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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

November 30, 2013

First ones having ascended give their reports from the other side ~ AA Raphael through Marc Gamma

Archangel Rafael through Marc Gamma
November 30, 2013
[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Introductory Talk to the Translation of ArchAngel Raphael’s Message

Eva Maria, translating all my channeled Messages has had a short talk with ArchAngel Raphael introducing this very translation. If you follow the given link you will arrive at this introductory invocation of hers to Archangel Raphael. It is meant to be a supplement to this message:  [Link]

Archangel Raphael speaks…

My beloved humans, these are your ArchAngel Raphael and our heavenly Father speaking to you again. Both of us shall submit to you in collaboration another wonderful and hopeful message to you.

Much has happened in the meantime and consequently there is much we should have to report to you. However, we are running out of time in some way as today the span of timeline is a limited one and we do not want to submit to you such a lengthy message. This has – as we found out – become quite some hindrance for many people to start reading it because of its length.

Let’s go right into the very matter and it is the turn of our Father in order to convey to you his introductory words – after which I shall continue and it will be a sort of surprise to you too which I am preparing here.

Hi my children, my beloved humans here on earth.

There is a huge shining light pervading through the entire Cosmos and the Universe. They all have come here in order to take part in the huge drama of Ascension. All of us who barely can wait that the great mass of human mankind will step on “Nova Earth” now.

Still there are only scattered amounts of humans passing through the Portals of Ascension – and still they are very hesitantly in making their decision to leave “Old Earth” and to pass over forward to “Nova Earth”. It is entirely up to you and it’s time now that you come over to this side, my beloved children.

I, your heavenly Father, I myself will greet and welcome you on the other side. Everybody passing over will be given the chance to perceive me and my very energy. How this will be done and may be perceived still will be another secret resp. I’d rather believe it to be some sort of surprise.

As mentioned already the first ascended humans have arrived here on “Nova Earth”, my dear children. They became already accustomed to this realm and are enjoying all the amenities of the 5th dimension. It is something special which one never want to let go again. It is something filling your days wholly with love and happiness and this should be possible to experience for all of you soon.

Today we shall attempt something which never has been done before. Raphael now will inform you and Marc, our channel, he also knows already what he will have to face now. (chuckles).

My beloved humans this again is I, ArchAngel Raphael speaking.

Our heavenly Father will return again before concluding this message.

Now we are going to do something which never – ever had been done before – we shall enable two inhabitants of “Nova Earth” to communicate with you here.

Brothers and Sisters here on old earth!

This is one inhabitant of the realm in the 5th dimension speaking to you. I shall show you shortly what is expecting you when arriving here on “Nova Earth”. I shall introduce you into everything which everybody will experience and everybody will become aware that it is something without any need of explanation in words neither any else description what were my kind of experiences in the last few days.

Only a few minutes are given to me since there will be other people too to communicate with you. This is why our today’s message will be somewhat longer so that you will get some clearer impression what is awaiting you over here.

My brothers and sisters – some days ago I have achieved my ascension passing through the threshold of the Great Portal – meaning that I have left the “Old Earth”, my family and my friends behind. My family and my friends will follow at some later time to this side too and this I know now with absolute certainty since these are the matters made known to us at first.

It is because the newly-gained full consciousness which gives this sudden knowledge. No need of further explanations in order to comprehend everything which I read in never-ending hours in channeled messages but not comprehended it completely. Now is the time that I solely may tell you : “Once you arrive – you will understand accordingly!”

With your first step you will be drawn into something like a channel – consisting out of some bright light which blinds your eyes – still there is no need to be afraid. On this very journey through the portals of ascension each and every soul will be accompanied. Like on sidelines of some soccer-field there are Angels, ArchAngels and Ascended Masters standing and they cheer you on and be welcomed in a big way.

I was so nervous – so happy but exhausted too when I arrived on the other side. When passing through the Portal its energy is quite challenging still it is so wonderful, loving and enveloping. It is the energy of creation, of our all Father and all of our brothers and sisters which is welcoming us when passing through these portals.

If I was to repeat it I should do so. Never shall I forget this wonderful and beautiful feeling ! It has been burnt into my soul and will ever demonstrate to myself that I was one of those souls having achieved ascension.

