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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

December 18, 2013

Re-blending With Your Higher Self ~ Rananda and Trillia Explain

Rananda and Trillia share with us insight into our Higher Selves.  This is absolutely one of my favorite topics, and an aspect of  my own life which I reference as much as I can.  It is a great help, and the more I, or anyone, refer to or call in the Higher Self, the easier it gets.  You begin to get a sense of what that connection is and learn to trust it more.  While it is all about repetition, doing it over and over so it becomes habit, it should not be likened to a mere mundane exercise.  Calling or reflecting on one's Higher Self like is like saying tiny prayer which bring us perspective, or lighten our burden.  In doing so, we surrender to a Higher power, and free ourselves to be in the moment, to allow, instead of imposing something of our own will into any given moment. Not that I have experienced anything close to what Rananda and Trillia are sharing here.  But I just know during these past few months particularly, since I have been more diligent in calling on my Higher Self for guidance and assistance, that something in me has changed, and I feel extremely confident that I am watched over.  

A few points I want to make about what Rananda mentions. He talks about using bentonite as a cleansing agent for the pineal gland.  I can attest to the efficacy of bentonite.  Used in conjunction with psyllium husks, it has a very powerful and gentle detoxifying effect on the entire physical system.  (Sonne's #7 and #9 in combination:  My TCM practitioner advised that I use it, and it turned my health around!

Rananda also mentions hearing snippets of words or partial sentences.  I have been having this happen to me for about a year now.  It is one of the most peculiar phenomena I have ever experienced. as it is literally like hearing voices in your head!  As first I just brushed it off as coincidence, thinking that some ambient noise simply happened to sound like certain words.  But when it began to happen with more frequency, I realized it was something, that it must have meaning.  However, the words I heard (hear) were so...mundane.  Nothing deep or revealing, and yet the clarity with which I hear(d) them is unquestionable.  It seems humorous to me now, but to read what Rananda has said about this really surprised me.  Such experiences seem isolated and not something I would try to explain - so it is great having my experiences validated.  I am sure there of those of you reading this for whom this has occurred. 

And lastly he mentions that we have very vague recall of our last moments aboard ship, just as we wake up from a night's sleep (or any deep sleep, for that matter, I imagine.)  I was experiencing this very thing; I woke up so many mornings (this was happening mostly this past Summer, for some reason) feeling like I had been so busy.  I had a feeling I was organizing, I had a team of people who I was directing, and I remember holding a clipboard and talking to younger, male subordinates.  What was apparent was a very strong sense of being a part of something large, and performing work that was very concise where, ably using all of my logistical and organizing skills.  Again, like the random sentences I hear, this too I dismissed as being a part of my imagination looking for an outlet.  But it kept on occurring, and the more it did, the more details I was able to retain.  It is not clear, in fact it is somewhat muddled, but the sense of it is very clear.  Oh yeah, and I stand around in a long corridor when I am conducting business.  Ha, that so funny to me!  When I recently asked in a channeled message what was going on, I was told that I am aboard the New Jerusalem, which is stationed over Rye, New York, which is about 30 miles from Manhattan.  No kidding?  It's no wonder then, try as I might, why I can't seem to leave the City!  -S.C.-

Re-blending With Your Higher Self
via- Rananda Kumara and Trillia Gia
December 13, 2013
from:, with permission

 Your "Higher Self" is the collective consciousness of all of your past life Soul Aspects. The payload of wisdom that has been garnered during each incarnation, is added to the total wisdom of the Higher Self at the end of that life; but that total wisdom is greater than the sum of these individual payloads of wisdom.

The Higher Self is like a `bunch of grapes' on the vine, and each life is like one of the grapes on the bunch, all of which grow simultaneously . (Growth in seperate time frames is an illusion of linear time and memory.) When the bunches of grapes are ripe, it is time for the `wine harvest', which corresponds with the end of an evolution, such as the evolutionary period presently ending on the Mother Earth.

