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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

November 25, 2013

Sun Moves Into Sagittarius November 22, 2013

Good tidings abound in this astrological forecast.  It looks like we will finally be getting some breathing room, a chance to explore our passions (unhindered) and enjoy the fruits of all of the difficult work we've been doing on the inner planes. Lot's of good insight about ISON.  This is a long one, but worth the read.  I think we are more than deserving of all the good things coming our way.  -S.C.-

November/December 2013

From today, the Sagittarian road calls us on to adventure as the Sun moves into this positive, movement oriented sign! We may only have an inkling of the direction of that new road. We are still in the mystery but we’re now stepping onto the ancient highway of understanding and wisdom.  All will be revealed in good time!

Optimism returning:  The road reveals itself:    Mysterious and beckoning!

We may not know where we’re going but we’re happy about it...finally!   
Yes!  We’re out of the eclipse tunnel and we’re gradually moving out of the huge confusing energies of the Scorpio transformational challenges of the past weeks.
We’re not quite out of the cave yet as far as the Scorpio mystery goes, but we’re likely to feel that we’re back on the road again!  Of course, we were never off the road.  Rather, for many it’s been like walking through thick fog with a lantern to guide our way. 

Step by step, little by little:  More revelations to come!
We’re in a step by step discovery process as the planets interact and shift, supporting our gradual realisations and our evolutionary growth.  In particular,

Mercury, still moving through Scorpio, is giving our mind a makeover which has been at times confusing and challenging.  We’re clearing up a whole lot of old mental constructs.    

Maintain faith and patience:  Changes still happening!  New options emerging!  Stay open!

Stay open to the shifts and turns on the road of opportunity!
You may not know where you have landed after all the inner changes over the past month or so.  We’ve changed our minds, lost our minds, found our minds and lost them again...over and over as we learned to listen to our hearts guiding us through the change process. 

Maybe you have a glimpse of the new direction.  Maybe you don’t.  The veil is gradually being parted showing more of the possibilities each time there’s another planetary shift.  It’s important to stay very open at this time, allowing the universe to bring you the fulfilment you’ve called to you.  Dream time is powerful so keep taking time for rest, relaxation and focussing energy.

 Changes arising from eclipse period:    Ongoing physical shifts!  New doorways appear! 
Remain aware of opportunity knocking on your door or ringing on the bell.  Signs are there when we least expect them!
Energies which arose during the eclipse cycle will flow into the change process as an ongoing effect of this past 4 week period.  Whatever happened during that time is now working out in the physical world.  For many of us, it was a jailbreak from the limitations and restrictions in the mind, body, heart and/or spirit.

Whatever is to happen has already been set in motion.  We just have to maintain intent and focus whilst taking the steps that come up.

What’s been happening: 

Endings, endings, endings:   A Scorpio experience!  Eclipse experience!
Many people have been having mini crises regarding ‘endings’ in their lives.  The endings could apply to any and all areas of our lives.  Work, home, family, partnership, money, pets, creative projects etc. etc.  Many people have experienced the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a pet, the loss of a home, endings in relationships, endings in career, endings in lifestyle. 

Wild weather:    Big winds across the planet and extreme weather situations!  The winds of change!
The massive loss of life in the Philippines expanded the planetary grief as it felt like so much energy was leaving the planet.  If you felt heavy like lead during and after this experience, you were playing your part in feeling the pain of the darkness and releasing it into the light.  When these events occur, it’s important to maintain meditation and healing practices as so many of us are shifting these heavy energies through our light body. 

As the old doors close, new ones open:  If you’re experiencing a loss in your life or a potential loss/death, it’s helpful to remember that something or someone dying to us brings new life and new promise, even if you’re not ready for that new life yet.  Allow time for the letting go, feeling the grief whilst letting in new energies into your life.  Acknowledging and feeling emotions is pivotal for release.  Otherwise, the emotions get locked into the physical body and we develop some kind of physical ailment.  We are preparing to move into new lives in so many ways. 

This past week:   

20th November:  Chiron started moving forward...flushing out old wounds of the past 5 months!  Splinters released!

