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The Violet Consuming Flame Visualization

Keep the attention still and concentrated, and keep feeling the Violet Consuming Flame passing through your body until the Joy and Happiness of Its Power begin to make you feel lighter and more at ease. Remain within this, and feel It is God’s Forgiving Mercy; and Its Great Loving Purity comes into you and just loves to consume every particle of substance which does not produce Perfection.

Realize that the Love in this Violet Consuming Flame loves to release all substance from you which is not qualified with Eternal Purity. Then you will love that Violet Flame more! As you love It, It will love you; and It will love away all the substance that appears as limitation.Therefore, the more you use It, the more It will bless you. The more It becomes real and the more you draw It forth for others, the more you automatically raise yourselves.

December 01, 2012

December 2012 - A Users Manual

Everything You Need To, Want To or Have To Know About Dates, Alignments, the Cosmos or Sacred Numerology of December 2012

The following information is not so much an article as it is a booklet, a users manual, if you will, the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!  I have read some but certainly not all it.  I wanted to post this now rather that 3 hours from now.  Plus some of the information is dense, which  requires reading it more slowly as to absorb exactly what is being conveyed.  I have delineated the topics for easier perusal.  HAPPY TRAVELS.  -S.C,-

  • 12 DECEMBER 12-12-12
  • (12-12-12) TRIPLE DATE PORTAL
  • TIME

                                                Blessings of Joy and Peace Within, Radiant One.
Below are the December Cosmic Events.
See you in the dancing light of our hearts delight, shining bright.
In the One Heart,  Love Soluntra


by Soluntra King

Imagine the most beautiful imagery you can of a sacred space……..Take yourself into it…….Become aware there are other beautiful images running beside and all around you, linked like a lattice of octahedrons that become diamonds……Breath in your beautiful world and breath out satisfaction and joy……..All the worlds around you are glowing brighter and brighter…….Words cannot convey how wonderful, beautiful and amazing it is………….
You create your world, one with everyone else as we move beyond the limitations of the third dimension.
How beautiful, radiant one, thank you for sharing and being you, such blessings at this cosmic time we receive with an open heart and give out.
We create the New Earth first by opening our hearts then by knowing it in the inner planes and higher dimensions, then by living with an open heart always there by creating it on the physical plane in our own unique ways in loving service and openness and trusting, at peace within. Its here now the doorway really opened on the solar eclipse big time. Please read about it here.

A friend sent me information about the numbers for December:

December is the 12th month (3)
3/12/12 = 333 and is an 11 day
12/12/12 = 333 and is an 11 day
21/12/12 = 333 and an 11 day
30/12/12 = 333 and an 11 day
There are 9 days between each date.
333 x 4 = 9 the number of completion.


This means Antares is sighted before the Sun on this day. Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. In mythology Scorpius stings and kills Orion which is opposite it in the Heavens and Orion sets below the horizon as Scorpius rises. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In cosmology Antares is a stargate that many walk-ins and higher frequency being use from the Andromedan Galaxy to get to Earth. The star essences I made of Antares is "I am the anchor of your multi-dimensional self into your third dimensional body.”
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) RED (East - electrifies, initiates) ALLIGATOR- IMIX  ( source of life, birth, nurturing, nourishment, trust)


The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun.
This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons.
Whether you believe something will happen in 2012 or not, is not important… The fact is that the planetary alignment matches layout of  Pyramids at Giza on 12.3.12 and this will happen just 18 days before 12.21.12.  … 6 plus 6 plus 6 = 18… Even the most ardent skeptics have to admit, that is one hell’va kawinkadink indeed!!!
Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012  is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza. Image generated by Starry Night Pro (the same view of the planets can be obtained using any other astronomy program, e.g. Stellarium
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 12 (stability in expansion, union of polarities) WHITE (North - refines, detached) WIND - IK (co-creator of reality, unseen forces, inspiration, presence)

12 DECEMBER 12-12-12  

The day of all the 12 numbers is not like a cosmic event from the Heavens as much as it is more from the Earth, the number vibrations affect us in matter and also the crystalline and Diamond Light Matrix through the Earth. The rebooting as it were of the crystal set matrixes that are opening to new codings and the key is the vibrations that we all hold on this day as sacred physical beings here one with the Earth.
The number twelve as a temporary vibration means a change of view and waiting period. Where you realise your self imposed limitations and negative thoughts and what they have created and by awareness and can then set yourself free. You centre into the stillness more.
With three twelves we have the number 36 that endows great strength and confidence, intuition and vision and the ability to find solutions to dilemmas and complete, ready for the new cycle.
I would definitely take today off or some time off to be somewhere that sings to you
and feel the heart beat of the Earth.
On the 12th December 1994 the Gateways of Freedom opened, this created a paradigm shift at that time, look at what was happening in your life then.
At 12 minutes to 12, to 12 minutes past, noon and midnight are good times to connect.
What doorway do you need to open now to be the free being who your truly are?
This year is the Nineteenth year since the doorway opened, so you will be onto a new way of expressing your being as you would have freed limitations in the last nineteen years, so new adventures in the book of life come in a more loving, unified way.
The 12:12 Twelfth Gate is the union of opposites, the polarized energies have now unified thanks to the 11:11 doorway opening in 1992 as we loved ourselves on deeper levels and were given the opportunity to gain inner awareness and heal with acceptance and love. As the disguises peeled away until all that was left was the self without attachments, the light prismed holograms of our love, one with Source and our multi-prismed, multi-dimensional being, no attachments, simply Being, in the moment, now.
This union has been challenging and from the first 12:12 doorway opening 12th December 1994 it has been highs and lows, pain and joy, love and fear, with the union of opposites and the merging into the higher light octaves in our body, opening our body of light more fully with each unification. The initiations through the chakras and the unification of inner/outer male and female, inner and outer parents, child,
no longer focused on external love but internal bliss.
As the Twelfth Gate anchors now and the unification of inner male and female the battle is over and peace within. No more games, the sexual energy is now free to ascend the chakras and central channel, into Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer as we reunite with our ancestors and the fear and love, the life and the death become one as we move beyond duality and into the higher dimensional matrix of Light. The journey is within the self, the Earth, the Solar System, one with the Sun as the Second Sun returns, doorway to the New Earth, the Galaxy, into the centre, no breathe, Galactic Centre, cross over point…the stillness,
the black hole where all is manifest.
We are doing this now; you are already Light, divine, radiant, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings of ourself and others in joy and love as we shine. Whatever manifestations of illusion we may still be holding onto our soul has chosen to Be the Light in this great shift that is now.
If you wish to work more with the energies please click here.
Taking yourself to a sacred site, beautiful place in nature, your garden, room as you create a scared space and be open to the light illuminating you and give thanks for the abundance of grace and unlimited love as we anchor the 12-12-12 codes. Completion of the old duality dance and polarised energies to the new cycle, new earth, new self, real self.  As we expand our awareness and stabilise through our union of opposites.