At the end of the evolutionary period, not all of the bunches of grapes will be ripe enough for pressing; the grapes on these bunches need more growth at "The School Of Life" in the third dimension, before they will be ready for harvesting. The time of the `grape harvest' is the time of "ascension", at the end of an evolution.

If your Higher Self has grown to maturity by the end of the evolutionary period, you may ascend from the third/fourth dimension (3D/4D) to the fifth dimension (5D), but first you must release most of the residual negativities, or "dark energies" that adhere to your Soul. This is the process known as "self-cleansing". You cannot take these dark energies with you, as your Higher Self would be unable to tolerate them when you reblend. As one self-cleanses emotionally, by forgiving oneself and others, forgetting the hurts, and by withdrawing from "the blame game", one's vibrational frequency rises from the 3D frequency toward that of 5D. This rise in frequency is also assisted by withdrawing one's attention from "The 3D Circus" and one's emotional involvement with it.

Reblending with one's Higher Self is not for everyone;- only for those "Starseeds" that have completed their tour of duty as "Ground Crew", on detached duty from the ships of "The Galactic Federation Of Light" (GFL).

Those that are to return to the ships are provided with a "Walk-In". The walk-in may be a friend or a relative in the Higher Realms, and over a period of months or a year, one's Soul walks-out as the replacement Soul walks-in. During this period, one may experience, in the dream state, or in meditation, brief flashes of life in the ship that one is returning to. One is reblending briefly with one's Higher Self and is experiencing His/Her activities there. This may also happen when one is reading and one's eyes close momentarily; one may hear a few words, or see a scene in the ship. The walk-in Soul may also communicate with one telepathically, and tell one his/her name and food preferences, etc.

As the walk-in/walk-out progresses, one's awareness seems to spend more and more time in the ships, and less on Earth. Due to interdimensional amnesia, one finds that one forgets what transpired during this away-time, and remembers only the last few words, or the last scene before one's return to third dimensional awareness. Time passes at a different rate in the Higher Realms, so even though one's eyes may have closed for only a few seconds, or minutes, while reading, one may have experienced many hours of life in the ship.

Before one can reblend with one's Higher Self, it is necessary to improve one's 5D vision so that one is better able to see and communicate with Him/Her. One sees in 5D through the Fourth Eye, which is located at the back of the head at the top, and is associated with the Pineal Gland. Cleansing of this gland enables one's 5D vision. It is located in the centre of the Brain, but it becomes calcified with a layer of toxic material that slowly accumulates over the years. These toxins, mainly fluoride from drinking water, and an accumulation of heavy metals from living in areas of heavy industry, can be removed by taking Bentonite Clay (In liquid or powdered form) for at least three months. The heavy metals adhere to the clay molecules and are eliminated.

As one's self-cleansing progresses, and one's vibrational frequency rises toward that of one's Higher Self in 5D, one will find that the Higher Self will allow one to reblend with Him/Her for short periods, which become longer as one's vibrational frequency rises, until the 5D frequency is reached, and one is allowed to remain permanently within the Higher Self.

My co-channel Trillia presents the following channeling from the perspective of her Higher Self, Trillia Gia Kavioush, on re-blending with the Higher Self :-

In the process of re-blending, it is the fragment of our being that has sojourned from the one to be re-blended into that must make the needed adjustments. The ways of life that we have been accustomed to, will not be taken home with us. We will re-adjust to the food, clothing, music, style of worship, the community, traditions and family that await our return.

Much of the lives that brought us pain and struggle are to be forgotten. That which has brought us wisdom, useful knowledge and joy, will be gleaned from our journey away, as will the Soul growth we have attained. We will again return to where communications are telepathic, and all life forms are respected and loved.

At the close of the lifetime of the one we return to, we will have accomplished two lifetimes of service. Remember that, as time is an illusion, and while the spark of Light that we are, has lived countless lives, the aspect of our being that we return to is still within the same lifetime. As such, the culmination of all our Earthly travels, away from our Higher Self is credited as one lifetime of service to Source. Both are of equal and great value.

