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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

March 16, 2014

St. Germain: "NESARA will be manifested into your reality very soon."

St. Germain through Marc Gamma
March 14, 2014
Greetings to all of you – 

this is St. Germain speaking. It is the first time that I am coming to you through this channel and from now on I shall come to you once a week in sequence.

The core of all messages here to you will be the topic of NESARA. This will be the subject dealt with during the coming weeks. And this not only with me here when submitting my messages but also everywhere on earth. NESARA is about to be rolled out quite shortly. When expressing the above phrase I mean that NESARA will be manifested into your reality very soon. All preparations have been done accordingly and concluded so that NESARA will now come true in your reality of Now. Before talking about NESARA however – in future resp. at the Moment of Now (Presence) I ‘d like to go a bit leeways and rather back for all those not knowing exactly what it entails.

I shall do some short introduction and this will be very short indeed since NESARA may be traced back – far back – viz. into some incarnation when I still walked on earth here and received my very first thoughts how I could liberate mankind – freeing it out of money slavery in its real sense of it. Since it was then when I became aware that it was money only being the very and true root of all evil here.

It was this my idea and very endeavor to make human people possess of enough money in order to enable them to free themselves out of this deep slavery. If speaking of slavery it is not in terms of your thinking and depicting it but what I mean is that kind of slavery exerted by banks, enterprises, governments. Because money does all the reigning – money has all the power and those possessing both always has entire control of all mankind. These were my thoughts to start with and never – in those times of the past – I was able to finally elaborate these ideas since I had to pass on again to Spirit following my earthly death here.

However I returned to earth again in some later incarnation and then was given the special task from our All-Creator to elaborate further details of basics for NESARA. This was my special task – accumulating everything to create the basic foundation of NESARA so that human mankind might built on it together with Gaia in times of Ascension all further basic requirements for their liberation. NESARA will bring about great change – NESARA will free Mankind and this quite soon since it is now being short of the entire roll-out – by which I mean it will be manifested and anchored in your reality within some short while.

All preparations have been done as I mentioned before in my introductory phrases. There are still some tiny details left, very little ones which still have to be worked on yet afterwards everything will be prepared for it and as already announced by AAMichael it is the President of the United States of America who will make the acoording announcement of it. It is him who will do the first step forward and it is not Spirit.

We are not allowed to proceed in such way - we are here only for your assistance. Barack Obama will announce NESARA ! NESARA – this is in many human minds and this includes also those fearing NESARA. They are afraid of Barack Obama too publishing this very topic by his official announcement – and everything and all matters connected to money will undergo some great change. This announcement will be so huge exerting some huge influence on politics, economies, on banks, on enterprises and on daily lives of you human people too – there will be soon chaotic ongoings too dominating all the aforementioned spheres of life.

You have to comprehend this – according to all former convictions of our former matrix in duality – nothing may be made running without money – there is no control whatsoever – no more any power at all ! Such are the results if all foundations are being taken off from under the feet of the powerful mighty ones having had all the controlling posts hitherto – so that this sort of control will evade from them – and consequently they will released from any chance to enrich themselves from this “very Pot of Honey” any longer. Thus they will also released and deprived from any controlling powers on human mankind in due course.

Be aware of it: Money is the very rood of all evil – which has changed our world so much. And already hundred of years ago – it always has been money, gold, or prescious gems or everything else which could be bought in any way. Structures of power will be altered and changed entirely now – since where there is no money any more there will cease any possibility too to exercise some power. Where no means may be payed out as wages – because of lacking money – to people working for all agencies of power – you have to understand this fully – since there are many people working for the darker powers only because being paid for it – it is most essential and important that you understand these facts of life in their true essence of it.

With darker powers the so called former “Elitists” are meant by me being incarnated here on earth in order to deprive and rip human people off everything that makes life valuable here. It is not the matter of any extraterrestrial races and beings – not at all – these are humans like you – having but one target viz. to get richer all the way in their lives and to exercise even more and more control of their human fellow-beings here i.e. you ! I am begging you – please, understand and perceive it in this context!