 "The final culmination and completion of the Crystal-Grid. Activation of the final Atlantean Temple Crystals into the new code,and unification with the Pyramidal structures and Sun Discs. Combination of balance of masculine and feminine energies into Divine Oneness. Final coding of Max in the Crystal Vortex,"
according to James Tyberonn
"**The Crystalline Grid, which completes on the 12-12-12 **The Unification of the 12-Primary Sun Discs, which represent the new DNA or blueprint codes for the new Earth frequency. **The Global Unification of the Crystalline Vortexial Fields, the primary two of which are located in Arkansas and Brazil. **The finalization of the Pyramidal -Octahedronal network which involves the 'Crystalline-Cosmic' transfer through the pyramidal network & power-nodes infrastructure on the planet Earth with that of the Planetary Grid & Cosmic Grid in connection to Orion and Arcturus.
It is  the completion  of the above final adjustments that are required in 2011 & 2012 to finish the heralded Ascension. In many ways the Ascension has been ongoing since 1987, but it is the Grid, Sun Discs, Crystalline Vortexes and Pyramidal Network that remain to be tweaked and finalized.
Many of you are in fact code-carriers, crystalline engineers and quantum mechanics that are here to assist in the completion. Some of you are envoys sent 'back from the future'. Others are members of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance' to assist in revamping the power structures, Portal-Vortexial centres and Ley Line up-shifts. This applies especially to those of you termed 'Earth-Keepers'.  
It is why you are compelled to align energies at the mega centres, Arkansas Crystal Vortex and Disc locales. It is a job you intuitively are drawn to complete, and one you know very well. Many of you have counterparts among the Pleiadean and Sirian ships designated to assist in this completion."

MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 8 (harmonize, empowerment, integrity, of the one heart) BLUE (West - energise, transforms) MONKEY  - CHEUN (transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry)


21. 45 degrees
NZ 9.42pm     AUST EST 7.42pm    GMT 8.42am
Perigee 12.28pm NZ time. When the Moon is closest to the Earth, that causes tension and possible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. This tension can be utilized in positive ways to be from our centre and hold the beam in the stillness and oneness for all humanity and life.
What can we do now to ensure a bright future for many generations to come.
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning as the Sun and Moon are One. Unification in joy is illuminated through the energy of the Sagittarius, the spiritual warrior as we aim for the centre and create new beginnings within our Heart, the Heart of the Sun and Universe, illuminated from within we can make a
great leap in consciousness right now.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 9 (completion, fulfillment, expansion) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) THE ROAD - EB (quickening, open vessel, abundance, harvest)


Considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the heavens, the Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multi-coloured meteors per hour at their peak. The peak of the shower usually occurs around December 13 & 14, although some meteors should be visible from December 6 - 19. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Gemini. This year the new moon will guarantee a dark sky for what should be an awesome show. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight from a dark location.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 13th; 9 (completion, fulfillment, expansion) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) THE ROAD - EB (quickening, open vessel, abundance, harvest)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 14th; 10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation)
RED (East - electrifies, initiates) CANE  - BEN (time/space traveller, skywalker, angelic messenger, new directions)


Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign in the zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it is sighted before the Sun on this day. The Sun Ophiuchus is the Serpent Bearer, and extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre. Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown. We become our Body of Light and master of our molecules. In the Great Pyramid, Cheops Orion and Ophiuchus are aligned in the Kings Chamber where the initiations took place. Going through Ophiuchus is the next initiation, as the Orion doorway is closing so Ophiuchus is opening.
In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death, in Ophiuchus we experience Life,
Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body.
This day assists humanity to rise out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and become a being who walks between worlds, in the world but not of it as we have no fear.
and also
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 11 (change, letting go, freedom)  WHITE (North - refines, detached) JAGUAR - IX  (shaman/magician, timelessness, divine will, integrity)


