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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

March 28, 2012

SaLuSa: "Mankind has had adequate time to start paying attention to the many messages given..." 3/28/12

There is a tempo to today's message that is a bit more urgent than is normal for SaLuSa.  The time has arrived, and for all intents and purpose, that time is now.  One of SaLuSa's signature qualities is his conservative manner of revealing information and his carefully worded phrases.  Not to say other channels are exposing more than they should or can -- but the sense is that SaLuSa has his finger on the pulse in ways perhaps other channels have not and so his transmissions are the standard by which readers might gauge other channelings.   Perhaps that is just my bias; I am  sure it might be.  But when he clearly states that we look forward to "Release from financial constraints and illegal taxes..." and that we can "Let go of any ties [you have] to the present period so that you can make allowances for the new way of life that is taking over...", it means that this information is free to be shared without repercussion.  

What is also noteworthy is he is putting the responsibility back on us; the information regarding the upcoming changes is available to everyone around the world and people simply have to look a little closer to get the story.  Fear prevents people from looking too closely, but if we understand how exciting and transforming these changes actually are, then fear would dissipate and one would welcome and embrace the newness that will be our world.

Letting go of attachment to make room for what will be available to us is something that might seem scary or even harsh.  Or maybe just impossible.  How do you convince someone that it's okay to let go if they consider their lives to be fine just the way they are?  Clearing us this issue is one of (the many) reasons why staying abreast of developments of impending changes falls into the purview of our responsibility.  Some even think it is their duty to remain informed and current.  (I think I need to talk about this topic further in a separate post -- "what it means to let go and why we are benefited by doing so".)  -S.C.-


SaLuSa: March 28, 2012

As channeled through Mike Quinsey
The news about the changes is travelling more quickly around the world, and that pleases us as those with enquiring minds are seeking the answers as to what is happening. Some fear the meaning behind them, but others sense that something major and exciting is happening to the world.