The day Chiron moved forward was a big one with Chiron regrouping and stimulating old wounds of the mind, heart and body for release.  Whatever wounds you have been working with over these past 5 months started coming up to the surface for clearance, like a splinter emerging from an infection.

You mightn’t even know what those wounds are.  You may have been feeling disoriented or out of sorts physically, emotionally and/or mentally as Chiron brought things to the surface, as the old splinters are released!  Chiron is sitting on the same degree as Pluto in a positive relationship, bringing up all sorts of buried darkness from within us and within the collective. 

Splinters in the mind being released:    It may have felt disorienting energy as while Chiron was stationing to move direct on 20th, Mercury was reconnecting with a number of other planets bringing us back to a release of the mind set and mental polarity. 

Planets changing direction:    Steam engine changing direction!
When planets change direction, either to retrograde or go direct, it’s like changing a fast speeding steam train to reverse direction.  There’s a slowing down, coming to a standstill before the engine starts building the steam to slowly move on in the opposite direction.  So, we’re still feeling Chiron gradually picking up speed. 

22nd November:    Sun moves into Sagittarius 2.48 pm AEDT...the open road of freedom beckons! 

The road less travelled:  Freedom calls us on!
The open road calls us to adventure, to explore, to investigate, to explore the world. We’re like kids on our first backpacking overseas trip with the world at our feet and no fear!

Glass half full perspective:  Good ‘medicine’ every day!
With the Sun moving into Sagittarius, we’re likely to feel upliftment and optimism.  This gives us the ‘glass half full’ perspective which will be a driving force for moving forward  with our hopes, dreams and plans.

This is like a dose of faith, trust and positive thinking just when you felt you’d given up hope.  Life starts to look better than it has for a while.  Make the most of this time to build the understanding of your pathway forward, to ignite the passion in preparation for the arrival of all the Capricorn energy ushering in 2014.

Seeking truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom:    Our driving force for the next month!

Sagittarius is a worldly energy, freedom loving and seeking the open spaces of the mind and heart, seeking connection with others, seeking the bigger picture, seeking understanding and wisdom.  This energy will inspire us to find the truth of our pathway forward from this time.  Seek and you shall find! 

On the road again:    Explore, travel and learn!  If it excites you...go for it!   
With Sagittarius, we’re firmly placed on the road to higher truth and wisdom.  Sagittarius energy wants to get moving ruled as it is by Jupiter, an expansive fire sign which desires activity, movement and meeting people.

Sagittarius calls to our free spirit, independent minded self offering the courage that comes from a positive outlook and an optimistic approach to life.  Doubts and insecurities are likely to fall away as we move through this next month, especially after the first week of December. 

Let’s get going everyone!  My car will be back on the road next week after it’s makeover.  Perfect timing!!!
Was I releasing an ancestral blockage when my car’s Welsh plug needed replacing???  Who knows! 

Higher learning will excite and stimulate:  Answers will emerge from ‘the bigger picture’! 
Follow your interest!
Sagittarius rules higher education, philosophy, religion, spirituality, teaching, learning, publishing, foreign cultures and foreign travel.  Answers to our questions will emerge from these areas of exploration.  You may well feel drawn to explore through actual travel and/or through connecting with knowledge and people from other parts of the world.

Finding the key to our place in the world:    Broadening the mind, broadening the options!
We’re being called to expand our thinking, our perception and learning through exploring new ideas, belief systems, cultures, religions, philosophies and higher spiritual perspectives.   In fact, any ‘higher’ education will be calling our hearts and minds to learn and discover the truth of our life and our place in the world.  

 Jupiter has been missing in action:  Well, it seems like that with Jupiter retrograde! But now, the Sun’s movement into Sagittarius will bring Jupiter alive!
Sagittarius has been somewhat contained with all the inner work of the eclipse, the Scorpio energies which have called us to introspection.  On top of that, Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, has just gone into retrograde motion. Remember we are gathering knowledge of the past.  Good time to write an autobiography!

