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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

October 24, 2013

Mercury Retrograde and Astrological Influences Through December 1st

From Andrena Voice Empowerment
October 2013

This week we move deeper into the Scorpio cave!  Turn on your heart light!!!
There’s an intensification of the Scorpio experience as the Sun joins Saturn, the North Node and Mercury all in Scorpio!  On top of that, Mercury’s turning retrograde for 3 weeks, all in Scorpio.  Backtracking reviewing and realigning are all in order!

Scorpio death and rebirth:  Keeping our eyes on the golden phoenix! 
It’s intense, can be dark at times but promises the ‘pot of the gold’ when we emerge from the cave!  The golden phoenix arises from the ashes of death and destruction, reborn and renewed in a new form!  Scorpio assists us to clear whatever couldn’t be cleared before.  Scorpio helps us to die to the old worn out forms of living, wiping our slate clean of the past.  Remember, ‘all is well’! 

What’s been happening leading into the Full Moon:

Solar activity last week:  Auroras appear with solar and light show!
We had the build up to the full moon as well as increased solar activity with solar flares hitting us all with light downloads.  The solar activity hits the magnetic field for the earth and for us.  Solar activity often impacts on our physical body and our energy field and can make us feel quite ‘off’.  It’s a good idea to check on the solar weather as we do on the earthly weather. posts daily.

Mars in Virgo:    stirring the pot in our bodies and our lives in a fiery deconstruction of all that ‘control freak’ energy that wants order and predictability. There is no order, no predictability

Physical body:    Mars into Virgo brings healing energies into the body!  Until 8th November!!!
Many people have had a significant shift/change in their lives over the past week or so as physical bodies have been challenged by the movement of Mars into Virgo.  It’s clearing up our ‘weak’ points whatever is particular to you. 

Digestion, food, eating patterns may be disturbed while Mars is in Virgo until early December      
However, digestion/eating patterns may be affected as Virgo rules the stomach and is prone to sensitivity with food, particularly in emotional times. You may have experienced any number of strange symptoms in relation to the digestive system, from heartburn, indigestion to apparent intestinal blockages.  The digestive system holds so much of our emotions, so work with vibrational/homeopathic remedies as they will clear the emotional cause. Of course seek medical advice if necessary. That’s a given. The digestive system is all about letting go of the old.

Food cravings and eating preferences:    Keep listening to the body! 
Not to the addictions which are ingrained patterns!   

Over the past year or two I’ve had strange eating preferences and have commented to friends that I feel like a pregnant woman in some of those Hollywood movies who has sudden cravings/obsessions for certain foods.  Also, not wanting to eat then absolutely ravenous.  I put it down to changes in the immune system.  If you’ve experienced this too, these behaviours and impulses may increase while Mars is in Virgo.  Be kind to the body and moderate intake. 

Venus squared/challenged Chiron midweek:    Heart energy and the body!  Big healing of the wounded heart energy...opening the channels!
About two to three days before the Full Moon, a number of people experienced some strange symptoms sudden changes in blood pressure, up and down. I had some kind of strange heart attack type of experience which I’ve had some time ago.  Nothing physically wrong with me.  Definitely a light download into the heart.  Some people may have had heart attacks during this time.  Remember heart attacks open up the closed heart.  So, keep working with your heart, opening to the love, trust, acceptance of love and absolute surrender.

Sleep patterns:  Uranus/Pluto square challenge intensifying!
The difficult sleeping patterns, with us for some time,  have been affecting a lot of people this past week. It’s like a high alert nervous energy running through the body.  The Full Moon expanded everything!

Feeling exhausted in the middle of the day, wide awake in the middle of the night is all part of this shifting process.  It seems no pattern can remain embedded in our lives.

Endings at this Full Moon:   Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically!
I’ve heard of loved ones passing over, pets passing over, jobs/work/income finishing, homes/houses ‘passing over’ in the bushfires here in the Blue Mountains...more than 200 houses gone.

Gratitude is alive and well:  Priorities have come to the fore!  What’s your greatest priority? 
Usually, full moons impact on our inner lives and whilst this full moon has brought in physical changes to our lives, it has shifted us emotionally, mentally and yes...spiritually.  It is very evident in the bush fire crisis where people who have lost all their physical lives, are expressing gratitude for being alive and for all the help from the fire fighters and support agencies.

What’s happening:

19th October to 18th November:    The eclipse vortex...from the Aries Full Moon to the Taurus Full Moon!
Make no mistake, we are definitely moving, even if it feels like you’re standing still.  We’re hurtling through the eclipse vortex in our personal tardis!  We’re heading into the dark to find the secrets of our true and authentic self.  However, we have some bright lights shining the way for us!