In the stillness all is manifest, we are the all that is, we are omnipresent, in “No Time”, “No Space” all is unlimited and at peace.                                                                                      
In the unified essence of Source time does not exist and all incarnations, worlds and dimensions are simultaneous. Time is a concept on Earth that has been created by where our consciousness is at, we have assumed that the present comes from the past, and even then we do not take the wisdom of past experiences and learn from them very often, as history so called repeats itself. Another concept that we have not been so quick to take into consideration is that the present also comes from the future; we have avoided this one as it means that we have to take responsibility for what we create as it is already there in the future. If we are smart we can utilise this and go into any probable futures we have created through our dis-connected state and now unify them with our love, creating a beautiful now all the time. Both the past and the future are important as time is a doorway that can open us up to all experiences and dimensions, this is all part of the eternal now, the unlimited mulit-prismed holograms of our love. We are unifying our past by all the healing we are doing, which unifies the future and we become ‘now present’, aligned to Source, still and at peace. Time is collapsing in upon itself, we are moving into “No Time”, the silence and stillness where all is manifest. We are no longer limited by time and space, as well as the baggage of the past and fear of the future;
we are ‘Now’ present and so aligned to Source, Infinite Creator, Divine Will.
The same with Space, it may seem that space implies distance, that it separates us, like having a friend in another room, city or country, space separates you. But that is the construct of the third dimension, in the multi-dimensional holograms of unified essence you are not separate and can communicate,
be with and share in “No Space”.
The collapse of time obviously means there is disruption of what we have defined as the world that we operate within, and for those who choose to control this is very disconcerting and brings with it even more control as we witness with the anti-terrorist, big brother tactics. As cosmic rays are caught by our Sun and energised into our Solar System and we have ever increasing solar flares, everything is speed up and I have noticed over the years that whenever there is a big shift, cosmic event or dimensional doorway opening then you can be assured there will be more solar flares as this happens. This brings more light and possibilities into the now, and transmutes the limitations of Third Dimensional time that have kept us trapped in the ‘tick tock’ world of slaves and puppets. The structure of Third Dimensional time locks and isolates us from our Divine Self, the self that moves beyond Time and Space. Our Divine Self is all knowing, it is multi-dimensional and one with Source and so when we are connected we can access things way beyond the limitations of Third Dimensional time.
The Mayan Calendar works with the pulses from the Galactic Centre, the flow of consciousness and maps our journey of consciousness until we shift in the unified matrix of light, which is what they did and the pyramids they built were vehicles for this. The Gregorian Calender was brought in to disconnect us from the cosmic flows, and time was ruled by the cycles of the Sun and Moon, day and night but with the invention of electricity this changed, we could now function in light while it was dark outside. With the invention of the computer and internet there is another change in perception and that time has sped up, but really consciousness has sped up, the pulses from the Galactic Centre are getting stronger. Space has also compressed in our consciousness as we communicate to people all over the world through the internet.
Time is only a construct we have made, so the thought, ‘I don’t have enough time’ is only what you make it to be, it is an illusion bound by your fears. People rush madly because they sense the collapse of time, but they don’t know how to interrupt it. By just going into the moment, the ever expanding now to discover yourself and maintain your balance, you will find peace and stillness.
So if you are running late for something, instead of panicking and getting anxious, take some slow deep breaths and tell yourself “I am at peace, I am calm”. After a few deep breaths and your aligned affirmation you will feel calm, centred and at peace. You are in the stillness where all is manifest, in No Time, Cosmic Time. So you can arrive when needed to your destination as you are no longer in fear, separation or limited by the Third Dimension. You are now your multi-dimensional self, you move through worlds and dimensions.
I have experienced this many times in the past, one time many years ago I was caught in a traffic jam that was at least half an hour’s drive from where I needed to be, to do a lecture at 12 noon. It was already five minutes to twelve and I was still stuck in the traffic. So I deep breathed in peace and calm, and saw myself getting to the venue to give the lecture ten minutes before, so I had time to get prepared. Finally the traffic started to move, but I still had a half hour drive, I stayed calm and peaceful and knew I would get there on time. I arrived at ten to twelve and did the lecture! I had moved into “No Time”. Time has a variable now, it cannot be measured and clocked any longer, we can bend, change and move time.
As I kept breathing into my fears and anxieties of whatever came up I noticed I was more and more in “No Time” as I no longer created experiences where I had to heal or breathe through something, now it was from the peace within. My perception of time through these experiences brought me to a state of stillness where time does not come into the equation. I am now aware of allowing and flowing regardless of appointments with Third Dimensional  time or not, it is just a flowing continuum and I am now on time, never late.
As time collapses and our consciousness expands, new concepts, ideas, inventions and alterations are assailing the collective unconscious of the planet as a constant. Probabilities of the moment are awakening and expanding through our experience of self-realisation as we are awakening to our higher frequencies of Light, our higher mind and taking responsibility. As we surrender to Divine Will our hearts open to the eternal love and acceptance of all that is.
Those who choose to be their Divine Self are becoming more empowered and in alignment with Divine Will and so in the flow with this great shift in cycles and the awakening of our multi-dimensional self. Each part of creation becomes honoured and beloved of us now, as we respect, harmonise and co-operate with each other. As we truly move into the Golden Cycle which is the Divine aspect of all our selves integrated in the now,
Heaven and Earth are One.


You are a being of Cosmic Time, you have come from the core of all that is, in stillness from the One. As you emerged and crystallised you brought into form, as you brought into form you created Time. Time in form means aging and changing form, in No Time, the Silence, Cosmic Time there is no aging or form, but only the ever-present Light. As we are now almost at Zero Point there is no more illusion of separation from Source and from all our other selves as they are merging, the future is Now, the past is Now, all are present within you Now. Open up to all of yourself, no longer limited by the perception that you are in dense form only, you perceive yourself as Light, your body is Light, as you Love and integrate all that you are, you become your True Self, Light immersed into Creation. There are no barriers to yourself, you are free to move through all the worlds, you have come home to the being of yourself, Divine Essence, one with the Source of all that is. 
Surrender into Divine Will, allow yourself to Be, all your bodies are aligned in Cosmic Time in the stillness, peace and immortality, unified essence of all yourself from the highest to the lowest vibrations of Divine Light. You are a Hologram of your Love, from the Source, as you created unlimited potentials and experience in the prisms of light you are and dance and play in your creation.
Time is measured more correctly by the Mayans, who made the calendar based on the birth of Venus as she started a new cycle and their calendar ends 21st December 2012. Now with the end of the Universal Underworld we are at the top of the Pyramid, aligned to the Central Sun in No Time and the stillness, being the Sun that we are and in our centre, the centre of the Universe and ready for the great shift from the stillness within and doorway to our multi-dimensional self.