Let the celebrations begin!:   Gratitude and optimism and a more spiritually focussed energy  with Jupiter retrograde in Cancer!
We might find that this year Sagittarius will be a little more constrained by its ruler moving retrograde.  This is not necessarily a bad thing as sometimes Sagittarius can be a bit over the top with everyone in some kind of desperate competition to be happier than each other in displays of constant celebration of ‘the more the merrier’! 

‘Over the top’ party time:    Sagittarius calls out ‘the party animal’!  Remembering the joy of life!
This will be such a welcome energy for so many of us this year after the past few weeks and months of intense and seemingly relentless change.  Sagittarius can just get out of hand in some kind of displaced generosity of spirit manifesting as a daily hedonistic celebration of life.  However, this year, there will be a quiet gratitude of the blessings and gifts in our lives.  It will feel like we’ve made it through some very dark challenges. 

Mind you, we could all do with a little hedonism after what seems months of heavy duty energies!

Comet Ison:  A new comet can now be seen travelling through our skies!  For astrologers, an omen of change!

Astronomy:    Comet Ison is heading towards a meeting with the Sun on November 28th.  Astronomers do not know whether it will survive that meeting.  If it does, it’s expected to offer a great show to the Northern Hemisphere sky watchers. 

Astronomers consider it may be the brightest body in our skies for 1000 years.  That has yet to be realised, IF it survives its meeting with the Sun.  As it nears the Sun on 28th November, it will be less less visible.  Its brightness will be evident after that date as it moves into closer proximity to the Earth.  It will be closest to us on 26th December.

 Astrology:   Comets are regarded as an omen of change when they make an appearance in our skies.   
With a new comet, like Ison, the change is considered more significant and of a greater magnitude in its impact.  The expected brightness of Ison has added weight to the predictions of its significance.

What is its likely impact on humanity:

Jonathan Cainer has written that “we can expect the comet to raise awareness, promote healing, foster hope, inspire a quest for peace and help us wake up to the potential for higher consciousness.”
 Ison’s travels through the zodiac signs give an indication of its likely influence:
20th to 28th November:   

 Ison will be travelling through this our phoenix in the sky? 
We know Scorpio rules death, life, rebirth and transformation.  We have been working with these Scorpionic energies for some time in these past months.  Scorpio is destructive, but only in the interests of ongoing survival.  Something has to die in order for something to live. 

From 28th November:  Ison will be travelling through Sagittarius assuming it survives the meeting with the Sun on 28th!

As the comet comes to its meeting with the Sun, it may disintegrate.  If it survives, it will be in Sagittarius followed by a retrograde back through the zodiac.

I think Jonathan Cainer’s optimistic view of Comet Ison comes from the fact that Ison will be in Sagittarius, a sign of optimism, hope and upliftment in our perceptions, our worldly connections and oneness with humanity. 

26th December:    It will be closest to the Earth IF it survives!

 25th November:    Mercury meets Saturn in Scorpio at 16deg, 3rd time lucky!  From deconstruction to reconstruction of the mind!

What’s been happening:    Under a dark cloud of Scorpio since September!  We’re nearly there!!!
Mercury moves out of Scorpio on 5th December.  We won’t know ourselves when this happens!

Coming and going...into the light then back to the dark:  
These past few months, it might have felt like you’d found the light of day and then were plunged back into heavy energy and the dark cloud for some more cleansing!  So if you felt like you couldn’t get a grip, couldn’t hold to the light of a new day, it was all part of the cosmic purification process. The energetic forces have been helping us pace ourselves to get through this. 

Mind Games:    Mercury moving forward through Scorpio travelling the same road for the 3rd time!  Not the road less travelled!

Mercury’s been trekking back through Scorpio recovering ground travelled during its retrograde period.  The past few days its been meeting up with different planets ‘pinging’ them and stimulating old issues around mind control and the ‘control freak’ within.  

Deconstructing the mindset, freeing the brainwashing of childhood, society! 

It’s been a heavy duty period with Mercury in Scorpio for such a long period of time.  On top of which, meeting with sober sides Saturn 3 times has been giving us all strong messages about what’s important to us and clearing mindsets about who we are in the world and where we’re putting our focus mentally with respect to building our lives. 

