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April 05, 2013

Enlightening Evidence ~ The Truth Behind False Science

Top ten ways humanity is being murdered in the name of ‘evidence-based science’

There is a lot to read here, so I will keep it brief.  So much evidence has been compiled against what many people believe to be the accepted wisdom of science and what we are told is "for their own good".  The series of 10 articles here elucidates the what, why and how scientists, regulators, the pharmaceutical industry and big business are propagating the use of 'everyday items' which are in fact lethal.  Furthermore, the articles go on to explain how the PR machines of the government and the companies who produce these chemicals go to great lengths to cover up the truth with convoluted lies and false data.

I try to keep this blog free from fear-based information, and more in step with joyful and uplifting reading that vibrates at a more finely-tuned frequency.  So I wish the reader not to go into fear, but to take action to live a healthier life, and therefore a more fulfilling life.  If our bodies are ill, we cannot participate in meditation and contemplation on the subtler dimensions of consciousness.  Which has been the plan of the dark ones all along - to prevent us from understanding our True Selves by blocking the God-given and pure energy of our bodies, minds and hearts with pollutants, worry and fear.

But those days are numbered.  It is my firm assertion that the planet's vibrations are changing, have changed, to the point that negative and destructive activity, either personal or global, will not be sustained nor tolerated.  The Light is increasing exponentially each and every day, each and every minute, and It is dispelling the control that has inhibited humanity for so very long.  So I post these articles as part of the wake-up call, in an effort to understand what is really going on and to contend that we do not have to remain helpless while others control our lives.  Take control of your own life and pronounce your sovereignty.   Much Love and Light,  Sharda Chaitanya

by Mike Adam
Natural News

April 4, 2013 
Of all the threats to humanity today, none is more destructive than modern-day “evidence-based science.” And by the word “science,” I don’t mean the humble pursuit of knowledge using genuine scientific methods. What I mean is the dogmatic, corporate-driven brand of distorted science based on falsified evidence, bribery of gatekeepers and corruption of government regulators.

That “science” is killing us all with hormone disruptors, hidden food chemicals, heavy metals, genetic engineering and neurological disruptors. The pushers of this corporate-driven “evidence-based science” claim to be aiding humanity, yet their actions prove they are only destroying the health of the population and the future viability of the life-sustaining ecosystem as well.

For every poison that threatens humanity today, there is a group of scientists lurking behind it, profiting from its consumption while spreading lies about its safety. The aim of this Natural News article series is to exposed the lies of corrupt “science” and reveal the truth about what “evidence-based science” is really promoting in our foods, medicines, industries and home environments.

What follows, then, is a ten-part article series, with each part outlining one “evidence-based science” threat to continued life on our planet. Each article is sourced and verifiable through even the most basic web searching. None of this is fiction.

#1 GMOs

GMOs have been proven to cause wildly increased growth of cancer tumors. They also cause infertility and organ failure. That’s because GM crops grow deadly insecticides right in their own tissues. When those crops are consumed by humans, the insecticides are part of the meal.

When GMOs were recently fed to lab rats in a carefully-designed experiment, it was reported that:
“The animals on the GM diet suffered mammary tumors, as well as severe liver and kidney damage. The researchers said 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.”
Here’s a photo of the actual lab rats fed GMOs in this study:
 GMOs may also help explain why infertility is skyrocketing in humans and why younger children are increasingly being diagnosed with cancer.
Given the deadly results of consuming GMOs, every “scientist” who pushes GMOs is an indirect murderer. To push this dangerous technology without any long-term safety testing whatsoever is a violation of the “precautionary principle” that used to be honored in scientific circles. But caution has been abandoned in favor of corporate profits, and now it’s all about selling more food, seeds and chemicals, regardless of how many men, women and children are killed or damaged in the process.
When you see a “scientist” arguing in favor of GMOs, think to yourself, “That’s a homicidal maniac” because widespread death is the ultimate result of their irresponsible, dangerous actions.
This is article #1 in our “murdered by science” special report. Click here to continue with #2.
This article was posted: Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 4:32
#2 Vaccines
145,000 dead children from vaccines
NaturalNews) While a case could be made for "clean" vaccines that are manufactured without mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde, no such clean vaccines are offered to the public. All vaccines offered at pharmacies, health clinics and hospitals contain brain-damaging metals and chemicals by design.

The CDC has openly admitted that vaccines are intentionally formulated with dangerous metals and chemicals. Every scientist knows that mercury is toxic to the neurology of mammals, and they know the same is true for formaldehyde. Yet they all conspire to LIE to the public and claim vaccines have no side effects, knowing full well that vaccines contain metals and chemicals that directly damage the human nervous system.

In this way, all modern-day vaccine pushers are guilty of knowingly poisoning (and sometimes killing) infants, children and senior citizens.
Over 145,000 children have been murdered by vaccines over the past two decades. Babies that receive the most vaccines are also the most likely to be hospitalized (or die). Furthermore, when pregnant women are injected with flu shots, it results in a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths.

When you encounter a doctor, a nurse or a pharmacist recommending a vaccine and telling you it's "perfectly safe" with "no side effects," think to yourself, "That's a lying child killer!"

And remember, vaccines are pushed in the name of "evidence-based science." It's all "scientific," they say, to inject your child with mercury and watch as they experience convulsions, comas or death. Yet there is actually no science whatsoever to demonstrate that vaccines improve the health outcomes of children. The vaccine pushers are terrified of comparing vaccinated children against non-vaccinated children, because they know the non-vaccinated children are far healthier. So the studies are never done, and the vaccine myths are pushed via propaganda instead of real evidence.

Many parents who are arrested and prosecuted for "shaken baby syndrome" are actually victims of vaccine damaged children. Convulsions and seizures have become so common in the minutes and hours after vaccinations that the medical community had to create a cover story which claims that "convulsions are normal" and nothing to worry about.

This is article #2 in our "murdered by science" special report. Click here to continue with #3.

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