Change big time:   
Eclipses bring change, change and more change for up to and sometimes longer than 6 months afterwards. 

19th October:   Entering the eclipse portal with the Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse...dropping off all the loose ends and ties!
A fiery dynamic full moon bringing something to a close or one could say the beginning of an ending. The next two weeks we’ll be ‘letting go, letting go, letting go’ of anything that doesn’t serve us.  After all, the Aries full moon was about us as individuals and our individual pathway forward.

3rd November:    New Moon Scorpio Solar beginnings established!
In two weeks time, a New Moon in Scorpio Solar eclipse, a time when the changes wrought at the Aries Full Moon take us into a whole new beginning with the New Moon.  The New Moon eclipse will lead us in new significant changes.  I mean SIGNIFICANT which may not play out for a month to 6 months from this date.

18th November:    Exiting the eclipse portal at the Full Moon in Taurus...who the hell am I now???
This is when we’ll discover how much change has happened and find ourselves in a whole new place in our minds, hearts, bodies and lives.

21st October:   
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 9.29 pm AEDT at 18 degrees 24 Scorpio

Knowing our own mind:  An in depth psychological review of ourselves! 
More caving as we explore the depths of our mind.  We’re ‘mind mining’, getting to some deeply buried ‘secrets’ within ourselves.  Stay open to Mercury’s messages. 

Mercury is the master communicator and in Scorpio is the private investigator, the spy, the forensic specialist who will keep investigating until satisfied. No stone will remain unturned in this personal discovery tour of the psyche!

23rd October to 9th November:    Mercury, regroup, revise, research, review, reconnect

Communication:   Chinese whispers!  Get the information from source.  
Watch out for confusion, misinformation in all modes of communication, travel/transport. 

Snail Mail:  All communication and travel/transport could be affected during this period of time!

Allow extra time for everything.

Delays, slow downs, traffic jams etc

Double check all travel plans/appointments/meeting places

Technology could play up.  Check mobiles, laptops. 

Be aware that this is not the best time to start new ventures.  Work on those projects, ideas already in operation or returning from some earlier time.

Possible reconnection with people, projects and places from the past. Don’t be surprised if people pop up from some past relationships and/or friendships.

Significant Dates for the calendar:

9th November:    Mercury goes direct - alleviation of the intense impact of Mercury retrograde

28th November:    Mercury moves out of retrograde shadow – out of the intense challenges of the Mercury retrograde energies

6th December:    Mercury moves out of Scorpio – we emerge from the Scorpio caving experience with a new lightness in our step, 3 days after the New Moon in Sagittarius.

23rd October:    Sun moves into Scorpio 5.09 pm AEDT...embrace the mystery!

‘River river I just want to get over to the other side’

Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel:
The light at the end of the tunnel calls us to travel through this intense period of searching, allowing the changes to come through messages from our inner voice, messages which will activate our heart energy to make the changes we need to make. 

Can we be happy and joyful in this cave energy?
Scorpio is not going to sting itself when it’s kind and loving to self and others!  With Mercury in Scorpio, there is potential for stinging verbal attacks on ourselves, on others or from others.  

Remember to return to the brightness of the light while exploring this time of deep transformation. Think pink when it feels overwhelming!

Depth and intensity:
This is deep and meaningful energy.  Nothing less than depth and intensity will satisfy our yearning for answers to unresolved issues. 

Trust, acceptance and surrender:  the mantra for this time...nothing less!

Long hidden secrets revealed:    Embrace the mystery and magic of this time!

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio as well as Saturn and the North Node, chances are we’ll be gifted with information that has been inaccessible, locked away in some time capsule within us. 

Insights about your direction in life, aligning your own personal  authority with planetary evolution.

From 14th October to 1st November:    Building to the Uranus/Pluto square challenge!
Volcanic energies build to the challenging square of Uranus and Pluto on 1st!
This will be the fourth meeting of these two with 3 more to go.  Next one’s in March 2014.   

1st November:    Explosive forces coming to a head! 
The Sun, Mercury and North Node will be close together in Scorpio strongly aspecting the Uranus/Pluto Square!  This is a biggie!

Between now and 1st, intensity is building:    keep calm if ‘the joint’ is destroyed!
This is a warning that these energies are building over the next weeks and could impact in a whole variety of ways as Uranus can throw surprises, unexpected events while Pluto is dredging up old stuck issues, patterns and transforming the status quo.

his could feel like the roller coaster ride as something gives you a fright, a shake-up and then something good comes out of it. Just know that if something ‘takes you down’, there’ll be something to pick you up.  Keep looking for the silver lining if you go through a ‘mini-death’ experience.  Not talking physically. 

 Will be writing more on this closer to the New Moon.  Just keep riding the coaster!  All is well!

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