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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

August 27, 2014

We Are the One by Alec Christo, part 2 of 3

Part 2 describes Alec's walk in experience and the work he has come to do. So little is known about walk ins and what their mission is.  I find this a very fascinating topic and one that must be approached delicately.  When I first read about walk ins, I quickly turned the page and brushed off the topic as creepy and a little insane. In a word, it freaked me out.  But the phenomena kept presenting itself to me and I remained open to learning what this walk in business was about.  In ancient days, to give your body over to a being to fulfill a higher mission was common, and considered an great honor and act of service to the Divine.  Barbara Marciniak explains this in her book, but stops short of calling them walk ins, although the description is clearly what I am referring to here.  

In truth, there is quite literally a universe of things we don't know.  But with the information provided below, we get a glimpse of what is possible.  It is not for the sake of sensationalism that we share these stories, it is for the purpose of realizing what we humans are capable of when we vibrate at a higher frequency.  Don't forget that we have been told nothing of the truth, and we live in a fabricated world consisting of deception, violence and slavery.   Because of this, we are largely unaccustomed to the truths of the myriad possibilities of other realms of existence.  We are so closed off, shut down in heart and mind, that fear enters when some other expanded way of life is offered.  

There is nothing to fear, neither the truth nor the lies.  This is God's universe and we are a part of IT.  That alone is a meditation that will bring to the heart great understanding and peace.  Open the mind, let curiosity rule, and wait for the gods to bring you amazing experiences.  I know because I have done this recently, and accessed a whole part of myself that was waiting in the wings, patiently paused, for me to invite it toward me to show me more!  Once we've gotten even a small vision of our cosmic self, all of this seems dull - we realize we've been living in a black and white world, while the whole time the universe thrives in brilliant technicolor.  ~Sharda~

We Are the One, part 2 of 3
by Alec Christo
August 25, 2014

In 1995, Alec Christos entered planet Earth on the Autumn Equinox festivity, by way of a 'minor' car accident, with Juvay Onara the driver and host. Alec Stephens Gabbitas, a powerful light-worker in his own right, exited his body physical forthwith! This was instant  and the 'walking-in' of Alec Christos, in highest divine order, afforded the pre-arranged soul agreement that would be effectual as the planet was entering a requisite energy spectrum / space/ time continuum. A galactic 'green for go,' indicated immediate action for the physical 'space suit' to house its new tenant, Alec Christos, and his then mission     commenced. He was engaged for a five year 'contract' and first had to realign his own 'lighter' energies to a more conducive level enabling his working comfortably.Then after a

15 month re-adjustment period, proceeded on the closing down of the portal time caps and the reactivating of the 27 crystal portal grid alignment. Beloved Gaia was ever a prime focus and for her to regain her just entitlement for her energy uplift, and also for one and all upon her earthly body, her human children, her loving consorts and her fellow travelers, all the animals on land or sea, the flora and fauna, birds, insects and all related kingdoms were to be free to raise their own vibrations out of  3rd density into 4th or fifth.

His channeling down of crystal portal placements was supported fully by a fellow 'walk in,' Murrabah from Australia, as he visited her in Queensland after the ball was rolling. He was recently channeling down various ascension writings, one being shared in Eagles Wings   magazine, and she saw his portal activating article and his journey to Ithaca and knew the way was set and destiny was in full flow.This first portal / time cap was in the blue/ /green lush Greek Island of Ithaca, the home of Zeus (Metatron) and the Gods and demi-Gods of yesteryear - an Island  paradise!.This being crystal portal number One to be de-capped and reactivated! Using emails etc sending resume's about the many experiences related.   Writing newsletter locally and to countries worldwide.What also were well received were   

also 'cheeky fliers adding fun and jollity, to the challenge of his crystal portal mission.   