There are many joys of our lives in the Higher Realms that we have forgotten. With the reunion of our Light into the greater Light of the one we stepped forth from, the sense of expansive wholeness shall return. This will forever erase the illusions of separateness and aloneness that our Hearts have felt while away.

My beloved Jon (Jon DeAir Kavioush, Trillia's mate in the Higher Realms) has stated strongly that when I step into Trillia (Her Higher Self) I seem more present; more alive. Trillia (H S) has also stated that Her energies are much returned with a new enthusiasm for living and BEing. Other family members have made similar statements by observing that when I reblend within Trillia (H S) I have more presence, or that which might be termed charisma.

It has been many years now within my re-blending process, and I no longer see myself searching through trunks, storage drawers or closets (in the ship) to discover where all is kept, and to see what choice of clothing and accesories I may choose from, to wear.

Trillia of Sirius A has many talents that I, Trillia, did not pull away from Her. I, in turn, have brought much talent, abilities and knowledge that seem new to Her.

Much of life in 5D explains so many of my Earthly traits and preferences. For example, I love both mountains and water. White sandy beaches and treasures found, like beautiful shells are a great part of my joys in life on Earth. Yet the awe-inspiring vistas and fresh mountain breezes call me to restore my Soul;- this is because it is the type of land that I lived in when growing up within my Higher Aspect, Trillia.

In Sirius A our largest communities are built along the water's edge and always on mountainous terrain. All of our highest temples are built atop the highest land, and each step to ascend is a moment of prayer. Beautiful flowers, such as Wisteria, abound, and strong flowery perfumes of blooms waft through the breezes.

All this explains so much of my preferences here on Earth, as I am not happy to live on flat land, and always desire to walk on the beach and enjoy the water.

 My story is a similar story for numerous starseeds. Perhaps one only feels at home in a desert land, as you may be from a desert isle such as Maubene (On the planet Medina, in the Pleiades star system) Or you may be one who is happiest when skiing in snow covered mountainous territory. As such, you may be from the planet Ashtar, (Home planet of Ashtar Command) and grew up enjoying the sports of it's icy climate. For each starseed there are numerous clues to be found within our lifelong personal preferences, as to where we wish to live.

 I have my own "compartment" upon The White Winds since I became actively involved in the first grouping of starseeds within the experimental re-blending process. My mate Jon often joins me there when I AM within Trillia, and also at times when we are separate.

The area I live in (In the ship) has a hallway, off which the other members of the first grouping have there compartments. Most of us within this tiny grouping have 5D mates that are of the GFL, and they work actively to assist Earth. We also have personal counselors that work with us as a group, and also individually, to cope with the cleansing of 3D thought patterns, and old mental and emotional scars and programs; this has made the re-blending flow much easier for both aspects of our being, so that we are then able to work in a harmonious state of oneness.

This area is also near the Great Lord's compartment (Lord Adrigon; Top Commander) and the main Control Centre. We have our own beautiful garden with very private areas to gather or meditate. We also have a private area to dine and to meet with our friends and family, or the Masters of Light that love and guide us.

For me, it has been an ongoing process of re-blending, that began around 1990. The new energies that bathe our beings, as well as Mother Earth, now support a quicker process, yet each must still do the inner work. The purification process is an essential element within this specific sort of ascension, as all that is of the lower frequencies will hold one grounded, so to speak, and the process will not be successful. Each is responsible for their own progress within whichever sort of ascension the individual has chosen for themselves. Yet we now are within a time and space where more loving, expert assistance is being given than is imaginable.

My Heart soars when I open to receive even a tiny drop of the overflowing Love available in this special moment. All are loved and cherished equally, as truly We Are One.

Rananda Kumara (Rananda's Higher Self);-Trillia Gia Kavioush (Trillia's Higher Self);-Lord Krishna;-Lady Claudine Varnarius (Goddess Of Change and of The Gold Ray);-Lord Adrigon (Top Commander of The White Winds) - via- Rananda Kumara and Trillia Gia on 13th December 2013.

Lots of Love from Rananda and Trillia.

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