Now I am one of the Ascended Masters and that you will become too in due course. Look forward with joy to everything coming to you and accordingly look forward with delight what you will be able to feel and also what will be expecting you on the other side.

I’m happy to be able to speak to you for this is some sort of privilege granted to me since I was the very first one having completed my passing over. I am accordingly looking forward to everything approaching me here – my beloved siblings there on “Old Earth”.

Enjoy since our all target is just before your very eyes. Be delighted as soon you will be so much advanced that you may be able to follow me. Each and every day there are new-comers of human mankind arriving here on “Nova Earth”. More and more are coming forward and fill “Nova Earth” with Life ! With Life and Love !

See you soon, my brothers and sisters! I am returning the sceptre now again to ArchAngel Raphael and bid you farewell.

My beloved humans – this again is I, ArchAngel Raphael.

It worked out alright and I have fetched another one of the new inhabitants from “Nova Earth” in the meantime who will speak to you through this channel now. He will depict his very own view and he will explain something more exactly and some highly relevant matter so that you may achieve the ascension too.

My brothers and sisters, it is I too who takes much delight in addressing a few words to you.

I do not belong to the first ones however I had many and great doubts whether to achieve ascension at all. I do understand all those having to carry all such feelings since I myself was one of them too.
I am still overwhelmed by all that I find here on my arrival. It really is a bit difficult for me to take everything in because it so overwhelming. I do know everything and also am capable of doing and acting here accordingly but I need some more time in order to integrate and elaborate it in my inner self.

Colors here are so beautiful – almost too much – as well as all energies and all those beings here on this side welcoming and assisting us. Truly Paradise pure !

However, dealing now with what I have to report to you. I am one of those extensively “doubting people” which now I do not anymore understand that there were these doubts in me at all. However, I can explain it to you how I was able to let go of everything – and to leave everything to its own running for this is the very key to ascension.

Only after been able to let go of something – one will be prepared to receive something new. First you have to be prepared to separate yourself from some matter – to let go of it – then will be the time to receive something new and to consider it as your very own. It is not so that I am owning it still I may have and use it as long I want to. It is the property of all of us but it also is mine. And this was only possible because I let it go before – having left everything behind me by deciding that there is no longer any need for me to live with my possessions.

It does not exist anymore – having dissolved itself because I decided to let it go. Creation takes away and gives in return again. If this has been understood the huge journey may start in consequence to it.

Come and join us travelling and let go of everything. It really is worth while – I do not own anything but I am a wealthy somebody on the other, the “Nova Earth”. To be happy is one of the feelings which are rightfully to be accepted. To be successful and happy is no longer of any importance. All that is left is to be blissfully happy. And once you have found this kind of happiness you will know what I truly mean here.

I am returning the sceptre to ArchAngel Raphael again who will continue with his message. Loving greetings to all wanting to ascend, love and greetings to all those wanting to experience the divine love of our all Creator and courage to all those having not made their decision yet because this is necessary in order to leave everything behind.

My beloved humans, this is I again, ArchAngel Raphael, speaking:

Today you were able to obtain some insight as little as it was. As mentioned before we do not speak of any approaching ascension any longer since we are in the middle of this process. Thus these messages from the other side shall encourage you to make your final decision. Be set and prepared and then proceed to do the very first step. There are matters expecting you which you are unable to imagine at all. Something is expecting you which may not be clad into words not even those witnessing it all by themselves. It is too huge and too powerful – waiting for you on the other side on “Nova Earth”.

Our heavenly Father, our Creator of “All-There-Is”, will now direct his speech to you on conclusion of this message.

My children, my beloved humans,

while bidding farewell to you I want to give to you on your further way what is the central focus of this message – central in the meaning and in its application so that you may achieve your very own ascension.

The very key to it is “to let go” – and it is your heart too and both together are the very elements permitting you to some according access to “Nova Earth” .

Everything has been said here what was necessary to be expressed. We have said everything what may come in useful for you. It now is entirely up to you to do the very first step. The first one – take the hike into your feet because this we cannot do for you !

First of all – step forward doing your very first step – the following ones will be quite easy. Go forward – step by step – and all of you will arrive over there.

We are expecting you and shall welcome you as one of our pioneers above has already described it.
With our great love to all of you humans

your heavenly Father and ArchAngel Raphael
Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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