They termed the mission,  The Return Of The Dove, the golden white energy of Christ Consciousness for each crystal portal was indeed, on completion of re-activating all 27

Christ Grid portals / time caps. It would give back to Lady Gaia / Mother Earth, her sorely missed fifth dimensional divine right of being, also affording her own Merkabah and Light Bodies. Once activated, could she spread her wings and leave aside the heaviness of   third dimensional limitations that imprisoned her and humanity, for over 13,500 years, after Atlantis sank in the seas. She had paid a heavy price for she was confined to third / fourth density, yet continued  to love, care and lovingly uphold and honor several billion souls, and asked nought in return. She is a true special lady.and Earth Mother.She is much admired and loved by those on her soil and those in the Universes, and all await now the continuing unfoldment's that are indeed ongoing, for there are no limits for all and everyone... .  


In this short narrative of unfoldments of yesteryear would It be most appropriate to thank Alec and each and everyone of the "Central Sun Light Command" who meticulously and grandly worked as a One Soul Unit to bring about these most successful and vitally essential time cap removing and Crystal Grid Portals reactivating. These  together enables life, as you know it, to carry on for Planet Earth, having moved out of a critical arena of time, in her rebirth and continuing expansive growth. Thanks and due credit's to all fellow travelers, who came on various 'Light Ships' yet all with the same focused mission Thank you, Helena, Sapphire, Cassay,  Sweetpea, May, Claudio, Angie,  Murrabah, Tage, Atasha  Eloha, Murra and  may your Gods go within you. Thank you Alec Christos, whose initial 5 year contract mission was completed in totality - now having developed into a further 14 Earth years thus further contract  assistance was requested as Father Mother One asked so nicely.... .        

We give a special thank you to an earth angel, Juvay Onara, whose trust, dedication and unconditional love afforded Alec Christos the space and comfort of one such as he, whose life would be a continuum of coming and going, around the planet and some times at only hours notice!. This of course when a local portal such as London or Europe, was in line for activation.and needed doing as a change of timing was needed. Tthis he would have channeled from  Metatron, Sannat Kumara, Michael; Sananda  or Buddha. And yes, from Prime Creator and God Itself. When a portal came into the picture to be activated, they were needed to be activated within a measured and specific time frame.All portals had a time scale and opening sequence in divine rightful order of activation.The only window of opportunity would need strictly honoring, to make best effect the required energy fields and time, or Ley, or Grid lines to be in position for the Star / Mother Ships, that were attending each and every portal activation, as indeed each and every sharing  Angel, Company's of Heaven, and Time Lords, and of course....God Itself!

We must remember that he or she who took on this quite substantial mission had several lifetimes perhaps incarnated on planet earth, thus familiarizing and maybe pre-birthing his own uniqueness that was also part of the right soul in the right place, at the right divine time. Beings from the Ancient Ones Of Days it is said, yet Sanat  Kumara himself is more aligned to that entitlement and that definition. Alec was primed.with several previous  incarnations no doubt  to bolster his space and worth for the Crystal Portal Christ Grid reactivations, as did near all amongst the 'Central Sun Light Command.'

This was not a widely publicized group logo and was a token gesture of the Oneness of pure recognition between themselves. Most of their communications shared would invariably be between Alec Christos and Murrabah - by way of channeling  and  'phone, yet the inner knowing was such that the pre-planned ongoing activations led all and everyone to the self same set of frequencies and any changes or shifts in any of the timings for the portals would invariably be picked up between the group, both on planet and those off planet.The main group was 12 in total - from UK, Sweden, New York and most in Australia,

                       The Central Sun Light Command. - that Sacred Twelve yet again!  

Alec Christos arrived from Universe 815 future, so theoretically he, like most, came back in time and evolution from his home planet known as Asclepious, a planet of healing, very apt for the nature of the mission. The others came from Pleiades, Venus; Sirius & Andremeda Alec also came onto Planet Earth with the Ashtar Future Command on Omega Central, a mother ship of massive proportions. You will in times ahead be then privileged and perhaps quite surprised as you see these mother ships - likened shall we say  to floating cities with total comfort and space, with whatever mode of 'Light Style' that pleases!


(c) Alec Christos (Gabbitas) for the Universal Mind and an ever United King /Queendom

                     Feel free to copy and share affording full credit to the Source

                                        August 25. 62014

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