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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

February 13, 2014

Audio: Cobra Interview ~ Current (Ascension) Events Question & Answer

Alexandra Meadors
Several people who have been working diligently throughout this process of awaking, particularly just prior to 12/21/12, have been somewhat maligned, I feel.  Reasons such as their intel is insufficient, or they project stuff that never happens, or they blatantly contradict one or two popular memes, may have resulted in their tarnished reputation.  Cobra is one individual who has taken a lot of heat for revealing information or quashing the feel-good ideas of the hour.  But he does not waver - he has stayed true to the mission of the resistance and supportive of the global transformation.  

In his defense, I need to say that not everyone gets or does everything right 100% of the time.  The channeled messages have never picked a date that was accurate, or maybe have gotten on some band wagon that turned out to be no more than the workings of an over-active imagination, and yet they still all have jobs.  I used to blog all of Cobra's insights and information, and when I got a little closer, I found that it wasn't for me.  So I sort of forgot about it.

Then Alexandra Meadors began interviewing him in earnest and gave him a new platform, which I have found really interesting.  I don't agree with everything - or more accurately, not everything resonates.  But that is okay.  Where we as a collective of bloggers and followers and channelers in this NOW moment is so very different from where we were several years ago.  There is a significant intensity that has been gained from an incredibly focused community motivated by a desire to see a better world. The point it, there is something for everyone - we are not all the same, so why should our interests be identical?   One of Cobra's main issues is with the Archons and their control of the planetary force-field that has kept us enslaved, etc.  The other camp holds the philosophy of staying close to the Light at all costs and just ignore negative intel.  Alright, dust off and move on.

By the same token, it doesn't take much to realize that there are a variety of timelines existing simultaneously, and that some are criss-crossing, some are parallel and some are divergent.  (  That is what I feel is going on here in the sense that each of the bigger players has their territory covered, and are holding the space by the propagation of their mission and the subsequent dedication of their followers.  Whether you'er a channeler, a way-shower, a blogger or a musician, each one, providing they come from love and a heart-centered desire to serve the Light, is doing their part in whichever quadrant of the universe they operate.  Ascension participants wanted - everyone welcome.  -S.C.-

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