The Mayan Calendar is taken from the Galactic Centre and the life pulses from the Cosmic Tree of Life. They have cycles within cycles and their calendar is marked by the pyramids they built, all the signs on the stellae and carvings in code like the lid of the sarcophagus of Lord Pacal at Palenque. As well at the pyramids of the Sun and Moon and Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacán and other great sacred sites of the Toltec’s and Aztecs, who also worked with similar calendars of Cosmic Time. When the calendar ends it means a shift in the collective consciousness that puts us into a higher dimensional Earth, Heaven on Earth. The Ball Courts of Tula and Chitzen Itza mark the journey of the Sun and the centre of the court is the inter-stellular dust cloud that we merge at the Galactic Centre as we complete this great cycle. The Mayan Calendar marks our shifts in our consciousness; it is a calendar of consciousness, not ‘tick tock’ time that keeps people as slaves to the lower astral worlds as in the Gregorian Calendar.
Check out the pulse for the core of the galactic centre on this day.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 13 (unseen, unexpected change, transcend, presence) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) OWL - CIB (Cosmic consciousness, divine communication, inner voice, grace, trust)


Wow we are finally here, learning to have no expectations and just allow ourselves to Be in this unique experience we are having in our body. What we have come here for, the end of the old cycle and beginning of the new. This is only the beginning of a whole new way of being.
Personally I do not believe there will be big earth changes, they are happening on going and we have already experienced super storms, tsunamis and big earthquakes and the axis has shifted already several times with the Chile earthquake 27th February 2010 and the Japanese one and tsunami 13th March 2011. The tropics of Cancer and Capricorn have been moving for years and any navigator or aircraft pilot will tell you how magnetic north is changing all the time now.
We as humanity learn that we are one with the Earth and learn to master our emotions and thoughts then we will not have earth changes as it is simply our Mother Earth showing us what we need to cleanse. There are natural disasters everywhere and it's all happening and will intensify until humanity gets it. The getting it is just about to intensify as well, it has been pretty full on already this year with the intensification of the shift in consciousness and realisations we have been making.
If you connect into your heart and feel the pulse of light and consciousness that flows to us from the centre of our Galaxy to the centre of you then you will feel the shift in your heart and it is naturally opening up and becoming more accepting, loving and allowing.
We all come from the one Source, light grey and dark and are one with each other. Separation consciousness was a great drama we played and most are still playing it, but hey it gets a bit painful, any time you want out just breathe love and acceptance into your fears and know you are one with the Source. Stay connected, and be aware of the Sun that you are in your heart as the golden light illuminates every cells of your body. As you open to your divinity and out through your etheric, emotional mental and spiritual bodies until you are one Gold Body of Light from the Source within you.

The three day window with the Galactic Core alignment and Suns is an opportunity to move out of the old paradigm fully and into the new. For those that have done the work it will be  beautiful, in a blink of an eye you are through, some will go through kicking and screaming and others think this is all a load of bull and be closed down to the whole thing. Those who have open hearts do not have to know any of this esoteric information, purely by having an open heart you are through.
Through into more fully being the divine being you are, the world will still be here, you will still want your lunch, but something subtle has changed inside you, and its been changing for along time now, bit by bit, every time you love and accept an aspect of self that was unloved, transform your anger and let got your control and surrender into divine will.
It's not a competition or 'I am more whole and healed than you', it's not something to panic about either and feel disappointed that you could have been more vigilant in your inner healing process. It just is, all of it and you are the love and do not have to be so called perfect, just love yourself as you are right now and you are through.
Like when I had the initiation in a Mayan Pyramid of Becan and the guy tried to kill me with a machete, in that split second I did not go into fear and so moved through in my Body of Light through the walls of the pyramid. If I had gone into fear for one moment then I would have been murdered and dead in the pyramid not transcended. I still had truck loads of issues to get through after that, it was back in 1995 and I have still been deep breathing ever since into my illusions and the dance I took on to experience density and be a unifier here. In order to do that we have to experience it, so be grateful for all your experiences you chose to have them. To integrate spirit and matter right in your body and become your body of light right now, which you are and in a blink of an eye you are through without even realising. How kool are you, beautiful being of light, radiant star that you are. So no regrets; no past that was stupid or painful unless you want to hold it in your cells and make yourself sick on what ever level, now is the time to let go of all of it and step through the doorway. Your soul has chosen for you anyway and listening to your soul and being guided by that will become more natural for you.

The real test is once through the doorway and how we move forward in the new us, beyond the illusion and fear, 2013 is going to be very important as we implement the new in our own lives and for humanity. The shifts will be ongoing as we cannot hold 1000 volts in a 100 volt vehicle. In the greater reality it's all here right now, in this precious moment and as long as you are present in this moment with an open heart then what else is there?
Be ready to receive the influx of Light and the birthing of the New Earth,
Open your hearts to receive and give the love that you are.

