days”, ‘Reawakening Old Memories’. Gathering together can ignite old feelings of camaraderie and great passions, even amongst people that they may not remember or know so well. This can evoke many emotions, all the way from sadness to laughter and amazement.

24th November:    Chiron stations direct at 13 degrees 06 Pisces

Chiron, our wounded healer, has been in retrograde motion since 1st July.  Retrograde periods take us back to the past to recover what needs recovering for our wholeness.  Chiron the healer, often seen as the ruler of Virgo, assists us in the cleansing process of resolution of past wounds and suffering.  Since July, we’ve been opening the wounds and releasing the infected festering energies which have been ‘poisoning’ our system.

The way ahead is looking clearer all the time as Chiron joins Neptune in Pisces moving on from a profound and somewhat challenging period of cleansing of the spiritual wounds from our physical and etheric bodies.  Let the healing work be evident as we gingerly move back into the wider world in a whole new way.  With the Sagittarian confidence boosting our sense of self, Venus in her newly found open heartedness, chances are we’ll be up and happening, trusting our Mercury in Scorpio to keep an eye out for any potential challenges to our wellbeing and spirit.   

25th/26th November:    Mercury conjoins/meets Saturn...sliding doors?  Another door!

Another doorway to manifesting potential:  A great planetary set up ushering in the New Moon!

Mercury our mind energy, is joining forces with Saturn, Master of manifestation in Scorpio, the sign of life, death and rebirth.  This is another significant meeting as our mind energy becomes charged with the power of our earthly potential, stripped of the loose ends of the past which have been holding us in old mindsets and belief systems.

Making magic:    Saturn is Old Father Time, Kronos, and as such plays yet another role when meeting with the Mercury energy which is the messenger, the quicksilver traveller.  The master of manifestation calls to us to make magic.

Interdimensional potential:    Changing the nature of reality!

This meeting could well feel like an interdimensional interaction which can slip us through to other times and places, messages from the past, future informing our present situation.  Changing the nature of reality is dependent on our own connection to the magical realities of no time, no space, no boundaries, no limitations. 

We connect with other dimensions without even realising when we act from some unknown place.  Where did our reaction, response come from?  We question ourselves because we have a sense that for a moment we were acting out of another time or place.

From Stephanie Azaria:  Daily Weather of 8th November 

Mercury meeting Saturn and the realignment of mind and body

The Mercury Mars realignment will be completed when Mercury comes together with Saturn on November 25th at 27 Scorpio. This is where the ultimate transmutation completes and takes on tangible definition.

Stephanie also says that we won’t know the full extent of the physical recalibration until Christmas this year.

Ties in well with Saturn’s shift from Scorpio on 24thDecember

Uranus/Pluto Square building to a meeting in mid December:  A heads up!

The 6th of 7 meetings of these 2 planets is now building and coming to a head mid December.  These meetings have been happening for the past 2 years, one of the big shifting energies which has been heavily impacting the changes at the personal, political, economic and social layers of our world. 

This is all about the individual and the society, the individual in relation to government, bureaucracy, business and all those social structures and definitions developed and maintained by the status quo.

The radical game changer of Uranus in Aries is waking up those who are unconscious, asleep, unaware of their disempowerment.

"The strength of the government lies in the people’s ignorance, and government knows this, and will, therefore, always oppose true enlightenment." -Leo Tolstoy

Golden Oldies:

You can have your pick of Van Morrison or Van Morrison. He really understands the whole ‘life’s a journey’ metaphor, travelling the ancient highway, seeking the philosopher’s stone, the essence of the ‘seeker of the truth’, the Sagittarian calling.

‘Bright Side of the Road’ Van Morrison

Lyrics for ‘Philosopher’s Stone’:

‘Ancient Highway’ Van Morrison

‘You Raise Me Up’ Josh Groban for Venus and Neptune, the higher love energies

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