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March 17, 2014

Hiding in Plane Sight ~ Thoughts on Flight MH370

by Sharda Chaitanya
"...investigators were considering the possibility that the Boeing 777 dropped to 5,000ft or potentially even lower to avoid detection."  (
A trompe l'oeil artwork in a school in Manila for those on board MH370. Photograph: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters
It's 11:13 a.m.  Those are my numbers that show up on a very regular basis and have done so for many years.  As I consider writing on this topic, I did a quick scan to see if talking about this was the right thing to do. Given that my numbers appeared on my computer screen, I am confident that my feelings about what happened to the missing Malaysian airliner are accurate.  The digits 1 and 3 signal to me that my guides are giving me the thumbs up - and I trust this implicitly.

I am following the news on this issue of the airliner because it has me completely riveted, and I feel no foul play was engaged.  I am not picking apart each and every article or news report, because it is all speculation for the most part. And repetitive.  Assumptions.  Inferences.  Considerations.  The greater part of any news about this plane has more to do with the magnitude of the investigation, and not what actually happened!  The above quote did strike me, however.  They think the plane may have dropped 5,000 feet. To me this comment is very significant, as it alludes to the plane dropping much further, perhaps as far as Inner Earth?

On that morning more that a week ago, as usual, I put the radio on just upon awakening, as I have done all Winter, mostly due to the extreme weather - I just want a quick weather report, or to hear that the ships have landed, so that I should hurry to get dressed and head to the roof.  When I heard that a plane went missing, with no communications to account for its whereabouts, the very first thing that came to mind, without skipping a beat, was that it did not disappear, it was the work of our Galactic cousins.  And that thought wasn't a thought, it was a knowing.  And like all "knowings", regardless of the magnitude, it did not strike me as unusual or implausible - it just was.  But at that moment when I heard the news, I was not fully awake, so my mind was not yet filtering information.  So when I thought, ah, "Aliens" or "ETs", it seemed perfectly normal. 

This is not earth-shattering information here - or maybe it is.  The entire world is aware of this event, watching, paying attention to any details that come along.  Although, for a story as enormous as this, so few details are available.  So what if they found a flight simulator in the home of the pilot?  That's like finding a mirror in an actor's dressing room.  One comment reads:  "Jason Middleton, head of the aviation department at New South Wales University, said avoiding the radar was a well-known technique used by drug runners and others."  Seriously?  That's where they're going with this?  They are grappling at straws in an attempt to discredit the integrity of the crew (or passengers) to somehow pin this on them.  I don't believe they will be successful.

As of this morning, a total of 25 countries are involved with the search, which has been extended as far as the India Ocean(!!!). With that many reconnaissance teams deployed in areas far beyond where the plane disappeared, eventually they will have searched the entire planet.  Or nearabout. Which I think is the point. When that happens, and they still have nothing, then the tides will turn. Then they will begin to reveal what they know to be true.  According the Kathryn May's channeling of Ashtar, (, at 23:00) all of the countries who are represented by the passengers aboard the plane have been put on notice.  They are well aware of where the plane is and who is responsible.

This news clip from March 7th ( struck me for several reasons.  When Diana Sawyer is informed by this expert (at 01:25) that they now know that the plane flew for an additional 4 to 5 hours after having lost contact, she replies, "And we know this by some U.S. capability, I am assuming".  As she says this, she looks down, averting her eyes away from the camera and the interviewee.  Consequently, the comment is entirely deflected, a throw-away. A very important piece of information, about how they actually know that the plane did in fact fly X amount of hours, is dismissed.  It is tidbits like this that effectively brush over what they know, but will not tell the public.

What triggered me to write this essay today was this above painting, a trompe l'oeil,  French for 'to trick the eye', to create an optical illusion, to place something where it seemingly does not belong.  The purpose of this painting is telling on two counts. One is, the obviousness the painting, which clearly looks like what one might think of as a portal, as in, portal to Inner Earth.  This to me is a very clear message from the Galactics, who hold sway over these recent events:  "Look, this is where your plane went, straight through a portal".  A message hiding in plain sight.  No pun intended.  Then, two, the choice of technique used in the painting, trompe l'oeil, as I mentioned. When I opened the link for this story with attached photo of the mural, it screamed at me - I felt it could not be more obvious.  What appears most out of place is that the plane is painted on the ground, and not on a wall or even up high, where a plane would normally be.  On the ground?  Further suggestion that the plane is contained in Inner Earth, most likely with the Agarthans, I am guessing. These are all clues, subliminal messages, leading to what will become the real story.  

In the meantime, no American politician or agency has spoken out about the missing plane.  Why is that?  When they usually have their nose in everything, why are they silent on what may very well be an eventual turning point in the history of our planet?  Either because they can't spin it - they have no more information than anyone else - or, because they are out of the loop.  Who or whatever is handling these affairs has put the kibosh on American interference; that's my guess.

Another aspect of bigger-than-life stories like this that are usually present, but is not the case here, is the fear factor.  There is absolutely no spin, from what I can surmise, to make this into the-boogie-man-is-out-to-get-us sort of tale.  The overall sentiment is actually calm, almost thoughtful.  In this way, the public cannot be dragged into suppositions or conclusions based on how the media think we should think.  Instead, we are left to let the information sit with us as this mysterious scenario unfolds.  The one comment that is perhaps the most accurate is the Malaysian PM saying the "Diversion of MH370 airliner was a 'deliberate act'."  The first in what I feel will be a series of truth bites. (  

As the writing on the painting says, Hope Springs Eternal. 

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