Please see this video from a Mayan Elder AcTah about the 21st Solstice. He says that the three days of darkness are not like the night darkness, but on 21st a Solar Eclipse with the Moon, December 22nd will be an eclipse with Venus. The 3rd day Dec. 23rd the night will prolonged.  There is eight minutes of actual time when the download really comes through. That he says is why the Mayans built their pyramids to absorb this cosmic energy as most of humanity who would only receive it for eight minutes would have realisation and awakening but it is not long enough to action a whole new way of living on Earth. He says the pyramids were built to hold the cosmic energies for three months, enough time to start establishing new ways of operating. We can also create magnetic pyramids that hold this energy a lot longer so we can collectively really get our acts together in the higher state of consciousness that we are. See the whole utube for details. In Mexican time the alignment starts midday 21st to mid day 23rd. Half way through is the most potent time.
So work out your time from noon 22nd at Mexico city. NZ 7am 23rd Dec   AUST EST 5am 23rd    GMT 6pm 22nd
Ac Tah's website  Robbie Holz, author of Secrets of Aboriginal Healing writes:  “What a great video.  I took 3 pages of notes which I have attached. Feel free to pass it on.”
see attachment.
Also see  and and


Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
The Galactic Centre is the cross over point, black hole where we move through as we complete duality and unify. Our Solar System is moving through the Galactic Plane Now and in the Greater Reality we are already Light and Goddesses and Gods and the Source itself. In a smaller picture we are back from our future to heal our past, but its all Now. Enjoy the Now.
There is a pulse that comes to us from the Galactic Centre that expresses the vibrations of the day as well as the bigger cycles of consciousness as we spiritualize matter and become our body of light and multi-dimensional selves. The Mayan understood this and built the pyramids aligned to the Central Sun Alcyone, brightest star in the Pleiades, our Solar System rotates around in a 26.000 year cycle. The nine levels of the pyramid represent the Nine Underworlds that we travel through until we get to the top of the pyramid and the Universal Underworld, then into the temple as we have come into unity consciousness, moving through the Galactic Centre, the cross over point and void; within and without in the heavens. Opening up to our multi-dimensional and light self and New Earth, higher dimensional Earth, Solar System and Galaxy and we have jumped the loop.
The initiate would go down the steps inside the pyramid and into the sarcophagus and align one with the Central Sun, body of Light, one Light beyond the illusion.
The Star essence of Eltanin assists in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field, opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."
The doorway of Draco is opening as it is the new initiation in our body of Light. The gateway through Orion is closing as we complete the 11:11, unify as the chakras spin and glow, the kundalini serpent travels our central channel and opens us to our body of light, multi-dimensional self.
As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heaven, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.


The world of the Dragons and Serpents is governed by one thing and that is the law of one. All is from source and one with source, not separate in any way. That is how they hold the energy here in the Earth and with the Inner Earth, Milky Way and Universe. The stars they resonate the most with are the ones that link through the Earth and are dimensional doorways through our world. That is Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Procyon, Southern Cross, Wega in Lyra, Altair, Corona Borealis and Ophiuchus, Draco and Altraea.
The serpent tunnels and pathways are resonating now for more to travel through and to be one with the serpent wisdom inside the self. The stars are aligning now through the portal vortexes and opening up dimensional doorways that allow humanity to access deeper aspects of self and go into the void and stillness, the peace. Once we have felt that connection we can no longer fight and steal from each other, we know and are the oneness. The job now with the Golden Solar Discs, the Solar Grid and the Solar Rays through the Suns is to awaken the serpent genetic codes in all humanity that has been dormant until this time of change in the root race, the DNA, the capability to move and merge with dimensions of higher aspects of self and to be able to jump across the gap in the worlds and be a Star and Earth walker…
The serpent wisdom energy is now calling all to awaken; the DNA and the kundalini and chakras, the RA Light from the Second Sun is illuminating more strongly as it anchors on more vortexes on Earth and shifts the fields of energy so the ones holding the energy move on also (the Ancestor, Goddesses and Gods, Ancient Ones), and the humans now become Gods and Goddesses, fully co-creating in love and unity.
As Draco moves in the heavens the old dross is shaken all over, creating doorways of light, dark and void stillness. The energies are getting rattled as the worlds merge and the stars align, the dense energies become light and higher and the dense fear energy becomes even mere dense and fearful and so worlds are created from the polarised thought field and then a new dance is made for them to discover their own unique abilities and bring them back into harmony with the polarised
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 3 (rhythm, creativity, integration, activation, sacred trinity) BLUE (West - energise, transforms) RAINSTORM - CAUAC (transformation, lightbody, lightening path, purification)


