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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

November 02, 2013

More Disclosure 3 ~ Life On Other Planets

Channeled by Rananda and Trillia
 re-blogged here with permission

There are many other planets in the Galaxy that are inhabited by intelligent lifeforms. These planets are not  so far away that they are out of reach to us on the Earth, as we are taught by most of our astronomers, because there are important things that our astronomers don't know about time. Some of these planets can be reached in an hour or two in the craft used by The Star Brethren.

Many of these other planets form alliances, send ambassadors to each other, and have trade links. Earth is in the process of joining this Galactic Community, and it will happen when we release ourselves from the domination and control of the dark ones.

Although many planets such as Venus are uninhabitable at the 3D level, they are inhabited in dimensions of 4D plus. Planets, like people, are Souls in spiritual evolution, and like people, they have higher dimensional bodies.

The Star Brethren call a planet an "Isle", as they are like islands in space. Our name "Planet" means wanderer, as they seem to wander against the starry background.

Many of the races that inhabit these planets are humanoid like us, but some are much taller and have developed much larger eyes from living underground for much of the time. Men can be 8ft or more tall, and women 7ft or more, and very beautiful by earthly standards.

Here we will take a brief look at a few of the planets that are members of The Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) including Venus; Rananda's home planet, and Sirius, in the Sirius A Star System; which is Trillia's home planet.

VENUS:  A very advanced planet that has fostered many prominent Light Beings in the Higher Realms, such as Lord Sanat Kumara, and Lord Sananda Kumara. The Kumarans are the ruling family on Venus and beloved Yeshua was/is a Soul Aspect of Lord Sananda Kumara, and some of those in his inner circle were also Kumarans.

The climate there is tropical and much of the planet is covered by tropical rainforest, with towns and cities dotted around it. Overlooking the cities on the hillsides there are many temples, built of white marble, and with white marble steps leading up to them. Many of these temples are open to the sky.

Lord Sanat Kumara is at the head of the spiritual belief system, and the Mother-Father God is worshipped in the temples. The atmosphere is pervaded by Love, Peace and Joy, and there are no poor or deprived people. Life is unhurried and there is no crime. There is no pollution and the sky is crystal clear. Great care is taken of the environment.
There are terraced gardens of fragrant flowers, and the streets of the shopping areas of the cities are lined with flower gardens.
The people in general, have long, curly Brown hair and large, light Blue eyes. The women wear long flowing gowns of soft, silky fabric, and the men wear knee length tunics with capes over them. Ornate brooches are worn as clasps on their gowns and capes. The women and children wear colourful ribbons and flowers in their hair.
Their food is mainly fruit and vegetable purees or "smoothies". There is little food that is solid. Bathing is done at public baths.
The rooms of the mostly single storey houses, are open air with a roof that slides over when a rainstorm approaches.
The temples, government buildings and art galleries/museums are housed in their own, separate districts, and there is a shuttle system for planetary travel.

ASHTAR: The home planet of Lord Ashtar and "Ashtar Command". The planet is a little larger than the Earth, and is mountainous and very cold. The people are eight to eight and a half feet tall; warm and friendly, with creamy coloured skin and white blonde hair worn to the hip by the women, and to the shoulders by the men. They have pale greeny-blue eyes. They talk telepathically, and are a cultured people with a hi-tech lifestyle. They are a very old civilisation.
The cities are under domes that are energy fields, to protect them from the very cold climate, and there are seven major cities. Their food is grown in greenhouses and is also imported from other planets. Most trees are small due to the cold climate, and there are very few flowers out of doors. Flowers are grown under the domed courtyards of the houses. There is a single planetary government run by the people through councils.
Education is very important to them and everyone attends school for 20-30 years and takes a degree. Most work in hi tech professions. They have a highly advanced ship building technology. They are also into non-competitive Winter sports.
They have never known war, and there is no violence or the need for a police force.
In the cities, there are moving pavements called "Lightways", some of which run up and down and also sideways. There are steps up and down everywhere.
There are high rise apartment buildings in the cities, with shops and cafeterias on the ground floor. The people who work in the cities have no food preparation facilities in their apartments (which they call"compartments") and they take all their meals in the cafeterias. They eat only soft foods; hot soups, puddings and breads and jams, and they drink fruit juices.  They dont usually take a mate until age 50 or 60. These young people live in singles apartments and are very laid back and unhurried.
The people wear the same silvery jump suits as are worn in the Ashtarian ships, with robes of different colours over them.

Ashtar is another of my (Rananda's) home planets. I have more than one.)