And here comes in NESARA as it IS the foundation of everything in order to withdraw from them any power of control. Now your next question will be the following: “what the consequences of all this will become for you and your lives here ? There will be some considerably great consequences for you too since also you depend with the way of your life on the amount of money you are possessing – you are dependant on money too. You have to buy all your goods with money – all your foodstuffs and you pay your bills with money too. You will ask yourselves how you may then be able to pay my bills – all my foodstuffs – how to pay somebody working for me – some auxiliary craftsman – mounting engineer coming to my house to mend something or doing any repairing job ? These questions are all rightfully placed and justified in a way.

 Still I am telling you that everything you are asking will be found unnecessary after some days after the roll-out of NESARA. Since when NESARA being announced there will be installed some new kind of system for all of you to to be able to draw sufficient monetary funds to use. This will be the procedure in question: Eachone of you whether adult or child will be given a certain amount of money – and it is some big lump sum of money. This is the money given to all adults and children and namely in such way that everybody will have enough to pay for his bills, his purchases and all that is necessary to lead a decent life. …and the best of all is namely that all the former rich and well-to-dos will not possess anything more than everybody else. They do possess everything equally than you do and everyone else. Meaning that everyone here will have the same position to start with .. no more nor less. This will create equality among people and where there is equality there is no envy. Where there is equality there is no way of any control and if the latter falls away – many other matters will disappear too. Be aware of it – if there is no more any sort of control over you – you will be free and all possibilities will yours to evolve and develop further more. This will be also another start of more activities around NESARA because NESARA is only some part of such activities to come.

There are so many other programs accompanying NESARA. However this is not necessarily connected to NESARA, yet NESARA will start a “roller coaster” getting the ball in rolling … and if this very ball rolls it will cast aside so many matters and also to enable so many matters so that mankind will obtain some great chance to build up and develop something new, something better and something much more comprehensive for a much more solid future. Certainly this will be your subsequent question then: “And how does the future will be like? How is the procedure then with the money?” And I am telling you: ” Even this will undergo some change too since NESARA consists out of various stages. First of - all the banks and industries – exercising any control – all governments using control via monetary funds – will be reset in a way – it will entail some sort of procedure of taking them down in a way so to prevail them from using any more controlling issues and this will constitute the First Part of NESARA.

The Second Part of NESARA will deal with distribution of monetary funds. Do not ask me how this will be realized as these are details which we shall communicate later. Thus within this second phase or stage of NESARA all human people here – adults and children – will be in possession of some physical cash to pay their bills and do some shopping too. Being left is the Third Part of NESARA and his will be the part to abolish and do away with money at all. There will be some system installed with the result that money is no more necessary any longer. Money serves to exchange goods for and there will be some time to come when this exchange of goods will undergo some change too. In such periods of now – there will no more any need for money when exchanging goods we want to have or need to use. Gold also will play a role differing from now. Naturally for making jewellery and in medical ranges.

Still there are lot of other applications for Gold unknown to mankind up to now. It is some prescious metal – we all are conscious of – still it may be used for much more. And this is only some tiny part of all that Gold may do. And in case mankind will be freed from Gold as means of tender and cash – as exchange for goods – this will be the advanced period that we may introducea new system. However such matters of change may not be developed over night - it is all so costly in time and work and many humans are needed to co-ordinate such activities to it.

This is why we proceed in staging phases. These will be accompanied by us and you will be informed accordingly. All procedure will run precisely as structured i order to create as litte chaos as possible. Do trust us and trust all fellow humans assisting to turn over NESARA into reality on earth. It does not only concern Spirit nor myself, St. Germain, there are many humans on earth participating in this very move endeavoring that NESARA will be successful. Be fully aware of it. They are fellow humans taking NESARA to their fellows here on Earth. Be aware that it is you being part of all change – it is not Spirit. It is Spirit’s mission to guide, to coach, to accompany all these people in assistance to NESARA however the “doing” is left to human mankind – this is very important. We are not allowed to interfere here since the Law of Free Will prohibits any of such activity on our part.