A time of great transformation, awakening our consciousness to the oneness of all life,
we create from the love and harmony of our hearts.
The December solstice occurs at 11:11 GMT/UTC. The South Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its southernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.44 degrees south latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the southern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the northern hemisphere.
The 'Finger of God' formation of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. Moving through the Galactic Plane, aligned with the Suns.
The Crystalline Grid, the Diamond Light Matrix, Light Grids and Solar Grids that connect the Golden Solar Discs activated fully. As we expand into more multi-dimensional consciousness through the doorway of our heart.
So here we are at the big one. The doorway is open. We have been clearing and preparing to move through for a long time now by unifying the illusion within ourselves. With many being guided as ground crew and anchors for the higher frequency light codes to merge with the Earth as we all graduate to becoming the Sun that we truly are, this time in matter and density.
If there is any worry about cataclysms or the three days of darkness then keep breathing into any fears, as we will move in a blink of an eye once the fears are embraced and the soul is lightened. The illusion has kept us trapped in 3D, we can stay in 3D and fear if we choose, or embrace it all in love and acceptance from our heart and true self and move through the doorway in love and joy, you divine right to experience right now. Completing the last of the dross of old patterns and programmes the first wavers move through and stay here in bodies holding the beam. The second wavers are there and holding strong in the matrix, as the third wavers wake up from their sleep now and realise the old way is over.
The cross over point as we move through the Galactic plane at the core of our Galaxy is the core within you, the cross over point through the doorway of your heart, through the heart of the Earth all through the heart of you and the heart of the Galactic Centre. As we move through and merge all worlds and into the new creation. The only way is from Love and this shift teaches us that if nothing else.
To come from unconditional love and acceptance, allowing and being the light shinning so bright.
It's not about where you are at physically, materially, emotionally in relationships, what you do,
but simply who you are.
The chance to really be who you are in the blink of that eye you are through, just like when I had the guy try to kill me in the Pyramid of the Sun at Becan in Mexico and I did not die in that split second but moved in my body of light through the doorway.
I still had truck loads of illusion to breathe through after that happened in 1995, but I still moved through, and that was my initiation, just like we are all having an initiation  in every minute of everyday, giving us the choice to choose love or fear. We choose love and are through, or we may need to still do some breathing into the fear but it takes just a short time now as we move into the stillness and no time.
The initiate at the top of the pyramid of the Sun, aligned to Alycone.
This journey takes you from the underworlds to the top of the pyramid for the Sun, to open to the Central Sun then down into the pyramid and inner chamber and into the sarcophagus where you become the Central Sun of your true self holder of the Living Library of Light.
When you connect and allow, surrender and embrace and love from the eternal divine being as spark of the creator you are then it does not matter what takes place on the third dimension, as you are multi-dimensional and free to be…in all worlds at once through your love.
(I will be supplying two mp3s soon on my website  a meditation to connect, and one to be in the pyramid of the Sun. These will be a lot of memory so I may have to put them in cyerspace to download, but will email next week when I have organised)
I also have mandalas of all the Suns.


22nd  12.11am NZ    AUST EST 10.11pm 21st
The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun.


Photo of The Milky Way Galaxy

Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA
GMT  11.11am
The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Southward in the Northern Hemisphere, after having reached its furthermost northern declination. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle; the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given too us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we ourvselves step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self


The Galactic Centre is 26,000 Light Years from the Sun, and we are merging with it now as we come to the end of the cycle. It is the cross over point, the Void, Zero Point and our Solar System is moving through it as the end of the Mayan Calendar. As we become the Sun of our true Self (Second coming, Christ within) as our Earth becomes a Sun, illuminated from within, the Sun becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, and as we unify we experience Heaven on Earth that we create through our love and divinity, all is Light.
The official thought is that the Galactic Centre is a super-massive Black Hole, a Black Hole sucks in all light and matter that comes its way, time and space and the dimensions compress, zero magnetics and the Void where all is manifest.
There are many Black Holes which to the astronomers are dying stars that have supernovaed and which creates a strong gravitational field, the original star gets smaller until it forms a Black Hole. At the centre of the Black Hole the original star has been compressed and crushed out of existence and around the central point of this gravitational boundary nothing can escape being sucked in. There could be as many as 10 million Black Holes in our Galaxy.
The Galactic Centre also has a few dense stellar supper clusters that host massive stars and a collection of wispy magnetic filaments.
The Galactic Centre is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and is just 3 degrees off the December Solstice and whenever the Sun makes a seasonal ingress it is within days/degrees of a major aspect to the Galactic Centre. On the June Solstice 2001 and Solar Eclipse, aligned with the Galactic Centre the Earth moved 5th dimensional.

The Galactic Centre according the Maya and many other cosmic cultures is where souls pass after death, and re-birthed, where time and space have collapsed totally and do not exist, the impulse from the Void, the universe pulses out creating life and flows in creating transformation, the cross over place. The Galactic Centre is a gateway of change. it opens us up to multi-dimensional spaces and we can access our past and future all now in holograms of light. The Galactic Centre emits massive amounts of infra red rays which activate us to remember our true radiance and light and ground it within us, we are continually stimulated by the Galactic Centre and the pulses are measured by the Mayan Calendar as our collective consciousness becomes lighter and we open up to our multi-dimensional self and body of Light. The Mayan pyramids were built expressing the levels of consciousness and the centre of the pyramid was the portal that allowed these pulses in their highest light to ground in the physical through the initiation of King/Queen/Priest/Priestess and through the grids to all humanity, now we are the initiate, the portal, the pyramid, the doorway.
We are aligning with the Galactic Centre, the Interstellar Dust Cloud as we complete the great cycle and become one with the Sun within, as we open to the codes of light that illuminate from the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun.
The Central Sun in our Solar System is Alycone, the brightest star in the Pleiadian System and our Solar System rotates around it in a cycle of 26,000 years, we are coming to the end of this cycle now as we merge through the Galactic Centre. The Central Sun revolves around the Greater Central Sun, Sirius and as our Solar System moves through the Galactic Centre it aligns us with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. As we become the Sun of our true self, the Quetzalcoatl, winged serpent, christed ones return, the second coming, the Christ from within the Galactic Centre, the Christ, Light Being within us, its all the one, as above as below.
From the Codex Vindobonensis the Mayan's say that Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl (is the Toltec name), will come from the Galactic Centre at the end of the Mayan Calendar also believe we are birthed out of the Galactic Centre and return when we die.
Now as we complete this great cycle we move through the Galactic Centre beyond birth and death and into the higher dimensional Earth, New Solar System, we become a Sun, as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, and the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun…..


There is a pulse coming to us each day that you may want to be open to receiving and allow yourself to be in the light waves that illuminate through the Galactic Centre from Source. Connect within; in your own way and be open the Galactic Centre, connect to the pulse of today, you may be surprised by the grace and peace that come to you.