SIRIUS:  This planet is in the Sirius A star system, and it is protected by a double helical force field, from invasion by it's aggresive neighbours of the lower Orions. This means that visitors from other star systems can stay for only a short time; sometimes for only a few hours.
The ruling monarch and head of spiritual life is Lord Krishna who bears the title;- "Ancient Of Days", and who has His temple high on the hill overlooking His city of Vrindavan, below. The temples are reached by many steps in the hillsides, and it is customary to say a prayer or make an affirmation to the deity of the temple, at each step as one ascends.
Over most of the planet, the climate is tropical, but it is in the cooler areas that the arable land is located, with large fields of grains and vegetable crops. There are also fruit orchards there, and very little food is imported from other planets.
The Hindu culture of India was seeded from Sirius by Lord Krishna, and an amazing similarity can be seen between them. The caste system exists there as in India, and the Brahmins are the highest caste, but the lower castes are all treated with respect and no one is poor or deprived. There are no slums and everyone is provided for. The high caste Sirians have a very pale white skin colour with a bluish tinge, and have large pale green eyes. They also have very white blonde hair. The men wear their hair to their shoulders and the women wear it in a bun if married, and loose if single.  The lower castes do more manual work out of doors, and, as their skin is more exposed to the sunshine, they are more tanned. They are 7 - 8ft tall depending on gender.
As in India, saris are worn by the women, and the higher caste women wear saris with Gold embroidery, and Gold and jewels in their hair. In the cities the men wear loose trousers with a shirt and coloured scarves. The cities are comparable in size to the cities of the Earth, with high rise buildings in the business district. There are also theatre districts and many restaurants.
The high caste ruling class live in palatial villas, high on the hillsides overlooking the sea. It is here that the seat of government is located, ruled by Lord Krishna and the ruling family. This is also where all the temples of the many deities are located. It is also along the seashore that the fishing industry is located. Sirians eat meals of mainly fish and vegetables, and drink fruit juices or fruit and vegetable "smoothies".
They have sent delegations to many planets, including the Earth, and have founded many advanced civilizations there.
Sirius is the home planet of my co-channel, Trillia Gia, who is a high caste Sirian Starseed.

MEDINA:  Although this is the principal planet in the Pleiadian star system, it is on nearby Serana that most of the food crops are grown. Medina is very much a desert planet, consisting of many islands with fresh water channels between them. Some of these channels dry up in the hot season when temperatures can reach 150-180degF. In the cool Winter season, temperatures drop to a more tolerable 80degF. At the end of the hot season there is a wet season.
The city of Medina is located on one of the larger of those islands; the isle of "MauBene", in the middle of a desert area, where many varieties of cacti grow, including many of the giant Saguaro cacti. It is sheltered by a mountain range. Walls are built around each of the family compounds to keep out the blowing sand.
On each of the islands there is one large city or town, with a town square and shops. On the outskirts one finds the family compounds, surounded by their walls. There are five cities on the island of MauBene.
In the city of Medina is located the great temple of "The Shemont", which is dedicated to "The Shekinah", or Divine Feminine. Beside The Shemont is the temple built by the Sirians, which is a pyramidal temple, bigger than The Great Pyramid of Giza, yet still dwarfed by The Shemont. Rananda's Twin Flame, Marjaran, is a priestess in The Shemont temple.
Because of the hot climate, homes are built downward, in underground levels, with perhaps four such levels. On the ground floor level there is only an entrance with stairs leading down to the levels below. The ground floor level is surrounded by a wall to keep out the blowing sand, and there are flower gardens within the walls. Some of these homes link up underground, with others.
Some of the cities on the planet trade with other islands and with other planets, and one city is dedicated only to shipbuilding. Medina is the home of Lord Adrigon (Ade-ree-yon) the Lord who built the Pleiadian fleet and their vast ship, "The White Winds".
Families can number up to 100 living within a walled family compound, although 20-30 is more common. The family structure is very important to the Pleiadians. Usually only two meals are served each day, and the family members all eat together.

Medinian men are seven and a half to eight and a half feet tall, and the women, six and a half to seven and a half feet. In general, the men have shoulder length black hair, but some are golden blond to white blond. The men and women have very large and beautiful eyes with an oval, golden iris, and naturally outlined in purple. Their skin has a rich, golden tan. The women are known for their extreme beauty. The majority of them have knee length blonde hair, worn loose; fewer have blue-black hair and very few are redheads, with a fair complexion. The redheads are the priestesses in the great temple of The Shemont; they never serve in The Command and are in general, shorter than average, at around seven feet tall.
Clothes are light because of the hot climate, and are usually white or of a light colour. Both men and women wear loose, ankle length gowns with robes over them. For formal occasions they wear fancier clothing with embroidery around the neck and sleeves and around the hem. They usually wear a fancy belt of gold braid around the waist, often encrusted with precious stones. Sometimes this belt bears the family crest.

Most of the information given above has come, in one way or another through my co-channel, Trillia Gia, who is a high ranking Starseed from Sirius A, with almost full memory of the Higher Realms. However, several different Light Beings have guided my hand while writing  about their various "Isles".

Lord Sanat Kumara; Lord Ashtar; Lord Krishna; Lord Adrigon; Lady Nina and others, via Trillia Gia and Rananda Kumara.

Lots of Love from Rananda and Trillia.

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