What’s coming in:   

25th November:    Mercury meets Saturn!  Thinking outside the box!   
Focussing our authority:  Accepting our own personal mastery! Manifesting a clearer mind and direction!

This meeting will be the proof of the inner work we’ve accomplished with the probability we find our mind and head clearer than it’s been for a while. Saturn is challenging as Saturn demands nothing less than effort to do the best we can, to be the best we can in our worldly lives. 

Last piece of the jigsaw? 
It’s interesting that this meeting is just before Mercury moves out of its retrograde shadow.  It’s like the last piece of this particular jigsaw falling into place, double checking the work we’ve done on ourselves and our lives during this period. 

Challenges and Opportunities:
Remember that any challenges that come up around this time, before or after 25th, are a call to you to own who you are!!!!  This calls for a clear mind and a solid commitment to yourself, your abilities and your pathway forward. 

Saturn rules karma, so there’s every chance we’ll feel a weight fall off our shoulders as we own up to who we are, accept our mastery as creative beings who are creating our hopes and dreams as we let the old burdens fall away.  

27th November:    Mercury still in Scorpio, moves out of retrograde shadow...ready to move out of the Scorpio cave!

Clarity and lightness returns:
We’re out of the retrograde shadow and now waiting for Mercury to move out of the Scorpio cave on 5th December.  The next week before that happens, we have the time and space to experience our minds still transforming whilst out of the shadow energy! 

Until 5th December:  Reconstructing our psyche... time to ‘pull yourself together!’
The cave of our psyche is looking a lot brighter than it has for a while.  We can see the Sun and the sky again.  Harmony is returning to our mind as we start to put all the shattered pieces of our being back together again. 

All systems go:    Communication channels are open for business!
Delays, interruptions and confusion in our mental state, our communications and our commercial dealings are released from the grip of this challenging cycle.  Now Mercury’s out of shadow, we can safely move forward on projects with a clear mind.

A new way of thinking emerges:    New possibilities open up in our minds!

For most of us, the challenges of this Mercury retrograde period would have been likely to be personally centred on our psyche as the Scorpio energies transformed our thinking, our beliefs and the way we handled ourselves in the world.  Any challenging interactions with others would have come straight back to you to change your mindset.  

What’s coming in:    Greater Clarity!  Upcoming changes bringing us further out of the mists of confusion!

3rd December:    New Moon in Sagittarius
5th December:    Mercury moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius
8th December:    Mars moves out of Virgo into Libra 

3rd December New Moon in Sagittarius:
You may find new physical changes will be put in place from the New Moon in Sagittarius on 3rd December, a month after the New Moon in Scorpio eclipse.  This will give us a further shift out of last month’s New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. Another step out of the cave.

5th December:    Mercury moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius...the veil falls away!  ‘I can see clearly now, the rain has gone’!
During an extended period of Mercury in Scorpio, our mind and communication manager has been lost in a mist of confusion caught up in cross purposes as Mercury was forced to let go of the mind control of our world.  We have been travelling without a mind manager and activating a heart manager. Clarity will return with this planetary change and hopefully our mind will be happy to work in balance with our hearts. 

Mars in Virgo until 8th December:    Continuing purification of the physical body and our masculine energies!
Mars, our masculine energy and our body is still undergoing the purification process of Virgo.  Cleansing of cell memories as well as the healing and realignment of our masculine energies with a higher order. 

8th December:    Mars moves into Libra...Road testing the masculine energy!  Road testing the physical body!
We’ll be road testing our work with our masculine energies and our physical bodies after 8th December when Mars moves into Libra which is all about balance, harmony and justice.

 Golden oldies:

For the Sagittarius Sun on the move!  This is good ‘medicine’...sing it until your heart and mind sing!!!
‘Weave me the Sunshine’  Peter, Paul and Mary  

‘On the road again’    Willie Nelson with lyrics
On the road again
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends
Insisting that the world keep turning our way and our way

That’s all for now!  Happy travelling!!!

Love and blessings to us pilgrims seeking higher knowledge and understanding on the road less traveled!

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