Merging with the Galactic Centre makes good sense for all your healing, unifying, activating, awakening and anchoring work.
We are doing this in our Earthsun Body; that assists us to be clear and is a tuning rod that is connecting our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with those bodies of the Earth. Allowing and assisting unlimited awareness and being your body of light, master of yourself, refreshed, re-vitalized, physically immortal, the divine being you truly are.
For full information please see my book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS.


from the "Light Code Activation" book
Align and connect through prayer and intention to Source, in Divine Love and Oneness, through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as the Golden Light from Source illuminates through the Suns and down through your Crown, down through into your Heart. You become aware of the radiant Sun in your Heart, your connection to the Source within you, as the warm glowing Golden Light illuminates from your Heart out through your body, down your pelvis, legs, feet and into the Earth, to the very core of the Earth. As you become aware of the Sun in the centre of the Earth and connect into the centre of the Earth. Then aware of the beautiful earth energy as it flows up from the core of the Earth, through the earth in through your feet, legs, pelvis, body and into your heart. You are one with the centre of the Earth through the doorway of your heart, as the earth energy flows up your chest, neck, head, out your crown and back to Source. You are the doorway that allows the energies to flow through you both ways, through your heart and body.

Be aware of your connection to the Earth….. take your awareness down into the Inner Earth Sun, in the centre of the Earth… it illuminates up through the earth and into the Earth Star Chakra, then up into the Link Chakra and into your Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, until it moves into the Soulight Chakra, half-way between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra……..Be aware that the Inner Earth Sun is in your Soulight Chakra……
Deep breathe in as you connect deeper into your centre….into the Sun in your Heart…warm and glowing, soft and loving….Now be aware of the Sun in the sky… as you greet it… its golden rays illuminate down through the Cosmic Gateway and down through Universal Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and into the Crown, then down the Central Channel through the Causal Chakra, Frontal, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, and into your Heart…..As the outer and inner Sun are One…….
With the Sun in your Heart and the Inner Earth Sun in the Soulight Chakra….become aware of the energy flowing between the two in a figure 8……..As the energies of the two Chakras and Suns merge, an energy body is created from the union of the Sun and Inner Earth Sun within you, the Earthsun Body…..Allow its energy to align and unify through you……..As it strengthens and connects your energy bodies, they are refreshed, revitalised, rejuvenated.... as your physical body is one with the Earth's physical body...As your etheric body is one with the Earth's etheric body.....As your emotional bodies are one with the Earth's emotional bodies.....As your mental bodies are one with the Earth's mental bodies......As your spiritual bodies are one with the Earth's spiritual bodies.......Your Earthsun body connects you one with the are a tuning folk, as your conscoiuness is expanded....


Breathe deeply into yourself as each breath takes you deeper and deeper into your Heart......into the stillness…….
Be open to the pulse of Light and Consciousness that illuminates from the Galactic Centre for this day.
Each day there is a different pulse that the Mayan’s Calendar has recorded and understood. ……Feel the Light pulses for this day.
As you go deeper into your heart, into the stillness….. the cross over point within your heart…..Into the centre of the crossover point in our Galaxy…..all one…….The inner and outer are one……
You go deeper and deeper into yourself……..into the cross-over point within you…..within the Galactic Centre….Into the stillness and absolute peace, the void……
As you merge through the Galactic Centre and allow yourself to be....
If you choose; opening up to the New Creation, the New Earth, that is created from your love, from your heart, the centre of the Galaxy and beyond, the Source of all flows eternally through you.

The light from the Core of our Galaxy that is calling us home to ourself. We have always lived off the Light and waves of consciousness that have pulsed from the Galactic Core connecting to our core and the Earths core. It has taken us on a journey of experiencing the levels of creation from the densest levels of consciousness to the highest we can achieve in the realms of duality. Now we are moving through into the realms of the unified matrix and the higher dimensional realms of existence. As long as we allow ourselves the time and space to be still and allow, then we can easily absorb the higher light octaves that are preparing us for the shift in cycle and consciousness. As you know this has been a gradual process and now we are ready to make the big leap, across the gap and into the NEW SOLAR SYSTEM, New Earth.
The Galactic Centre is changing fast just as you are, its frequencies of light pulses that come from it are now creating great surges or sunspots and solar waves to illuminate you more fully. The Sun, SECOND SUN, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun are all working in alignment already with the Galactic Core and assimilating and disseminating the light to be filtered to Earth as well as all your Solar System and Galaxy this is in preparation for the shift into the new Solar System and Galaxy that works on higher photons of light now that your Inner Earth Sun and you have been recalibrated. Know that you are here to be one with the Sun and all Suns from with your heart.

This mandala is of the alignment of the Suns through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells.


As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.

On the physical plane the Earth may have ice all over it after we move through the Galactic Center, the axis may totally shift and the Earth now spin clockwise rather than anti-clockwise with great tidal waves, Yellowstone blows as it does every 650,000 years and the pole shift every 13000 year, which is right about now, this has happened and been recorded before as you know. Now we are being given the awareness and the gift of transcending the limitations of the third dimension, our fears of dying and resistance to living, of duality and separation consciousness into the higher dimensional self, in love, acceptance and surrender, one with ourself we have arrived, one with Source, Earth, each other in peace and harmony as we know its all us, unity consciousness. As we align through the Sun within, one with all Suns, we have made the shift, jumped the loop and activated our DNA into our body of Light. We are doing this in our body, not by dying but by living.
As we love and accept our fears without realizing it we are becoming more connected to our inner self and Source, and the love of self and all creation. Our light shines bright through our cells. We are the pyramid, the diamond, the doorway, the crossover point and we are creating a New Earth, one in higher frequencies of light. Through our connection within we move through the great shift in ease and grace, in our body of Light as it vibrates at the sixth dimensional light waves of unified cosmic consciousness.
We are doing this now; you are already Light, divine, radiant, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings of ourself and others in joy and love as we shine. Whatever manifestations of illusion we may still be holding onto our soul has chosen to Be the Light in this great shift that is now.