 Let us continue here : NESARA is a fixed term known to many of you here – which I mentioned before – however NESARA is stil much more and this is the first time of announcing this officicially in such a way. There are still more Sub-programs or projects if I may say so. There are many more aspects in NESARA entailing terms of Freedom for human mankind too. What do I mean when using the term of “Freedom”? Please think it over yourselves – what does a human being here on earth need primarily to be free ? Now, did you find anything when thinking this over ? I should like to give you some short moments to move such thoughts in your hearts. And I shall make a short break now to give you the opportunity to think it over. “What do you need to be able to live a life in freedom?“
Break Now.

Did you find anything? I do think so. Many of you are searching always everything regarding freedom depending in terms of money .. that possession of such would liberate them. Still that is not so – having money does not liberate you from any dependence. Part of your freedom that is you yourselves i.e. you have to alter and transform your attitude, it is the way and mode how collaboration is being achieved and this has to be altered altogether – which in fact is some further aspect of NESARA. This is about that human beings have to learn how to collaborate most effectively. It is about that no-one does his working only for the good of him/herself – it is about that you learn to comprehend when working together mutually eachone of you may play his very own part in it. It is the character of some colletive action some mutual collective altogether. Nobody will be forced to suffer hunger any more since no-one must feel unhappy because being out of work.
And this is another additive part of NESARA – how you will be able to work together mutually in the near future. There are already some various models in existence explained in some spirtual books but I shall not go in more details here. However we shall do so in further messages. We shall take these elements up with short explanations so that you see what the underlying matter is about it. Just how it is posible to work together and to share the success as well – one other essential aspect of NESARA. Be aware of it .. Money never gives you any freedom. It may sooth you down calming you too – yes this we hear quite often from you. Let’s proceed to another aspect of NESARA.

There are still quite a number of subprograms or projects of NESARA wich all be commented in the forthcoming messages. Become conscious of the fact – that all these steps have to be taken because all individual projects to be executed by us have to serve but one target – namely to liberate mankind. Free to decide upon your free will how they want to live their life. Free to decide which kind of activities everybody wants to choose. It is not about that everyone has to work in order to survive – but one chooses somekind of work which is fun to the one and to be happy with it – some sort of work which you will devote to for a certain length of time. And this in order to do something for the community and it is essential to understand that the length of time for such sorts of work will be of some short nature.

Since today human beings are working just much too much. They get exhausted because of all huge heaps of work, overtime, burdens of issues, great targets given beforehand to be carried by many people. Work in future will be done in collaboration of communities – to share and participate in some short mode and way and then there will be the time off. Time off for yourselves, time off to develop yourselves onward, time off to grow, to have fun, to laugh and to celebrate. These are the foundations of liberty and some life in freedom and it is not by any means work in order to heap up monies ….. Yes, since to be free is to be truly oneself.

And again I am asking your here and in doing so I want to give you a short break for your thoughts. Go deep down into your inner selve and questioning yourselves: “what is it that gives me freedom?” I am sure in the meantime you will have found something else here. With the help of my words and ideas you will have found something else and have previewed your way of thinking too. You have noticed that money never sets you actually free but that there other matters which liberate you truly. You also have become aware of the necessity to really think about it … what are the rudiments and pre-requisites that will set you truly free for such a life in freedom. Then will be the right time to develop the power and strength needed and all this will be achieved in collaboration only.  Becoming a collective group you will experience something entirely new when living and working together.  
Concluding this message of today – it is my very first one through this channel and I am quite aware that many of you do not know about submittance of this message by way of some auditive device. Many are making use of written messages since these display more harmony and are of some more simple structure, since the channel may insert here his corrections and to polish his phrases afterwards in order to expose right grammar too.

This of course is not possible with spoken messages as these have been received and spoken live. Thus the one or other word may show up with some mistakes of tenses and grammar – please, do not mind so much – since this channel too has to learn how to receive messages live and to transfer and convey these in some rightful context.

However, I do believe that you have been able to comprehend the core of this message here – what NESARA is really like and which aims and target are being imbedded in it. And moreover which are all the possible scopes of it so that NESARA will become your very personal success too. I shall come back next week with further pieces of information for you – I am planning to go even deeper then by explaining some more elements of it so that you may learn to even comprehend better what NESARA really entails. child and stars This is St.Germain speaking and I bid farewell to all of you until next week.

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