This shift has happened many times before, our Sun is changing her magnetic polarities with the Galactic Centre cross over, and the axis of the Earth will shift and is doing this at the moment. In the last shift the Earth spun clockwise, we spin anti-clockwise at the moment but that will change again to clockwise and we will have 13 months in the year and approximately 20 hours in a day, the 13.20 pulse of the Mayan Calendar. The Moon leaves and Venus will be bright in the sky again, many things that we know within from other cycles will appear and are now, for example the Second Sun returning and being seen in the heavens as will as the comets and the Blue Star returning. The energies of the Blue Star have been awaiting this time as the beings who inhabit the Blue Star are from your future and are yourself in higher dimensional aspects returned to your past to bring in harmony balance and most importantly the codes and light required to repair the imbalances.
Who can say how the shift will happen exactly and if on the December Solstice, or for some, or a more gradual process like it has been. For most of humanity it would be too much right now and there is no time or space where we are in the higher dimensions, so best not to have an expectations but just surrender allow and be and enjoy this amazing time we have been born for.

MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 21st; 4 (foundation, definition, form) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) LIGHT - AHAU (Sun, Enlightenment, unconditional love)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 22nd; 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) RED (East - electrifies, initiates) ALLIGATOR- IMIX  ( source of life, birth, nurturing, nourishment, trust)


This is the start of the new cycle but the influence of the alignment is still strong in fact it has just got half way through. At noon 22nd December Mexican time is when the eight minutes of cosmic light illuminates us according to  Ac Tah, of the Mayan people.
NZ 7am 23rd Dec   AUST EST 5am 23rd    GMT 6pm 22nd 
This is half way between the three day doorway.
In this excerpt ( he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and its significance to the world.  Check out his website
Robbie Holz, author of Secrets of Aboriginal Healing writes: 
“What a great video.  I took 3 pages of notes which I have attached. Feel free to pass it on.” see attachment.
There will be those that say what happened and notice nothing, but for those who focus within in and are aware the shift will be very noticeable in ones attitudes and thoughts of life. It is the beginning of a whole new way of operating and we have waited so long for this time. No more end of cycles in trauma and pain, destruction and forgetfulness. Now we move in love through our hearts, one with Inner Earth Sun's heart and the heart of the Galaxy.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 22nd; 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) RED (East - electrifies, initiates)
ALLIGATOR- IMIX  ( source of life, birth, nurturing, nourishment, trust)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 23rd; 6 (balance, receptivity, organise)
WHITE (North - refines, detached) WIND - IK (co-creator of reality, unseen forces, inspiration, presence)


Whether we are Christian or not, believe it was when the Christ was born or not, it is a day a lot of humanity has set aside to share with loved ones, those less fortunate and come together in love, joy and peace. A time of goodwill, giving and gratitude, so we create a collective energy that we can use to see all beings as whole, healed and divine. The aspects of you in higher dimensions that in separation consciousness you may feel are not you but are, for example; Angles, Light Beings, Masters, Guardians, Christed/Buddhic Beings, Councils of Light are able to illuminate humanity and the aspects of you in the denser worlds with love and grace at this time also. Be open to receiving and sharing.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 8 (harmonize, empowerment, integrity, of the one heart) YELLOW (South - ripens, allows) LIZARD - KAN (seed, creation, flowering awareness)


 7.05  degrees 
NZ 11.21pm    AUST EST 9,21pm     GMT 10.21am 
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Cancer we have the Goddess, the nurturing, loving, caring energy polarised by the Capricorn practicality and Earth. This polarizing energy actually activates the DNA from within the water of the cells and the crystalline structures that hold the divine codes, so use sound, mandalas, intention, visualization and inner work to activate your DNA. 
This is a beautiful Moon to see over the sea, lake or water, celebrating our abundance and earthly bounty.
Also time to be aware of the relationships you have with others on a personal and group level and see if they still are relevant to your being. The days of having  time for co-dependent relationships is over, and we have choices of where we put our energy as we are illuminated with light that shines on all the webs and games to be embraced now in love and acceptance, and so transcended.
Please see my extracts from books LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS and HANDBOOK OF RA on relevant information.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) BLUE (West - energise, transforms) DEER - MANIK (completion, gateway, beauty, cosmic dance)


Planetary Meditation link up world-wide for Peace. There are many times of the day that have been set aside for meditation and connecting around the planet for Peace. This particular link-up has been going for over 20 years. As we all connect at midnight our time and link to everyone around the Earth we see and know everyone is already whole, healed, divine and at peace. In the Greater Reality all is in the Now and we create it, so how do we see it. If enough of us see it as it really is, divine, then it is. When we are at peace within, then so too does our world, the inner and the outer are One.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings)
WHITE (North - refines, detached) DOG - OC ( (spiritual strength, loyalty, heart, new beginnings)


A very special year with new beginnings already started we learn to be true to ourselves and have awareness any old programming still running us that we can love and accept easily as we have the support of the universe and all of our dimensional selves behind us.
According to the principles of Hindu cosmology every twelve years the energy changes on our planet, and 2013 is one of those years as well. We experience our spirituality more intensely and can go deeper into our self and gain realisations that not only shift us to a more peaceful flowing life but all of humanity.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 2 (polarize, co-operation, challenge of duality)
BLUE (West - energise, transforms) MONKEY  - CHEUN (transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry)

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